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Double Vision 5: MiscommunicationLack of Support and Guidance from District Leadership

We have already talked about how Teachers and Principals are being undermined in the classroom by a lack of technical support for their i21 classrooms in Double Vision 1having to work in filthy environments in Double Vision 2 and being victimized by “Brain Drain”, caused by the toxic, incompetent Marten regime hiring and work environment, that has created burnout and employee turnover in Double Vision 3 in 2017.

We have also shown in Double Vision 4 the betrayal of ALL Parents and Community Members by the Marten regime to deploy fake “Community Involvement” propaganda events, committees, surveys and then ignoring all the recommendations and suggestions from Parents and Community Members.

“Double Vision 5: MiscommunicationLack of Support and Guidance from District Leadership” is a study of the elimination all levels of transparency by Supt. Cindy _Bersin in a Skirt” Marten regime and Board of Education cronies Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, John “You Can’t handle the Truth” Evans, Kevin Beiser, Mike MsQuary, and Sharon Whitehurst Payne.

We will show their overt and intentional efforts to lie, obfuscate, deflect and cover up key information that exposes their operational and financial management incompetence and lack of accountability.

This “overt and intentional effort” betrays both the implied spirit and practice of the 5 Goals within the intitiative the SDUSD calls “Vision 5: Communication: Support and Guidance from District Leadership

Per our “DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Introduction” the core District Deeds belief regarding the “State of the District”, backed up by facts, is that the horrible budget mismanagement decisions and actions by “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the rest of their Trustee and Inner Circle cronies has actually helped drive families AWAY from the SDUSD schools and into Charter schools despite all the hard work and dedication of SDUSD Teachers, Administrators, Students, Families, Community Members and Taxpayers.

Get ready to read what you WILL NOT hear from keynote speakers and compulsive liars “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera in their “2017 State of the District Propaganda Fest this TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Under “Vision 5: Communication: Support and Guidance from District Leadership“the first of the five goals is  “The district will maintain a robust communications system”.

From improperly deciding to delete emails to covering up sexual abuse at school sites to hiding the LCFF budget from the LCAP Committee, the current Marten regime and Board of Education do everything in their power and their 1.3 billion budget to hide the truth from SDUSD Stakeholders, Taxpayers and the Press.

The win AWARDS, like the Wall Award, for their complete avoidance of “openness and transparency”.

All SDUSD Stakeholders, Taxpayers and the Press can rely on one truth…if Marten, Barrera, Evans, Beiser, McQuary, and Whitehurst-Payne’s lips are moving, it is a lie.

The SDUSD Vision 5 “Goal’ 2 is  “The district administration will monitor academic progress at all schools.”

It has been proven by District Deeds and by local news organizations, most recently by Mario Koran in the Voice of San Diego, that Marten, Barrera, Evans, Beiser, McQuary, and Whitehurst-Payne outright LIED about graduation rates and about shipping struggling Students off to Charter School to improve that rate.

This is one case where a perversion of the “monitor academic progress at all schools” resulted in abandoning the neediest of Students when they needed the most help.

The District neglected to include “Increase the enrollment at Charter Schools” to the Goal 3 initiatives. 

The SDUSD Vision 5 “Goal’ 3 is “The district administration will be technologically advanced and highly efficient in all divisions to best serve the learning needs of students.”

We already described the technological hardware, software and staffing meltdown in the  “Double Vision 1” Goal “Access to technology”

In Double VisIon 1 we proved that the Marten regime is running MILLIONS of dollars of investment into decay by gutting the technical support.

If i21 classrooms and interactive personalized learning environments in over 7,000 classrooms in 180 San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) schools and in over 200 front offices are NOT functional, there is NO WAY to “best serve the learning needs of students”

The final two “Goals” are:

  • Effective long range fiscal planning will result in the ability of the district and schools to make multi-year financial and academic plans with confidence.
  • The district will maintain a strong advocacy program to promote adequate school funding to ensure the success of our students.

The ability of the Marten regime to fiscally plan, maintain or advocate for school funding can be answered in the following factS:




This closes the DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series.

We hope that when our readers endure the 2017 State of the District“    Propaganda Fest  tonight they will be armed with the REAL TRUTH we have provided over the last week and be able to recognize numerous lies sure to be spread by “Empty Suits” Marten and Barrera.

Marten and Barrera

Remember…if Marten and Barrera’s lips are moving, it is a lie.




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