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This week we continue with our 2023 HAT Trick Resolution of holding the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to FULL Honesty, Accountability, Transparency with the District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook Chapter 3: “The UC “FROM” Page – Break the SDUSD “Confidentiality” Myth!”.

To get the full background and chapters of our Uniform Complaint (UC) Handbook initiative, please review the previous entries for this handbook:

District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbooks

– UC Preface and Introduction

– UC Chapter 1 – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!

UC Chapter 2 – CDE Statute Of Limitations – #1 Reason for UCP Failure

Along the way we will be providing “DD HINT“‘s and “DD Tip“‘s to highlight key information that Stakeholders should know when filing UC’s.

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Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. – Mattie Stepanek


In Chapters 1 and 2 we provided the following list of 22 areas (converted from bulleted to numerical for analysis purposes) in “educational programs and services” that are covered under the Uniform Complaint Procedure in the  California Department of Education UCP Pamphlet:

Here is Page 1 of the SDUSD version of the Uniform Complaint Form found on the SDUSD website covering Uniform Complaints and other Complaints in the same 22 areas:

Today we are going to focus on the “From” Section of this page.

For our readers we have created this “1 person” format excluding the “violation” checklist so you are able to add as many complaintants as possible with their individual contact information:


Here is the “DOC” version:   SDUSD Uniform Complaint Form Page 1 

DD Hint

There is a very good reason to have individual “From” sheets for every individual joining the complaint.  Virtually every SDUSD violation listed on the form is negatively impacting more than one Family or Student in the same classroom/school site/district.  It is a HUGE risk for the SDUSD to share these INDIVIDUAL violations with ALL  classroom/school site/district Stakeholders who may have similar complaints themselves.  The best way the SDUSD has found to limit that exposure of gross SDUSD leadership incompetence is to force Stakeholders into INDIVIDUAL complaints under the false premise of “CONFIDENTIALITY” instead of promoting GROUP complaints that unify and energize even the most oppressed segments of Students and Families against that same gross SDUSD leadership incompetence.

There are 2 clear reasons for GROUP UC’s:

  1. It is MUCH easier for the SDUSD to convince ONE family that a continued UC to the California Department of Education (CDE) is NOT necessary than convince a GROUP of families that will REFUSE to be victimized. 
  2. There will be more eyes on the ACTUAL enforcement of promises made to ALL Students and Families.

Generally the only “group” complaints (and marches/protests) you see at a school or in the district are created by members of the SDEA Teachers Union to help them improve their contactual bargaining position. 

There is one BIG reason that SDEA recruits Parents to march IN A GROUP for union benefits:


As for “confidentiality…

Let’s get real! 

A school site is a tiny, interactive community where virtually every SDUSD employee on site eventually knows about every single “educational programs and services” UC filed.   The only ones left out of the discussion are Familes, Parents and Students for fake “Confidentiality” smokescreen purposes. 

This is also why most local San Diego press exposés about SDUSD violations are usually about a horror story of ONE Student, not the dozen (or more) other Students at the same school that have been victimized in the same way by SDUSD leadership incompetence.

The last thing that the SDUSD School Board, Superintendent, Area Superintendent and/or Principal wants is to have its gross mismanagement exposed in the local press for ALL Stakeholders, especially Voters, to see.

This individual “From” sheet BREAKS the “confidentiality” myth and allows you to print them out for OTHER SDUSD Stakeholders that share your same  “educational programs and services” UC problems.   

DD Tip

While you are handing out these “From” sheets to your fellow classroom/school site/district Stakeholders be sure to remind them of the first two steps of “Documentation” and “Statute of Limitations“so they can add to your UC with REAL evidence. 

As expected, we could find no documentation in the CDE or the SDUSD limiting the number of persons that an individual UC can contain. 

We therefore conclude that there are NO UC Group limitations.  If your complaint is widespread across the classroom/school site/district, you can use this form from each family affected to illustrate the scope of the violation.   

For example:

  • If your school site does not protect your “proected group” child against bullying, you can have other “protected group” parents who have experienced the same violation add their “From” page and add their documentated experience with the same type of “bullying” violation to the singular UC.  This GREATLY strengthens the UC.
  • If your School Site Council (SSC) votes to fund an student support intervention in the SPSA but the funding is denied by the SDUSD leadership, you can have Families and members of the SSC each add their individual complaint perspective, evidence and contact information to the UC.  This GREATLY strengthens the chance your community chosen programs will be implemented.


  • Educate yourself about the laws and guidelines for being a strong SDUSD Stakeholder Advocate.
  • Make yourself fully aware of SDUSD, CDE and Federal Statute of Limitations
  • Recognize SDUSD UC Violations when you either see or experience them yourself.
  • Help your fellow SDUSD Stakeholders fully embrace their SDUSD Stakeholder Rights.
  • Bust the SDUSD Confidentiality Myth by printing out and distributing the Individual UC “From” form and create as many GROUP UC’s as possible.

Most of all…

  • Enforce FULL SDUSD Honesty, Accountability, Transparency in order to protect, defend and enhance the lives of ALL our children!!!

The SDUSD HAT Trick!!!


Thank you for reading Chapter 3! Be sure to pass this on to ALL your SDUSD Stakeholder friends and colleagues for this and future chapters.  Remember…

Together we can Make This Better!!!


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