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This week we continue on within the same section of our 2023 HAT Trick Resolution of holding the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to FULL Honesty, Accountability, Transparency with the District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook Chapter 8(b): Uniform Complaint – Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Questions 2 – Desired Outcome, 3 – SDUSD Contacts, 4 – SDUSD Response  

This step concentrates on the expanding or contracting the scope and scale of your UC.

To get the full background and chapters of our Uniform Complaint (UC) Handbook initiative, please review the previous entries for this handbook:

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UC Chapter 8(a) – Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Question 1: Describe the reason for your complaint

Along the way we will be providing “DD HINT“‘s and “DD Tip“‘s and DD Note‘s to highlight key information that Stakeholders should know when filing UC’s.

We also urge our readers to read our Disclaimer for ALL posts on this blog:

District Deeds Blog Disclaimer

Chapter 8(b) Quote:

In the landscape of extinction, precision is next to godliness. – Samuel Beckett

DD NOTE:   The rights of SDUSD Stakeholders are nearing extinction and already come last behind the political and propaganda needs of the corrupt SDUSD senior leadership and its well financed legal and public relations departments.  It is critical that anyone filing a UC has a precise result in mind when compiling evidence and creating a precise UC narrative.  Remember, any minor loophole, misrepresentation or timeline error in your UC may result in the SDUSD squirming out of any and all responsibility for their corrupt actions. 

Chapter 8(b) Preface

Here is the UC Page Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Questions 2, 3 an 4 we will be covering today:

District Deeds and astute SDUSD Stakeholders know that the LAST thing the corrupt and opaque SDUSD senior leadership wants is to be fully transparent and honest to empower SDUSD Stakeholders and gather EVIDENCE in holding them accountable for their misdeeds.  That same attitude is shared by the CDE to a large degree.

In other words, the antithesis of the 2023 HAT Trick Resolution.

DD TIP: These 3 featured questions in Chapter 8(b) are an attempt by the CDE and the SDUSD to limit the scope and scale of your complaint.  We recommend that you supply this information in your “attached” description in the “Nature of your complaint”.  This both enables you to leave these sections blank with the simple instruction to “See Attachment” and also widens, or narrows if preferred,  the scope and scale of SDUSD misconduct within the true concept of your complaint.

DD TECH TIP – “POP OUT FEATURE“:  Some of the graphics and information posted has extremely small type and is difficult to read.  When you have difficulty reading or seeing one of these items, just click on that item and it will “pop out” in a larger version.  When you want to enlarge the document further, just click on that item again.  To go back to the District Deeds article, just use the back  arrrow ” Tab key”     in your screen header to navigate that action.

Although we have recommended in the Preface that you use “See Attachment” for these questions, it does not lessen the importance of actually answering these questions in your UC “Nature of Complaint” attachment.  We will take Questions 2, 3 and 4 and apply them in the best sequence for the success of your UC.  We begin by switching the sequence with Nature of Complaint from “2,3,4” to “3, 4, 2″…

Question 3 – SDUSD Contacts – “Have you spoken to any district personnel regarding this complaint? y/n

Question 4 – SDUSD Response – “If yes, provide the name (s) and brief summary of any results:”

First of all, ALWAYS check YES on Question 3 however the details of those contacts should ALWAYS be in your “Attachment”.

ALL UC’s, no matter where you send them, end up in the SDUSD Legal Department.  Providing the SDUSD and CDE with a specific list of “District Personnel” contacted allows for errors that benefit the SDUSD Legal Department. The best solution to this issue is in the documentation stage described in the DD TIP’s in Chapter 1 of this handbook:

DD TIP:  When contacting  the Teacher, Principal, Vice Principal or Counselor directly involved with your UC via email, also “cc” employees from the SDUSD Central office (i.e. Area Superintendent, Supertintendent, Board of Education Trustees, etc) to widen the net of responsibility. 

DD TIP:  ALWAYS file your UC to BOTH the CDE and the SDUSD.  This will create a public record that others can access, via a public records requests,  to build their own UC.

And the DD TIP on chapter 8(a):

DD NOTE: EVERY communication with the SDUSD at every level MUST be memorialized with an email to help assure your Uniform Complaint success. In person communications are especially important to memorialize in an email to that party and others. Those emails should copy everyone from the school site Teacher or staff member, to the Principal and up to and including the Superintendent and your Board of Education Trustee.

Attaching via an “Attachment” to your UC all the emails and other communications to contacts within the SDUSD that were notified helps in 3 ways:

  1. It widens the net of identified SDUSD employee responsibility and neglect.
  2. It eliminates the “clerical error” alibi for the SDUSD Legal Department.
  3. It strengthens your case by showing that it is a systemic violation, not just a violation in an individual classroom.

Question 2 – Desired Outcomes – “What is your desired outcome from this complaint?

This is another intentionally tricky question.  The best way to handle this area is to be both as wide ranging as possible tied to specific facts and ask for a response to each of your “desired outcomes”.

Here is a simple example of how you might position your “desired outcome” within your Uniform Complaint Attachment:

To summarize, my desired outcomes are as follows:

  • Admission of guilt by the SDUSD Principal, Teacher and all SDUSD Staff I copied on all my correspondence.
  • Detailed steps and policy changes with timelines on how the SDUSD plans to to remedy my Uniform Complaint items.
  • Detailed steps I can take to IMMEDIATELY “report and remedy” if these same Uniform Complaint items occur again with the effected group pf Students.
  • Detailed repercussions to SDUSD Employees and others that continue to create the culture and cause of this Uniform Complaint again in the future.

Using these types of requests when compiling your Uniform Complaint “outcome” ensures that your “Attachment and Summary” is completely consistent with the hard facts and communications that you provided earlier in the evidence string and narrative.

Thank you for reading Chapter 8(b)!

Next week in Chapter 9 we will provide some guidance on the “Signature” step by providing samples of Uniform Complaint pages actually submitted by Stakeholders and a checklist for the final draft of your complaint before signing and sending.

Be sure to pass this on to ALL your SDUSD Stakeholder friends and colleagues for ALL chapters.

And remember the 2023 resolution for ALL San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders especially for ALL SDUSD Employees…


Together we can Make This Better!!!

See you next week for Chapter 9!!!


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