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This week we move to a new section in our 2023 HAT Trick Resolution of holding the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) to FULL Honesty, Accountability, Transparency with the District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook Chapter 8(a): Uniform Complaint – Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Question 1: Describe the reason for your complaint. Include the specific allegations with names, dates, places, witnesses, etc. (Use additional paper if necessary.)   

This step includes the inventory and compiling of evidence to support your “allegations”.

To get the full background and chapters of our Uniform Complaint (UC) Handbook initiative, please review the previous entries for this handbook:

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UC Chapter 7(d) – UC Question 2 Violation Category: “Association with a person or group with one or more of the actual or perceived characteristics listed”…The “Community Whistleblower” Category!!!

Along the way we will be providing “DD HINT“‘s and “DD Tip“‘s and DD Note‘s to highlight key information that Stakeholders should know when filing UC’s.

We also urge our readers to read our Disclaimer for ALL posts on this blog:

District Deeds Blog Disclaimer

Chapter 8(a) Quote:

Lifting the veil of secrecy that shrouds police misconduct allegations would seem like an obvious democratic value. After all, if police work for the people, should they not be answerable to the people, as well? This is a basic tenet of good government. – Maya Wiley

DD NOTE:  The logic of this quote regarding police misconduct directly applies to SDUSD leadership misconduct who also “work for the people” and should “be answerable to the people as well”

Chapter 7(d) Preface

Here is the UC Page Page 2 “NATURE OF COMPLAINT” Question 1 we will be covering today:

District Deeds and astute SDUSD Stakeholders know that the LAST thing the corrupt and opaque SDUSD senior leadership wants is to be fully transparent and honest to empower SDUSD Stakeholders and gather EVIDENCE in holding them accountable for their misdeeds.  That same attitude is shared by the CDE to a large degree.

In other words, the antithesis of the 2023 HAT Trick Resolution.

DD TIP: Remember—ALLEGATIONS are used in this question by the SDUSD as a legal placeholder for actual “PROOF.  We define this “ALLEGATION” term later in this post, but please keep this in mind when compiling your UC.  A simple rule is to ALWAYS substitute “PROOF” whenever the corrupt SDUSD throws out “ALLEGATIONS”.  

DD TECH TIP – “POP OUT FEATURE“:  Some of the graphics and information posted has extremely small type and is difficult to read.  When you have difficulty reading or seeing one of these items, just click on that item and it will “pop out” in a larger version.  When you want to enlarge the document further, just click on that item again.  To go back to the District Deeds article, just use the back  arrrow ” Tab key”     in your screen header to navigate that action.

To begin with, this key question is intentionally slanted by using the word “allegation” instead of “proof”.

Here is the definition of “allegation” from the Cambridge Dictionary:

Here is the definition of “proof” from that same Cambridge Disctionary:

DD TIP: For all SDUSD UC’s you must provide actual, documented proof of SDUSD violations.

As a savvy, dedicated advocate for your child, you must realize that the SDUSD Office of General Council (OGC) and Quality Assurance Office are NOT there to help you file a complaint against the SDUSD just like you don’t depend on a criminal who broke into your house to support your prosecution against them  Both departments are there to do their best in relegating your “Concern” and UC into  the junk mail pile.  This is exactly why they decided to frame this key question with the word “allegation” thereby attempting to successfully serve their SDUSD leadership “clients” by covering up SDUSD guilt.

Here is some of our “proof” supporting our “allegation”.

First of all, as we have provided in Chapter 1 – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation” of this handbook, here is the arcane “Concern Process” that the SDUSD claims you must complete BEFORE a UC, provided by the SDUSD “Quality Assurance Office” (QAO) that actually reports to the “Office of General Council”:

DD TIP: This process is a good outline to gather documentation and evidence but expect ZERO actual action on your issue if you decide to follow it.  This process is used by the corrupt SDUSD to get ahead of covering up any serious crimes they have committed BEFORE a lawsuit is filed and little else.

Just remember, this so-called “Concern Process” DOES NOT have to be followed and the OGC/QAO is NOT on the side of Students or Families or Teachers or Staff.

