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Democrats link party rivals to DeVos as 2018 fights emerge – Politico

Teachers unions and others are attacking charter supporters in California, New York and New Jersey for doing the administration’s ‘dirty work.’

Quote from Article:  

It’s rare that Democrats are cast as puppets of the Trump administration. But on the issue of education, many Democrats who have long supported school choice are newly on the defensive within their party, forced to distance themselves from President Donald Trump and his education secretary, Betsy DeVos.

The unusual dynamic started soon after Trump’s inauguration, when a teachers union in Los Angeles sent voters mail depicting two charter-school-friendly school board contenders, both Democrats, as “the candidates who will implement the Trump/DeVos education agenda in LA.””

District Deeds Synopsis:

Interesting article about the political influence and tactics of Teachers Unions in California and nationwide.  It is amazing how all the other qualities of a Gubernatorial candidate, including being a lifelong Democrat, can be ignored because of one issue that doesn’t fit their self-serving financial agenda and represents 1/100th of the problems within the neediest communities in California they serve through their membership.

Quite a civics lesson for the students being taught by their union members…but remember…its all about the kids!

Students put Spanish skills — and diplomacy — to the test at Model United Nations Minnesota Star-Tribune

Organizers of the Minnesota event say it is the only one of its kind in the country.

Quote from Article:

Organizers sought especially to reach first-generation students from low-income backgrounds, said Alejandra Roisen, of the United Nations Association of Minnesota. The conference will also be paired for the first time with community projects as well as a fútbol — or soccer — event later this year.

Model U.N. planners in Minnesota want to continue to diversify the program by reaching out to students with disabilities and possibly American Indian participants in future years, Roisen said.

“It’s empowerment for the kids that need it,” Roisen said.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A wonderful program that addresses the needs for inclusion of a diverse student popiulation!

One of the most interesting passages is from a teacher:

It’s validating their home culture,” said Daniel Bettino, a Spanish immersion teacher at Highland.

“Model U.N. has always sort of been a privileged-track thing, but we want to make sure our students are getting access to the same resources.”

How great would it be if, instead of talking about layoffs and cutbacks in programs for English Language Learners and Special Education, we had a Superintendent that used good fiscal management to provide a similar program to all of our wonderfully diverse student body here in in the San Diego Unified School District!

Public invited to meet superintendent candidates – The Gadsden Times

Quote from Article:

The Boaz City Board of Education is inviting the public to meet its first two superintendent candidates at a reception and to stick around for the interviews afterward.

The first reception/interview will begin at 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Boaz Senior Center, and the second will begin at 6 p.m. The event will end around 8 p.m.
Two to four more interviews are planned for later this month.

District Deeds Synopsis:


A Board of Education in Alabama in 2004 that actually values its stakeholders enough to invite them to attend interviews of all the Superintendent candidates!  On top of that, check out the requirements for the Superintendent job:

“The board is looking for someone with a Master’s degree with school administration, finance or a related field as the major field of study, as well as five years of administrative experience with a focus on business management and resource allocation experience.”


Obviously the Boaz City School Board of Education understands that having years of experience in Administration, Finance and Operations is critically important to successfully manage a the complex fiscal and operational issues that arise daily in a school district

The only mistake by the Boaz Board of Education we noticed was not insisting on only 3 years Elementary School Principal experience like the SDUSD Board required of Supt. Cindy Marten for a District with over 150 schools, 130,000 students, 16,000 employees, a 59% free and reduced lunch population and a $1.4 billion dollar budget. (JOKE)

And by the way…you must think that the Boaz City School District in 2017, with ALL those requirements for Superintendent, must be a HUGE district!!!


5 schools,  2,229 Students, 265 employees, a 67% free and reduced lunch population and a $24 million dollar budget


Educational Leadership

Boaz vs. San Diego

Alabama vs. California

Boaz, Alabama Wins!!!

Hiring Cindy Marten?

We got robbed!

But, to start out our new week fresh, we must remember that something good can come from the horrible experience of our Elementary School Superintendent experiment disaster…

The only source of knowledge is experience.  – Albert Einstein

Have a great week!!!



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