District Deeds “Whistleblower” – Guidelines

We are happy to introduce a new feature on District Deeds called the  *Whistleblower”.

This feature will allow all members of the members of school site communities – Parents – Students – Teachers – Administrators (Principals, VP’’s,  Area Superintendents, Staff  (Custodians, Clerks, etc.), District Central Office Staff  – to voice their REAL SDUSD  Stories under an alias or under their own name.

The purpose of this feature is to let ALL SDUSD Stakeholders, who do not have a platform to share their experiences or are afraid of SDUSD retribution, to let others know what is REALLY going on without the whitewash treatment of the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Departments or its SDUSD counterpart – the Department of Quality Assurance Department (using two “departments” in the name since it is redundant to the PR Dept with the same objective: Cover up real Stakeholder issues)

The only guidelines are the following:

  • No Profanity
  • Only names used are the persons in charge that have the ultimate authority over the issue – others need to be referred to as their role (i.e.: parent, student, teacher, clerk, etc)
  • Post must be accurate, no fabrication or enhancements. If it is discovered the story is untrue, it will be removed and I will post a retraction.

It is easy to get your story posted – simply send your “Whistleblower” stories to districtdeeds@gmail,com.  I will review your submission and help you get it print ready.

Let’s work together to get out the REAL SDUSD stories and improve the education of ALL our kids!

District Deeds Whistleblower Disclaimer:  Whistleblower reports are posted as the reporting of conditions AS THEY ARE EXPERIENCED by the contributor.  Just like other blogger “hotlines”, District Deeds Whistleblower is not fact checked journalism so all readers should consider statements made as a source for items that should be investigated further, but not as absolute fact.

2 thoughts on “District Deeds “Whistleblower” – Guidelines”

  1. Bilingual T said:

    I was a bilingual teacher at Grant K-8 and fully credentialed When I discussed the needs of our students with the temp. Principal Bruce Mcguir, he said,
    “We are out of compliance and so are a lot of other schools.”
    His lack of concern was astonishing, he said this in a School site governance council meeting in front of parents. San Diego Unified has racist underpinnings that are shown by the lack of support given to English learners. If they are not white English speaking students–they couldn’t care less.
    The last principal Don Craig was a chronic alcoholic and was removed from his post mid-year with no notification given to parents. To date they are on their 3 principal in 1 year. Something needs to be done to resolve in injustices in the district with regard to staffing. Parents are mislead constantly, given false information. The teacher giving the English competency test speaks no Spanish, or any other foreign language. This sink or swim approach is the reason for the high drop out rate of our minority students. Grant has an all white faculty, no Asian teachers, one African American teacher. The of the two Latin female teachers–only one speaks Spanish. It is impossible that there are no qualified Asian teachers. No male African male teachers, no male Latino teachers. This is deliberate and does not reflect the student body as a whole. It is representative of the racist hiring practices. No Asians, No Spanish Speaking Males, No Pacific Islanders– Whites only–people of color need not apply.


  2. Paul R Pernell said:

    Could someone check into how much money SDUSD is making without running any on-site classes?

    Their budget still funds transportation, gas, electricity, transportation, office supplies, custodial supplies and a few other items as if schools were operating at 100% capacity.

    Their has got to be a budget excess and no desire to return to the classroom.


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