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Welcome to District Deeds Sunday Reads!

This week we continue with our 2023 HAT Trick Resolution of holding the San Diego Unified School District to FULL Honesty, Accountability, Transparency with Chapter 1 of the District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook Series titled “Tips for Stakeholders Filing a State of California LEA Uniform Complaint – San Diego Unified School District Version – DOCUMENTATION! DOCUMENTATION! DOCUMENTATION!”.

To get the full background of this Uniform Complaint (UC) initiative, please review the previous entry in this handbook:

SDUSD HAT TRICK Handbook – Uniform Complaint Preface and Introduction!

Along the way we will be providing “DD HINT“‘s and “DD Tip“‘s to highlight key information that Stakeholders should know when filing UC’s.

We also urge our readers to read our Disclaimer for ALL posts on this blog:

District Deeds Blog Disclaimer


Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” – Roman philosopher Seneca

There is no other quote that exemplifies the important initial step that a SDUSD Stakeholder MUST implement from their first interaction with the SDUSD.


In the dystopian world of filing SDUSD Uniform Complaints, the key to Preparation victory is FULL DOCUMENTATION.

Whether it be in Pre-K or Kindergarten, transferring into the SDUSD or even as a Citizen in San Diego, we recommend you capture and create FULL Documentation of every single relevant interaction/violation with the corrupt SDUSD $1.3 BILLION political/propaganda machine.

DD HINT: To fight and win a SDUSD UC you MUST be both LUCKY and GOOD!

You can be assured that the compromised SDUSD Quality Assurance/Legal Department attempts to do exactly the same thing with EVERY potential or actual UC, and making every effort to hide/destroy/compromise any illegal activity by the SDUSD that might cause you to file a successful complaint.

So, as a beginner in dealing with a $1.4 billion entity with over 12,000 employees, we feel the best strategy is to follow tenets used in criminal investigations, the 5W1H:

Here is a general breakdown of each needed documented investigative element


There can be multiples of each investigative element.  For instance,  WHO can represent all parties involved.  Another who, as we provided last week, is the SDUSD Quality Assurance/Legal Department (QA/LD) which has established an arcane “process” to delay your UC that includes LOTS of “Who”‘s:

The first two steps demanded by the QA/LD commands you to infomally complain from the bottom of the chain of command…the “individual at the “school/department”.  This instruction forces you to complain to the individual RESPONSIBLE for the legal violation.

In other words, allow the Lawyers of a criminal organization (the SDUSD) be the Judge as to whether an education crime has been committed.

This is a common theme for minor through grevious UC’s.  This allows time for the SDUSD abuser to cover their tracks up to and including a the collusion of a Teacher, Principal, Vice Principal or Counselor to undermine your UC.

DD TIP:  When contacting  the Teacher, Principal, Vice Principal or Counselor directly involved with your UC via email, also “cc” employees from the SDUSD Central office (i.e. Area Superintendent, Supertintendent, Board of Education Trustees, etc) to widen the net of responsibility. 

DD TIP:  ALWAYS file your UC to BOTH the CDE and the SDUSD.  This will create a public record that others can access, via a public records request,  to build their own UC.

DD TIP:  File your UC directly to the SDUSD and the CDE and ignore the QA/LD complaint process except for very small/minor complaints involving individual classroom process or procedure.  For the direct UC complaint, STILL complete your 5W1H process for FULL documentation. 

JUSTIFICATION:  The SDUSD QA/LD was created to prevent successful lawsuits against the SDUSD.  Valid UC’s can easily be denied with no CDE repercussions. With totally dysfunctional SDUSD senior leadership, some SDUSD school sites fully mirror the same complaint denial dysfunction.  The appointed Principal at your school  may have gotten their job by the corrupt WHO they know in senior leadership, NOT WHAT they know about creating a high quality learing environment.  These same Principals are usually so weak as leaders that they allow Teachers to run the dysfunctional school to the Teacher needs at the expense of your rights as a SDUSD Stakeholder.  

ADVANTAGE CREATED: The HUGE advantage of ignoring the QA/LD complaint process is that you are both avoiding the risk of missing the 6 month Statute of Limitations on many SERIOUS violations and building your historical timeline for ADDITIONAL related violations that will occur in the future.


Here are the 22 categories for which you can file a UC from the California Department of Education (CDE) Uniform Complaint Procedure Handbook :

Here are some good guidelines for UC’s from  the ACLU of Southern California titled File A Complaint With Your School

DD TIP:   Many violations that generate UC’s can cross over multiple categories.  For instance “bullying” can violate both item 3 “after school education and safety” and item 10, “Discrimination, harrassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group.”  This “combo” UC approach makes the veracity of excuses by the SDUSD much more difficult to invent and defend.

JUSTIFICATION:  The wider you cast your net of FULLY DOCUMENTED violations, the better chance you have for having your complaint investigated by the State.  This strategy will also lead you to LARGER violations.  The combination of violation categories with proof also helps establish criminal intent.

ADVANTAGE CREATED: It takes efficient operational coordination to cover up a violation and associated lies by the SDUSD.  Efficient operational coordination is sorely lacking in the dysfunctional, corrupt SDUSD and the more proof and pressure you can apply through “combo” UC’s catches the SDUSD in an alibi crossfire.

If you are still unsure once you define the category of violation, just perform a simple internet search using the category title for more reference material and Uniform Complaint evidence required assistance.


WHEN did the violation(s) occur?

Be sure to capture the exact dates of the violation for each STEP of “WHAT” happened.

