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This week we finish the first portion of our 2023 HAT Trick Resolution of holding the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to FULL Honesty, Accountability, and  Transparency with the District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook “Uniform Complaint” Epilogue.

Here is a list of all the chapters of this Uniform Complaint HAT TRICK Handbook:

District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook

UC Preface and Introduction

UC Chapter 1 – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!

UC Chapter 2 – CDE Statute Of Limitations – #1 Reason for UCP Failure

UC Chapter 3 – The UC “FROM” Page – Break the SDUSD “Confidentiality” Myth!

UC Chapter 4(a) – UC Violation Checkbox Page – San Diego Unified Violation Items #1 – #7

UC Chapter 4(b) – UC Violation Checkbox Page – San Diego Unified Violation Items #8 – #14

UC Chapter 5: UC Violations Pandemic: Motivation for Filing Uniform Complaints!!!

UC Chapter 6: UC Question 2 – “Discrimination, harassment, intimidation and/or bullying” Definitions

UC Chapter 7(a) – UC Question 2 Violation Categories: Age – Ethnic Group Identification

UC Chapter 7(b) – UC Question 2 Violation Categories: Gender – National Origin

UC Chapter 7(c) – UC Question 2 Violation Categories: Sex/Actual – Religion

UC Chapter 7(d) – UC Question 2 Violation Category: “Association with a person or group with one or more of the actual or perceived characteristics listed”…The “Community Whistleblower” Category!!!

UC Chapter 8(a) – Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Question 1: Describe the reason for your complaint

UC Chapter 8(b) – Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Questions 2 – Desired Outcome, 3 – SDUSD Contacts and 4 – SDUSD Response

UC Chapter 9 – Component Checklists and UCP Examples

UC Chapter 10 – UC Sending/Followup Procedures and Final UC Points to Remember

We also urge our readers to read our Disclaimer for ALL posts on this blog:

District Deeds Blog Disclaimer

Epilogue “Quote of the Week”:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela

This 5 month journey to provide our readers the full scope of how to file a Uniform Complaint (UC) has been an envigorating one.  It has brought back memories of how our children and ourselves struggled to have our voices heard over twenty years of dealing with the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) as a Parent.  It reminded us that no matter how laborious the journey, we should NEVER give up when fighting for the educational rights of our children.

This 5 month journey has not been a solitary one.

Numerous Parents, Community Members and even SDUSD Teachers, Staff, Principals and current Administrators have provided key strategies and information, both directly and indirectly, to maximize this handbook.  Some of the SDUSD personnel took the risk of losing their jobs if the senior SDUSD leadership discovered their support of this basic and legal SDUSD Stakeholder right of “Uniform Complaint”.

We want to thank ALL of the many contributors for their courage, knowledge and dedication to providing the best possible education for ALL SDUSD Students.

You know who you are and you are our heroes.

Our other readers can be heroes too.

First, get familiar with the Uniform Complaint Process.   As we said in the UC Handbook, even a one page email can be a Uniform Complaint.  Practice makes perfect and your skill will develop as you file more UC’s on behalf of your kids and/or all Students.

Second, pass on the ALL the chapter links above to ALL your fellow SDUSD Stakeholder friends and colleagues so they fully understand their rights as parents and SDUSD Stakeholders.  This collective effort can make tremendous changes to the currently dysfunctional SDUSD education system.

Although this is the close of the Uniform Complaint HAT TRICK Handbook, we will continue to proivide new HAT TRICK Handbooks throughout this year and beyond.  There are many topics that every SDUSD Stakeholder must face every school year and we urge our readers to send us an email at districtdeeds@gmail.com for any and all suggestions for new HAT TRICK Handbook topics.

And always remember the 2023 resolution for ALL San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders especially for ALL SDUSD Employees…


Together we can Make This Better!!!


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