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5 thoughts on “Contact, Notification and Disclaimer Info”

  1. Dorothy Stout said:

    I hope that the SDUSD realizes how detrimental building a large apartment complex like is planned for the school owned property at Scripps Ranch Poway Parkway and Spring Canyon would be to the community of Scripps Ranch. I can not think of one benefit to Scripps Ranch only things that would harm and reduce the quality of life here. I am asking the SDUSD board to vote no on leasing this property to to a developer and keep it as a school.


  2. Lillian Valdivieso said:

    I’d like to receive new posts via email, please.
    Thank you!


    • Thank you Lilian! To receive new post notifications just click the “follow” button at the bottom of the District Deeds page and enter your email info. You will then be notified when a new post is available. Thank you for your interest!


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