Education Articles in the News – Be Part of an Informed Electorate

District Deeds launched a new feature on the blog called “Education Articles in the News” on July 27, 2014.

Through my research on various topics, I find many articles that are relevant to the struggle ALL SDUSD Stakeholders have to get REAL transparency and Collaboration from the current Superintendent Marten and Board Members Beiser, Foster, Evans, Barrera and McQuary.

By showing how other Districts, groups and individuals make things better for Students, and examples of SCHOOL DISTRICT LEADERSHIP IN OTHER CITIES ACTUALLY PUTTING STUDENTS ABOVE THEIR OWN PERSONAL/POLITICAL/FINANCIAL AGENDAS, we can make this current unresponsive, secretive and non-collaborative Superintendent and Board realize that they have been exposed for their self-serving actions.


Send me the link to articles you find that you want ALL Stakeholders to know about and I will post them on the District Deeds blog, with or without your name as the submitter…whichever you prefer.

The article links can be sent to:

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