The Birth of District Deeds

This blog is a product of many years of working within, around and through the San Diego Unified School District.  I have been pleased, shocked, mystified, disappointed, blindsided, supported and dismayed over the years with the various “District Deeds” that my kids, our teachers, our administrators and staff, and myself have been subjected to over the last 21 years.  I have lived through 5 Superintendents and many Board Members in those years…all with varying degrees of good intentions, excellent public service and raw self promotion and selfishness.

The purpose of this blog is to share my observations and the observations of others I respect…Parents, Teachers, Principals, Students, Community Members and all others who are supporters of children and students success everywhere.

This blog will also be a communication device for “District Deeds” without the spin or political editing of the District Public Relations department or Local News/Mainstream Media Organizations that depend on the district for a “scoop” or a paycheck.

If you have some “District Deeds” that you want to be brought to light or a topic that needs more exposure, send me your thoughts at  If you request that I keep your identity confidential, just let me know and I will oblige.

And all of this will be “Done Dirt Cheap”.  I am not being paid by any donor or bought off by any organization…we can all be a part of the most dangerous group in the United States…the Informed Electorate!

Anyone who would like to be added to the District Deeds Notification List for new postings, please send an email to

Let’s get this party started!

4 thoughts on “The Birth of District Deeds”

  1. Glenda Howard said:

    A nightmare on Abnormal Street…!


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