On the SDUSD website “Office of General Council” page (archived against SDUSD manipulation here on Wayback Machine) the “Vision” of the General Council is clearly spelled out:

Here are the DD definitions of the items highlighted in yellow:


  • “achieve Board and Superintendent policies and priorites”

Unlike the “high quality” “Office of General Council” (OGC) “priorities” being misspelled as “priorites” they have successsfully spelled out who their actual “client” is:

The “Board and Superintendent”.

Your family is not included.  Your abused child who is a Student is not included.  Even the taxpayers who pay their salary are not included.  The OGC is saying that, no matter what the situation, only the senior leadership and their corrupt sychophants are protected by the OGC.

  • “protecting the interests of the District”

Although they throw in “and its students” as props, we dare the OGC to provide a fully transparent record of the individual students that have been “counselled” in legal affairs to protect them against SDUSD corruption.  Here is our guess as to the number of Students “counselled:

(This page is intentionally left blank)

  • “supports the Superintendent and senior staff”

Obviously the OGC is obsessed with reinforcing their blind allegiance to their corrupt masters.  Mentioning it in the department “Vision” three times is overkill, but maybe required, for this legal arm of the dysfunctional SDUSD.


  • “to our clients”

The VISION clearly illustrated who the OGC clients actually are…they are NOT Stakeholders filing complaints against the SDUSD

  • “both within and outside the team”

Again, this does not include “outside” Stakeholders filing complaints against the SDUSD.

  • “partners” “integral to the District’s strategic operations”

Exactly! The OGC ARE “partners” who are “integral to the District’s strategic operations” in legally overwhelming, with unlimited taxpayer dollars, the valid complaints and violations from SDUSD Stakeholders while using those same Stakeholder dollars to do it!!!

Hardly the “highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do”

So, based on the obvious allegience of the OGC to the corrupt SDUSD, how can you fight back?


The first step is to organize your complaint with a rough draft.  A timeline from the very beginning of the violations, even if you did not address the issue with the district/school site staff, is a good place to start.

One way to do that is to first create a bullet point “log” document that clearly lists all the SDUSD violations in chronological order.  Use the page one checklist of violations to gather them together like this very basic sample:

Obviously evidence is a critical part of your UC.  This article from I Sight provides the 15 different types of evidence and how to use them:

Although this is a listing of workplace law evidence, we have found it to be valuable in applying the concepts to UC violations in the SDUSD.

DD NOTE:  EVERY communication with the SDUSD at every level MUST be memorialized with an email to help assure your Uniform Complaint success.  In person communications are especially important to memorialize in an email to that party and others.  Those emails should copy everyone from the school site Teacher or staff member, to the Principal and up to and including the Superintendent and your Board of Education Trustee.

Once you have gathered all the evidence and contacts with the SDUSD together, start writing your rough first draft.  Tie every point together with an evidence document, witness list or other corroborating information.

Once you have written your first draft, give it to a friend, colleague or family member to review and to make suggestions.

DD TIP:  Not every UC has to be an extremely intense or complicated one.  Many times evidence from an initial UC can be added to a future UC to help build your case.  Practice sending in  a smaller “Mini UC” to get used to the process and the pushback by the school site and district. Although sending them into the SDUSD Quality Assurance Office helps them prepare for the coverup, it may temporarily lessen the negative impact on your child.  If the pressure on your child increases after your mini UC, that just gives you MORE evidence against the SDUSD.  Just be sure to number each evidence document and tie it to a real violation incident.

Thank you for reading Chapter 8(a)!

Next week in Chapter 8(b) we will help you answer the final 3 questions on the UC Form:

  • What is your desired outcome from this complaint?

  • Have you spoken to any district personnel regarding this complaint?

  • If yes, provide the name (s) and brief summary of any results:

Be sure to pass this on to ALL your SDUSD Stakeholder friends and colleagues for ALL chapters.

And remember the 2023 resolution for ALL San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders especially for ALL SDUSD Employees…


Together we can Make This Better!!!

See you next week for Chapter 8(b)!!!


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