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Message to the San Diego News Media “Investigative Journalists”:

“Read District Deeds!”


It only took the San Diego News Media 7 WEEKS to FINALLY fully report one of the original District Deeds “Three Facts the Local News Media Won’t Report“…only 2 (and ½) more to go!!!

On February 28, 2017, District Deeds reported that there would be 1,783 layoffs.

Friday, April 21, 2017, the San Diego News Media “Investigative Journalists” finally caught up with District Deeds and reported the SAME “nearly 1,800” San Diego Unified layoff numbers we had told them THREE TIMES over the last SEVEN WEEKS!

Apparently what drove the revision was when we again scooped the whole San Diego News Media with our post tiled “BREAKING NEWS!!! SDUSD Supt. Marten Pink Slip Casualty List Grows – Additional K-8, Middle School Positions Eliminated!!!” at 4:09 a.m. on Friday, 4/21/17.

Local media flooded the  SDUSD Propaganda Department with questions which finally forced CIO Propaganda Minister Andrew “Body Wash Up On Shore” Sharp to admit the TRUE layoff numbers to the San Diego News Media “Investigative Journalists”.

District Deeds commends Voice of San Diego for being the first to report our numbers, without crediting District Deeds (of course). 

Originally Voice of San Diego had predicted 1,576 layoffs…their headline Friday read: “San Diego Unified Adds Nearly 200 New Layoffs to the 1,500-plus Already Planned

That makes the VOSD estimate, seven weeks after District Deeds,  1,776 layoffs – only SEVEN layoffs away from the February 28th 1,783 District Deeds layoff number.

In second place, The San Diego Union Tribune predicted 1,476 ignoring the info provided by VOSD…their headline Friday was “San Diego Unified sends more layoff notices” extensively quoting a confusing jumble of disinformation provided by CIO Propaganda Minister CIO Andrew “Body Wash up on Shore” Sharp to muddy the facts.

That makes the San Diego Union Tribune estimate 1,676 – still 107 layoffs away from the February 28th 1,783 District Deeds layoff number.

This series of layoff number disinformation updates by local news outlets clearly show how the San Diego News Media is manipulated by the SDUSD at the expense of true investigative journalism. 

Instead of investigating the accuracy of the District Deeds SDUSD layoff numbers provided on February 28, 2017 and forcing the SDUSD to justify the difference, the San Diego News Media “Investigative Journalists” decided to swallow and regurgitate the multiple fake layoff numbers spewed by CIO Andrew Sharp, Trustee John Lee Evans, Trustee Richard Barrera and Supt. Cindy Marten.  This bought the SDUSD liars 7 weeks of relief from FULL negative exposure and thereby shielding them from the FULL blow back impact of the layoffs to SDUSD Employees and Stakeholders.

To refresh your memory, here is an excerpt from District deeds on February 28, 2017: “A District Deeds Exclusive – 2 BIG LIES EXPOSED!!! San Diego Unified Superintendent Marten/Board of Education BIG Budget Con Job Continues Tonight!!!“:


On Tuesday, February 21, the day of the “special” Budget Board Meeting, Trustee John Lee Evans said the following to Fox 5 San Diego:

Evans said only a fraction of those layoffs will become reality. “We’ve eliminated certain positions,” Evans said. “We’ve eliminated between 400 and 500 positions based on needs these particular schools have.”

Fox 5 San Diego followed up with an 833 layoff number and the San Diego Union Tribune pitched in with an 850 layoff guesstimate.

District Deeds painstakingly reviewed 8 spreadsheets provided within the Agenda item H1 for tonight’s Board of Education meeting.

The following are the spreadsheet totals including who is on the list and the total layoffs on the list:

  • PKS (Certificated Teachers and Staff) –  891 Layoffs
  • Non-Represented Managers (Executive Directors and others) – 7 Layoffs
  • Confidentials (Supervising Admins) – 4 Layoffs
  • AASD Classified Supervisors – 39 Layoffs
  • OSS (Custodial, Food Service, Transportation) – 149 Layoffs
  • OTBS (Admins, Secretaries, etc) – 221 Layoffs
  • PARA (Safety Officers, Health Techs, Library Assistants) – 450 Layoffs
  • POA (San Diego Unified Police) – 22 Layoffs

The TOTAL layoffs is NOT “400 or 500 positions” like Trustee John Lee Evans said…a basic lie.

Or 833 layoffs like Fox 5 San Diego was lied to by the SDUSD Propaganda Department.

Or even the 850 layoffs like the San Diego Union Tribune was lied to by the SDUSD Propaganda Department.


