Nearly $750,000…3/4 of a MILLION…SO FAR!

According to District Deeds sources that is how much the gross operational mismanagement by San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten has cost the SDUSD Stakeholders and 2017/2018 budget.

Back on August 11, 2017 we posted “NEWS FLASH!!! Court Decision Records Released – San Diego Unified Cowards Run Away from Scripps Ranch High AP Lawsuit – Supt. Marten and Trustee AP Testing Mismanagement Costs Exceed $50,000…and Counting!!!

In that post we said:

Lawsuits and claims against the SDUSD by the injured Scripps Ranch High School AP Students and Families are just beginningon top of the $50,000 you wasted on this ridiculous lawsuit.

3 weeks ago District Deeds received a tip from a SDUSD Whistleblower that the cost of the “claims” from the Marten mismanagement had reached over $500,000.

In the September. 2017 Edition of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) Newsletter, the following information (described as “facts”) from SDUSD was posted:

The “source” of these “facts” apparently was Maureen Magee, who has served as the unofficial Cindy Marten Press Secretary since her days as a Reporter for the Union Tribune.

The BIG lie by Marten and her Board of Education Trustee cronies Kevin Beiser, Richard Barrera, John Lee Evans, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne is the following item from the so-called “Facts”:

“The district said that any money paid out does not affect student funding. It will come from a liability insurance fund.” SDUSD Supt. Marten BIG Lie

From reading that sentence, a SDUSD stakeholder might assume that the cost for the blunder was completely covered by insurance and that there was virtually no negative financial impact to funding educational services to any SDUSD Students.

That assumption is wrong and a classic example of the Supt. Cindy Marten approved strategy of institutional propaganda and lies.

Obviously elitist Marten, her well-funded Propaganda Departments (including Risk Management, FACE and the phony Community Relations} and her Board of Education Trustee cronies really believe SDUSD Stakeholders are IGNORANT.

The “fact” is that Marten and the Trustees are actually IGNORANT or BALD-FACED LIARS!

Of course the huge operational and financial blunder will negatively “affect student funding”.

For example…here are just some the direct ways this blunder will NEGATIVELY”affect student funding” from the 2017/2018 SDUSD Budget and in future years.


  • Additional Claims over the $500k plus will be paid (hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  • The “Liability Insurance Fund” will have to be replenished (Over $500k and counting)
  • Insurance liability premiums will be increased by the carriers (hundreds of thousands of dollars in the coming years)
  • Unbudgeted additional operational employee labor and benefits cost to implement the reimbursement will be paid (thousands of dollars)
  • ALL the additional outsourced Legal expenses from this blunder will be paid ($50k  and counting) 
  • Arbitrator costs (thousands of dollars)
  • Lawsuits won against the SDUSD for those who forego arbitration (hundreds of thousands of dollars)

ALL of this money comes out of the 2017/2018 SDUSD Budget.

Will ALL that money come from the Scripps Ranch Cluster budget?

Of course not.  That is too much of a burden for any one cluster to bear financially.

MOST of this money will come directly from support for the poorest STUDENTS in the poorest SCHOOLS in the poorest CLUSTERS who, in most cases, have a FRACTION of AP classes compared to Scripps Ranch as we illustrated in the chart below posted on July 24, 2017 in “FINAL 2016/17 BOARD MEETING DISASTER DUMP: Part 1: College Access Inequity for Students South of I-8

When everything is done, over $500k in claims, $50k in legal fees, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the items listed above, this AP Test blunder could blow an even BIGGER hole in the 2017/2016 SDUSD Budget and the $100 million plus budget deficit predicted by SDUSD insiders.

Students WILL be harmed thanks to this Supt. Marten Blunder.

One more thing…

The only plausible alternative to the fact that the Marten led SDUSD is lying is that they are so ignorant of financial management that they actually think that NONE of this will “affect student funding”.  So Marten and her Crony Board have a choice.  Is Marten…

Ignorant and Incompetent or Bald Faced Liar?

Take your pick Cindy!



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