I am Frank Engle, the father of three students who attended the San Diego Unified School District over the past 20 years and the editor of District Deeds since 2014.

I have served:

  • As a member of the DAC for Compensatory Education for 10 years as a Representative of Franklin Elementary and SCPA.
  • As 1st Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair of the DAC multiple times.
  • As a member of both the Transportation and Title 1 Tiger Teams in 2011, as the Chair of both the Custodial and the K-12 Arts Tiger teams in 2012 and 2013
  • As a member of the GATE DAC as a Representative for both Franklin Elementary and SCPA for 6 years.
  • As a member of numerous SDUSD staff hiring committees for Principal, Vice-Principal and Peer Coach.
  • As the Chair (11 years) of the Franklin Elementary SSC
  • As the Chair (9 years) and Member (11 years) of the SCPA SSC
  • As the Hoover and Morse Cluster Representative (4 years) on the SDUSD Cluster Congress
  • As Chair (1 year) and member (4 years) of the Hoover Cluster Leadership Council

Throughout my time in the San Diego Unified School District, my kids and I have weathered 9 principal “reassignments”, 6 district administration changes, dismantling of key departments (GATE),  removal of student learning programs (Old Town, Balboa Park, 6th Grade Camp) and a school closure scare (Franklin) for budget cuts.  And that doesn’t even count missing out on the chance to see the Principal I have worked beside for 7 years on the SSC at SCPA hand my graduating daughter her diploma.

But I am still standing…bloody but unbowed and look forward to using this blog for an open dialogue to create transparency and shine a light on all the important things we need to know as Parents, Teachers, Principals, Community Members and especially Students.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks, Frank, for your quick response to ‘who is the editor…’ I am a retired 41 year veteran and I still care about the students and staff in SDCS. I just received this publication for the first time, thank you for your support of out students and staff.💞


  2. Micaela Porte said:

    Yes, thank you…every time I send a complaint or question to the school district I get your site sent to me as a response, I guess…anyways, THEY do not respond to my questions.
    I have been complaining about the school district policy of implanting crumb rubber artificial turf fields in all our schools, even the elementary schools…
    Crumb rubber artificial turf is a suspected carcinogen, and new studies, federal, state and private, are being done as I write this in response to SO MANY PARENTAL CONCERNS about the indiscriminate use of this controversial unregulated product…
    I believe the school district is ignoring the toxic facts about this product and the long term effects on children in favor of enabling the sports industry and evening multi-use field rentals.
    Visit http://www.ehhi.org (environment and human health institute) for the reports that are NOT included in the Field Turf Corporation sales brochures about the “safety” of their fields.

    I believe out children deserve natural grass fields to play on. I believe our environment deserves acres of natural grass, not plastic and rubber melting in the sun. Why do we allow housing developers to irrigate miles of neutral roadway landscaping in the dry back country and deprive water for our children to have a natural grass field? Why are we irrigating landscaping around these fake fields, but not giving the kids real grass to play on.?

    I know there are lots of well-meaning ladies and gentlemen of the PTO’s who think the fake fields are pretty and tidy, and vote for them, and are fatalistic about the potential risks, and I say to them, as I say to the School Board, you poor ignorant fools…


  3. Frank – this site and your commitment to transparency is phenomenal. Do you know if there are any parents, groups or individuals doing what you do but for Del Mar Union School District? This is a District engaged in systemic discrimination toward disabled people — and accused of emotional abuse. Wondering if anyone else is talking about this? Do you see this at SDUSD?
    Thank you very much.


  4. Is there any effort to get a recall this board, or specifically Barrera ?


    • With his crony political and union connections he is basically untouchable which is why he feels he can do or say anything that meets his own political needs over the needs of Students and Families.


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