DD TIP: Create a a strong email documentation strategy.  Since emails are automatically date stamped, create a file in your email server to capture all communications you send or receive.  To ensure compliance on your official Public Records Requests (PRR) for evidence, have OTHER Stakeholders send emails with their complaints using the same key words and phrases.  If the organization neglects to provide ALL documents for a PRR you have another violation to file against that organization.

JUSTIFICATION: The date you receive ALL documents provided to you by every level of the SDUSD…from the Teacher through the CDE are important.  To be specific, there are at least 4 reasons that “WHEN” is extremely important in filing your UC:

  1. Use email to memorialize EVERY formal/informal conversation, meeting, document, email, or other interaction with any relevant School, District or State contact including Parents/Students through State Superintendent, Federal Department of Education, and/or State/Federal Attorney General.
  2. Follow ALL verbal communications with an email summary of that conversation to the SDUSD contacts involved  with the following phrase:  “Please let me know if you have any corrections.”  If thee SDUSD contacts have corrections, reply back with your positon and use the same “corrections” phrase. If the SDUSD contacts do not reply, they have confirmed your email by omissiom.  This strategy will help you build a FULL, multi-contact timeline for all SDUSD violations.
  3. Be sure you meet ALL Statute of Limitation requirements.  If the complaint has “developing” components (i.e. Additional bullying events), simply filke a new UC and refer to the initial UC as proof of chronic violations.
  4. Filing a UC EVERY time the SDUSD violates the law with all the associated documentation builds the UC appeals to the CDE you will want to file when the SDUSD typically denies your initial UC. 

ADVANTAGE CREATED:  All the emails you (and others) send about a particular subject to the District, State or Federal Government can be requested via a PRR and you can hold that organization accountable for not complying with the PRR laws.


WHERE did the violation(s) occur?

Just like WHO, WHAT and WHEN, the location of the violation gives context to the complaint.  WHERE can literally be anywhere in the world.  It can occur in a classroom, on a field trip to another county, at an away game in a school sports event, or in a car in the school parking lot.

WHERE is also very important for timeline verification.  If you can place all parties in the violation in the same place at the same time, your proof is backed up by fact.  This is another item that can be covered with a strong email strategy.

DD TIP: When you have a meeting about your complaint with the school/district, it is usually attended by more than one district employee. ALWAYS bring another individual with you to meetings with the school/district.  

JUSTIFICATION:  Events that are witnessed by district employees not affilated with your side of the complaint can make your case much weaker through their verbal/written testimony “impressions”. 

ADVANTAGE CREATED: You can counter that school/district employee “corroboration” by ALWAYS bringing a friend or confidant with you when you meet with the school/district officials.  Bring MORE than one if you can.  Use your strong email documentation to “cc” your meeting partners on all communications so if they need to testify, they are completely up to speed.


WHY/HOW did the violation occur?

WHY/HOW are tied closely together because it shows both intent and opportunity as a package of corruption and dysfuntion.  When a corrupt/dysfuntional organization like the huge SDUSD violate the rights of Stakeholders, laws around “confidentiality of Student records” force every single stakeholder group into an individual “silo”, separated from thousands of others that have been abused in the very same way by the corrupt. dysfunctional SDUSD.  If the violation gets widespread publicity, it is easy for the SDUSD Propaganda Department and the corrupt Board of Education Trustees to say, though the compliant local press, that the violation was just a “one off” mistake that rarely happens and that has been resolved…AFTER they pay off the complaintants with a “non-disclosure” clause.

Just a new great way for the SDUSD to project a bald faced lie.

DD TIP:  DIG DEEP and be RELENTLESS.  WHY/HOW is the most difficult to expose since you are made to believe that you are the only one having this UC.  Filing a UC with a full WHY/HOW is difficult because many times the SDUSD pushes the blame on the Family/Student rather than taking the responsibilty themselves.  A perfect example of this is the following court testimony by former Superintendent Cindy Marten:

In the SDUSD the “WHY” is typically the horrible leadership “cause” and “HOW” is the horrible leadership “effect”…but not always.  Many times this avoidance of guilt is to cover up another, BIGGER violation like fraud or sexual abuse.  

JUSTIFICATION:  The quote by Marten backed up by the Quality Assurance/Legal Department and Propaganda Department shows how low and relentless the SDUSD will go to defend itself against its lawbreaking offenses.  SDUSD Stakeholders need to be just as relentless in exposing those offenses by gathering copious evidence through email communication, Public Record Request results from the district and state, district and state documents and first person testimony letters from witnesses.

ADVANTAGE CREATED:  Using all the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE strategies/tools will bring you to a clear realization of the most likely “WHY/HOW” and open the door to new UC’s to file.


There is a HUGE advantage for EVERY Stakeholder to go through this fully documented 5W1H process for FULL documentation.  It is the lesson of “What I Learned Along the Way”.

Going through the 5W1H process will:

  • Educate yourself about the laws and guidelines for being a strong SDUSD Stakeholder Advocate.
  • Make yourself fully aware of SDUSD, CDE and Federal Statute of Limitations
  • Recognize SDUSD UC Violations when you either see or experience them yourself.
  • Help your fellow SDUSD Stakeholders fully embrace their SDUSD Stakeholder Rights and

Most of all…

  • Enforce FULL SDUSD Honesty, Accountability, Transparency in order to protect, defend and enhance the lives of ALL our children!!!

The SDUSD HAT Trick!!!


Thank you for reading Chapter 1! Be sure to pass this on to ALL your SDUSD Stakeholder friends and colleagues for this and future chapters.  Remember…

Together we can Make This Better!!!


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