We then tried to warn the News media and the SDUSD Stakeholders a 2nd time on March 2nd  that the 1,783 number was accurate.  We even provided the actual reports where they could count up the numbers themselves.  Here is an excerpt from “DISTRICT DEEDS EXCLUSIVE: “Three Facts About the San Diego Unified School District $124 Million Deficit Scandal the San Diego Media Won’t Report!!!“:


Hidden Fact #1  

Proposed San Diego unified 2107/18 Budget APPROVED 1783 Layoffs

As we said in our post before the SDUSD Board Meeting last Tuesday, there are approximately 1,783 layoffs being caused by the financial mismanagement of Supt. Marten and the Board of Education.

BEFORE the Board Meeting we posted links showing Trustee Evans, the San Diego Union Tribune and Fox 5 San Diego claiming there would only be 400- 850 layoffs in the proposed budget.

AFTER the Board Meeting the San Diego Union Tribune, Fox 5 San Diego, KPBS,  AM 760 Radio and others CONTINUED to report around 850 approved layoffs.

District Deeds reached out to the Union Tribune and Fox 5 with the correct number of 1,783 layoffs and no correction has been made.

For our readers OR the media who would like to count for themselves, like we did, how many layoffs were approved, here are links to the EIGHT  layoff speadsheets by functional area that make up the approximately 1,783 layoffs:

It is clear why Supt. Cindy Marten, Trustees Barrera, Beiser, Evans, McQuary and Payne along with Propaganda Minister Andrew “body wash up on shore” Sharp are spreading the 850 layoff lie – it is to deceive the SDUSD Stakeholders into thinking the human misery toll of those being laid off to 50% of the actual 1,783 number.

We have no idea why the San Diego Media refuse to broadcast the ACTUAL 1,783 layoff number.  All they have to do is count.


The San Diego News Media finally reacted, but still swallowed the SDUSD Propaganda story hook, line and sinker.  So for a 3rd time on March 11th, 8 days later, we reminded the news media that even with their own revised totals, they were still wrong.  Here is an excerpt fromDISTRICT DEEDS “Three Facts Media Won’t Report” UPDATE: 1/2 Down, 1 Added (Pink Slips Sent to Wrong Employees)!


On Thursday, March 2nd, District Deeds published “Three Facts About the San Diego Unified School District $124 Million Deficit Scandal the San Diego Media Won’t Report!!!” where we called out San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten, Trustee John Lee Evans and the Public Relations Propaganda Department for misleading the San Diego News Media into thinking that there were somewhere between 400 and 750 layoffs due to the SDUSD $124 Million Deficit Scandal.

District Deeds provided the actual SDUSD layoff reports in our story along with a line by line count of positions being impacted…in total 1,783 positions.

The San Diego News Media went to work.

Within hours the VOSD posted a story stating “around 1,500” layoffs.

One day later,  Friday, March 3rd, the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department leaked layoff numbers to San Diego Channel 7/39-that there were actually going to be 1,476 Pink Slips handed out…still inaccurate.

Other local media outlets upped their totals to 1,400…still inaccurate.

Then, a couple of days ago, VOSD came up with a new total of 1,576, by adding “at least 100 administrators”….again inaccurate.

The SDUSD PR Propaganda Dept; continues to try to minimize the human resource casualty damage but the District Deeds estimate…1,783 positions…is STILL the number of Pink Slips distributed that Stakeholders need to remember.


It should not surprise SDUSD Stakeholders that high paid “investigative journalists” from multi million dollar news organizations have an affinity to believe high paid SDUSD executives from billion dollar school districts.

It should also not surprise “investigative journalists” that SDUSD officials in the middle of a $124 million budget disaster scandal caused by mismanagement will lie and obfuscate the truth to minimize negative publicity…or at least spread it out…to diminish the impact and public outcry.

What IS surprising, and disappointing, is that, after the numerous proven lies and cover ups by the Marten administration and Board of Education, the smart local “investigative journalists” are willing to allow themselves to be led and manipulated down the SDUSD propaganda path.

But the San Diego News Media STILL has a chance to redeem themselves.

District Deeds recommends that they read “DISTRICT DEEDS “Three Facts Media Won’t Report” UPDATE: 1/2 Down, 1 Added (Pink Slips Sent to Wrong Employees)!” and actually INVESTIGATE the remaining 2 1/2 facts we reported.


They can just continue to be scooped by the $100 a year District Deeds blog.

It is up to them…

C’mon San Diego News Media Investigative Journalists, Be Fearless…You Can Do It!!!




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