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Welcome to District Deeds Sunday Reads!

We realize Easter is celebrated traditionally in families that follow Christian religions, but we also know that many children in the San Diego Unified School District of ALL denominations enjoy the Easter Holiday with Easter Bunnies, painted eggs and baskets filled with goodies so we decided to enjoy the same with our own family.

We will resume the “SDUSD HAT TRICK Handbook – “Uniform Complaints” next Sunday but meanwhile please feel free to catch up on the Uniform Complaint chapters you may have missed in the previous 12 weeks by clicking on the links below:

District Deeds HAT TRICK Handbook

UC Preface and Introduction

UC Chapter 1 – Documentation, Documentation, Documentation!

UC Chapter 2 – CDE Statute Of Limitations – #1 Reason for UCP Failure

UC Chapter 3 – The UC “FROM” Page – Break the SDUSD “Confidentiality” Myth!

UC Chapter 4(a) – UC Violation Checkbox Page – San Diego Unified Violation Items #1 – #7

UC Chapter 4(b) – UC Violation Checkbox Page – San Diego Unified Violation Items #8 – #14

UC Chapter 5: UC Violations Pandemic: Motivation for Filing Uniform Complaints!!!

UC Chapter 6: UC Question 2 – “Discrimination, harassment, intimidation and/or bullying” Definitions

UC Chapter 7(a) – UC Question 2 Violation Categories: Age – Ethmic Group Identification

UC Chapter 7(b) – UC Question 2 Violation Categories: Gender – National Origin

UC Chapter 7(c) – Question 2 Violation Categories: Sex/Actual – Religion

Please have a joyous holiday and we will see you next week where we will clearly define and break down the final UC Question 2 Violation Category “association with a person or group with one or more of the actual or perceived characteristics listed”.

Have a wonderful holiday!

And remember the 2023 resolution for ALL San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders especially for ALL SDUSD Employees…


Together we can Make This Better!!!

See you next week for Chapter 7(d)!!!


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