Encyclopedia of School District Corruption


This District Deeds “Encyclopedia of School District Corruption” is formulated to be a dynamic and determined effort to define and shed light on all the corrupt strategies, coverups and illicit behaviors by the weak, unprincipled SDUSD “leaders” that have destroyed the education of hundreds of thousands of Students.

Entries on this page will be added and enhanced regularly and we welcome any and all readers contributions to this page.  Please send your Encyclopedia recommendations to districtdeeds@gmail.com or post them in the comments secton on each page.



  • Senior leadership engaging in extramarital sexual affairs resulting in “lovers spat” screaming matches in the central office.
  • “Nervous Breakdowns” used as a cover up by Human Resources to let things cool down between employee illicit affairs.
  • Selection and appointment of Superintendents and Senior Leadership ignoring past sexual and professional indiscretions.


Gombeenism refers to an individual who is dishonest and corrupt for the purpose of personal gain, often monetary.

The Gombeenism bedrock of both the multiple re-elections of corrupt SDUSD Board of Education Trustee Richard Barrera and ascension to Deputy Secretary of Education by corrupt former Superintendent Cindy Marten has been built over the last eight years on improperly manipulated Graduation and Absenteeism rates at the expense of the neediest Students and Communities.


The systematic embezzlement/misappropriation by the SDUSD of Title 1 funds legally assigned by School Site Committees is clearly defined in an “Open Letter to the SDUSD District E Community: Roosevelt Blackmon – “Where are our Title 1 Funds Trustee Whitehurst Payne?” where Mr. Blackmon writes:

Neighbors, Allies, Friends and Family of SDUSD Southeastern Division/District E:

We can no longer turn a blind eye to condone this double-talk from the Superintendent and Board of Education.  Our community is slowly dying because of disenfranchised Latinx and African American children through continued misappropriation of Title I funds.


  • Brothers, sisters and other family members of senior SDUSD officials being hired with minimal credentials to high paying SDUSD jobs.

Pass the Trash

The San Diego Unified School District Student Abuse Report” describing the various manipulations by the SDUSD Leadership, Legal Department, Quality Assurance Department and Propaganda Department to allow “ those accused of sexual harassment to resign quietly and find jobs in other school districts rather than face public discipline”.