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Government by the Worst People – Part 1


On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) calls to a close the 2016/17 version of the Marten, Barrera, Beiser, Evans, McQuary, Payne Kakistocracy.  Their horrible operational, financial and human resource decisions have produced a “Worst Leadership” school year in the history of the SDUSD

This meeting has the capacity to be much worse than the Board meeting on September 29, 2015 when Trustees Mike McQuary and Richard Barrera presented a Proclamation to honor former Trustee Marne Foster on the same night they approved an investigation into criminal charges by the District Attorney that forced her to resign.

Here are the 5 episodes of “FINAL 2016/17 BOARD MEETING DISASTER DUMP” where we describe how Superintendent Cindy Marten and Trustees Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne historically dump at least 5 disasters on all Stakeholders.

And then Marten and her Crony Board will run away and hide until September, hoping we all forget.

7/25/17 Board Meeting Disaster Dump


#1: College Access Inequity for Students South of 8


#2: Rapid Email Deletions to Hide Corruption


#3: School Calendar Jammed Down SDUSD Stakeholders Throats


#4: Filthy Schools for All


#5: New SDUSD Choice/Busing Motto = “A Quality Charter School in Every Neighborhood”


Disaster Dump #1:  Less College for Students South of 8


Section E – STUDENT INSTRUCTIONAL MATTERS, Item 3 – Second Reading and Adoption of the 2017-18 College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Partnership Agreements with the San Diego Community College District

On March 21, 2017, Trustee/Board President Richard Barrera provided testimony to the San Diego City Council to prevent schools south of I-8 to vote for their own board member by area rather than city-wide.  On that day Barrera said the following:

Currently we have five school board districts. Three of the districts are roughly north of interstate eight yet the majority of students live south of there so this proposal would in fact disenfranchise voters where the majority of students live that have no ability to elect the school board. I think it would work against a consensus we had for a number of years with all five board members have a commitment to equity, closing the achievement gap.

– Trustee/Board President Richard Barrera Testimony – San Diego City Council Meeting – March 21, 2017 

Here is the Transcript:

On that day, Trustee Evans agreed wholeheartedly with Barrera.

As true self-serving, incompetent kakistocrats, both Barrera and Evans PRETENDED like they were concerned about the “disenfranchisement” of families south of I-8…not just the opportunity to get re-elected by big money from special interests in a city-wide election over local community candidates without big money donors.

At the last SDUSD board meeting on July 11, 2017 , Executive Director of Secondary Schools Cheryl Hibbeln, with a big smile on her face, responded to public comment by SDUSD Stakeholders at the  Board meeting that she would LOVE to have schools south of the 8 ask for many, many, more CCAP classes.  Hibbeln said she had worked tirelessly begging and pleading with high schools to add more classes but she just did not have the power to force the schools to add CCAP classes.

Hibbeln was backed up by that claim by Marten and Board Members Barrera and Evans.

District Deeds smelled a huge pile of SDUSD (censored)…we know better!

Hibbeln and Marten have never hesitated to constantly intervene and force SDUSD High Schools to change Principals, curriculum and Master Schedules…almost always creating total educational dysfunction with students spending the first two or more weeks of school in a library or auditorium until they were assigned a class.

Marten has seemed happy, even invigorated with bullying High Schools to bend to her Elementary School will with the assistance of her hand-picked henchmen (or henchwomen) or a willing Trustee or two like Marne Foster, John Lee Evans or Richard Barrera.

There was no talk of “disenfranchisement” while the students were sitting in the auditorium because of the Marten and Hibbeln Master Schedule interventions.

Barrera and Evans have supported the school site bullying by Marten since they appointed her.

Given this stench of their alibis, District Deeds pulled all of the data from the 4 documents provided by Cheryl Hibbeln at the first reading and discovered that the Stakeholders objecting to the CCAP inequity south of I-8 in public comment were right.

High Schools south of I-8 are allowed by Hibbeln and Marten offer a ridiculously small number and variety of CCAP classes to their Students.

Remember…CCAP classes DO NOT require driving to a college campus…a major benefit to students without the funds or a vehicle to attend off site college classes.

Here is the summary spreadsheet we created:


As you can see, the South of I-8 High Schools in blue are almost all on the low-end of the spectrum.  Taking the numbers above, we figured out the average of both quantity and variety of classes:

The huge difference between CCAP access North and South of the 8 is illustrated above.

The ave. CCAP classes North of 8: 15 Classes

The ave. CCAP classes South of 8: 6 Classes – Just 40% of the “North of 8” average

Taking away the outliers (best and worst), the comparison is even worse:

The ave. CCAP classes North of 8: 12 Classes

The ave. CCAP classes South of 8: 3 Classes – Just 25% of the “North of 8” average


Let’s see if Barrera and Evans vote AGAINST the inequity of the CCAP agreement to prevent “disenfranchisement” of the communities south of I-8.

Oh yeah…we forgot…

Barrera, Evans and their fellow crony Trustees only care about “disenfranchisement” if it threatens their re-election.


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