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The “Body Wash Up On Shore” joke by Andrew Sharp, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Chief Information Officer (CIO) is just ANOTHER example of the “Culture of Retribution” rewarded and enforced by Supt. Cindy Marten and her senior staff and PROTECTED by the Board of Education.

According to an article published today in the Voice of San Diego (VOSD) titled “District PIO Drops a Joke on Us We Aren’t Taking” by Editor in Chief Scott Lewis and Sara Libby, a meeting with VOSD Reporter Mario Koran, Marten’s HAND PICKED CIO produced the following:

He (Sharp) joked that if McGlone were not careful, we should not be surprised to find her body wash up on shore. Later, as the meeting was ending, he joked again that he looked forward to working with Koran but not McGlone. Because McGlone would be dead.” VOSD

The VOSD in general and Ashley McGlone in particular have been relentless in their investigation of the SDUSD, especially in the shaky financial management of Bonds by the inexperienced Marten and her administration.

But unlike the scores of employees who live under the tyranny and retribution of Marten in fear of having their “Careers Wash Up On Shore”, the VOSD is not used to such an overt threat…and rightly took offense to it.

VOSD “appreciated” the apology by Sharp and the typically weak response/justification by Marten but added the following caveat:

Some people may say we’re overreacting. The district has proposed that McGlone simply not work with Sharp in the future. But that is discriminatory to shut her out from the top public relations office. Yet, we can’t work with someone who jokes, in the context of talking about criticism of our work, that we will be murdered for what we’ve done.

There’s just no way. We advise other journalists not to as well.

There is no context where jokes like that are appropriate. They’re not funny.  – VOSD

In other words,  the SDUSD “solution” is to not allow the VOSD Reporter McGlone to work with Sharp resulting in the punishment of the innocent Education Reporter.

This sounds like the threatened “Body Wash Up On Shore” version is being replaced by Marten with a “Career Wash Up On Shore” final solution.

Instead of an end of “life”, it is a threat of an end of “career”.

District Deeds recommends that the VOSD CONTINUES to schedule appointments for Ms. McGlone with Sharp, and publish a COUNTDOWN on VOSD for every day that he refuses.

Sharp is being paid to communicate with the press in his job as CIO for a government organization…let’s see how long Marten and the Board continue the persecution of the press.

Remember…the Marten “Wash Up On Shore” San Diego Unified District Culture is MORE real than you think! 

According to numerous SDUSD current and past employees, Ms. McGlone is lucky she is not a SDUSD employee and actually has her Editor backing her up for doing a GREAT job.

Unlike what happened to Mitzi Lizarraga.

Unlike what happened to Esther Omogbehin.

Unlike what happened to Michael Gurrieri.

Unlike what happened to Kim Abagat.

Unlike the over 120 Principals, Vice Principals and Senior Administrators forced out, ran out or voluntarily ejected by the hubris and poor judgement of Superintendent Cindy Marten over the last 3 years and disastrously substituted in many cases with…

Inexperienced Principals

Erratic Administrators

Cindy Marten herself by Richard Barrera, John Evans, Kevin Beiser, Mike McQuary, Sharon Payne…her SDUSD Board of Education enablers.



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