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Double Vision 1: Student Underachievement

Over the past year of the “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten financial and operational blunders, there has been devastating negative educational impacts creating underachievement for students with the greatest needs like Special Education and English Language Learners.

Per our “DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Introduction” the core District Deeds belief regarding the “State of the District”, backed up by facts, is that the horrible budget mismanagement decisions and actions by “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the rest of their Trustee and Inner Circle cronies has actually helped drive families AWAY from the SDUSD schools and into Charter schools despite all the hard work and dedication of SDUSD Teachers, Administrators, Students, Families, Community Members and Taxpayers.

Under “Vision 1: Student Achievement” on the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) website, there are five areas listed as “Goals”

The first two “Goals” are directly related to how a Teacher enables “Student Achievement” through Curriculum and Measures of Success.  Although the SDUSD handicaps Teachers in many ways thRough incompetent senior leadership, those are items that will be addressed in “Double Vision 3:  Handicapping Effective Teachers and Principals in Professional Learning Communities”

The remaining three goals are related directly to how Marten improperly manipulates data and operational practices to create FAKE “Student Achievement” and False Positive Propaganda for the SDUSD.

The first of the three remaining goals is “Meaningful graduation”

EVERY SDUSD Stakeholder knows how Marten, with the knowledge of her accomplice “Tricky Dick” Barrera, pushed struggling students out of the SDUSD and into local Charter Schools.  District Deeds exposed this collusion recently in “REALLY RICHARD?!? Exposing Ridiculous SDUSD Trustee President Barrera Grad Rate Con Job!”  Local News Outlets have also exposed these FAKE Graduation Rates.

Basically both Marten and Barrera lied to the SDUSD Stakeholders about not sending struggling Students to Charters until they were exposed as liars…and then continued to lie about it!!!

According to the Urban Dictionary, Marten and Barrera are close to the definition of Compulsive Liars:

Marten and Barrera:

Lie out of habit…CHECK!

Bend the truth about everything, large and small…CHECK!

Poor self esteem…CHECK!

The students and their families who were promised “gains to include all students from all backgrounds in our district” instead were lied to, Double Crossed and jettisoned OUT of the SDUSD to Charter Schools.

“Bersin in a Skirt” Marten and “Tricky Dick” Barrera have no shame.

The second of the three remaining goals is “Individualized instruction and annual growth”.

Ask SDUSD Special Education Teachers, Principals and Parents of Special Education Students if “Every (Special Education) student, whether starting at a high or low achievement level, will make at least one year’s academic growth each year.” this year.  Ask them how many Students are not receiving the services required by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and are in VIOLATION of federal Special Education laws!

Supt. Marten and the board made drastic reductions to Special Education staffing due to the $124 million budget disaster…and are planning even MORE cuts to Special Education to this day!!!

Those DRASTIC cuts have put the SDUSD at risk for multiple Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) violations and lawsuits that could cost the SDUSD MILLIONS of dollars to legally resolve while severely injuring the education of some of our most defenseless Students!!!

“Bersin in a Skirt” Marten and “Tricky Dick” Barrera have no shame.

Ask SDUSD English Language Instructional Resource Teachers (ELI-RT), Classroom teachers, and EL families if “Every (ELL) student, whether starting at a high or low achievement level, will make at least one year’s academic growth each year.” this year. Ask them what level of service they are currently able to provide THOUSANDS of ELL Students with only a fraction of EL Staff compared with only 3 years ago when there were over 150 English Language Support Teachers fully supporting ELL Students.

Just another lie and promise broken by Marten and her Trustee cronies Barrera, Beiser, Evans, McQuary and Payne!

The third and final Goal is “Access to technology”

District Deeds proved in our post a little more than 3 weeks ago in “1 IT Tech for 2,300 Classrooms – MILLIONS of Prop Z/S IT Investment Dollars at Risk Through Severe Layoffs in San Diego Unified Technology Support!!!” that “Access to Technology” is being severe degraded by the massive cuts to IT Site Support.

As we said in the post:

“Through her complete lack of operational management experience, Marten recommended and her crony Trustees approved gutting the technical support for BILLION DOLLAR Prop Z/S initiatives like i21 and interactive personalized learning environments in over 7,000 classrooms in 180 San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) schools and in over 200 front offices.” – District Deeds 9/26/17

You can bet that Marten and Barrera will be bragging about the technological advances during their speeches at the SDUSD “2017 State of the District” Propaganda Fest.

And when “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten or “Tricky Dick” Barrera brag about the level of “Access to Technology” in the SDUSD, our District Deeds readers will know that it is a lie.

“Bersin in a Skirt” Marten and “Tricky Dick” Barrera have no shame.

Coming up next:  “Double Vision 2: Schools as Neighborhood Epidemic Centers



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