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San Diego Unified School District Bathroom – October, 2017

Double Vision 2: Schools as Neighborhood Epidemic Centers

Over the past year of the “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten financial and operational blunders, there has been drastic cuts to school site support including Custodial Services and Internet Technology. With no experience in either area, Marten bungled her way through allocating layoffs without any regard for the critical negative impacts for doing so.

Per our “DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Introduction” the core District Deeds belief regarding the “State of the District”, backed up by facts, is that the horrible budget mismanagement decisions and actions by “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the rest of their Trustee and Inner Circle cronies has actually helped drive families AWAY from the SDUSD schools and into Charter schools despite all the hard work and dedication of SDUSD Teachers, Administrators, Students, Families, Community Members and Taxpayers.

Get ready to read what you WILL NOT hear from keynote speakers and compulsive liars “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera in their “2017 State of the District Propaganda Fest this coming Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Under “Vision 2: Schools as Neighborhood Learning Centers” on the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) website, there are three areas listed as “Goals”.

The first of the three goals is “Schools will be safe, attractive neighborhood learning centers

District Deeds and Whistleblower Custodial Crusader have refuted the “safe, attractive neighborhood learning centers” propaganda promise by exposing the truth to all SDUSD Stakeholders in  Whistleblower Custodial Crusader “Horrors” Prediction Coming True – Dead Rats, Drug Paraphernalia, Used Condoms and Filth On San Diego Unified Campus!!!!

Can a SDUSD School Site or Office be “safe” while infested with rats and other vermin?


Can a SDUSD School Site be “attractive” while littered with drug paraphernalia and used condoms?

Of course not.

When schools sites have rats, drug paraphernalia and used condoms AND are not fully cleaned on a maximum 2 day basis by a professional Custodial staff, the “safe, attractive neighborhood learning centers” just become “unsafe, unattractive, neighborhood EPIDEMIC centers

If YOU were a parent who had busing rescinded and forced to choose between a clean Charter School or a SDUSD School with rats, drug paraphernalia and used condoms, what would YOU choose for your child?

You can thank the financial mismanagement of “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten and “Tricky Dick” Barrera for drastically reducing Custodial Services and making Charter Schools a healthier choice for Students.

The second of the three goals is “Schools will extend beyond the school site”

A key bullet point under this goal is “Improved technology will allow increased contact between school and home”

As we explained in Double Vision 1: DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Double Vision 1: Student Underachievement, in the Access to technology” Goal, Internet Technology (IT) Support has been gutted and has created multiple month service call backlogs in over 7,000 i21 classrooms in 180 San Diego Unified School District SDUSD) schools and in over 200 front offices.

District Deed sources at school sites have indicated that damaged Student tablets are the last priority for the reduced IT staff.  Those broken tablets represent the ONLY internet access for many of the 60% of SDUSD families that are at or near the poverty level and qualify for free or reduced lunch.

So much for “increased contact between schools and home” for economically disadvantaged SDUSD families…just another empty promise to support a propaganda goal…and another reason for a parent to choose a charter school for their child.

The third and final Goal is “Schools will be organized into clusters for greater community cohesion.”

Hundreds of hard-working SDUSD Stakeholders across the district dedicate thousands of hours of effort into improving their Clusters and  their schools.

Unfortunately for those Stakeholders, the incompetence and inexperience of Superintendent Cindy Marten with the full support of crony Trustees Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, John “You Can’t Handle The Truth” Evans, Kevin Beiser, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne make most of that work MUCH, MUCH harder

The SDUSD Cluster Strategy mirrors the “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten regime…


There is no consistency in the 14 SDUSD Clusters.  Some Clusters have a fully defined bylaws with detailed guidelines on membership, representatives, norms etc.. Some Clusters have a basic vision with a couple recommended meeting guidelines.  Some are inclusive where all Cluster Stakeholders are welcome, some are restrictive where only a board is involved in decision-making.

Groups of Clusters are assigned to an Area Superintendent and each Area Superintendent is completely different in their approach to supporting their assigned Clusters.  Some are very involved and supportive.  Some seem to not have a clue as to what their role actually is or even why they are attending the Cluster meetings.

Some Clusters have a meeting almost every month.  Others have only a few meetings every year.


Disorganization runs rampant in the Clusters.  Some Clusters have established extensive community outreach tactics.  Others can’t get the phone numbers or emails of any Cluster Stakeholders beyond SDUSD Principals to even attempt an outreach for attendance.

As mentioned earlier, Clusters with weak bylaws tend to be much more disorganized on everything from when meetings are scheduled to who is invited, to how attendees participate in meetings, to how well agendas are followed.


Inequity is probably the biggest issue with the way Marten deploys Clusters.

Some Clusters have well-financed non-profit foundations with all the benefits.

Other Clusters don’t have enough money or organization for coffee or bottled water at each meeting.

Some Clusters have the financial and technological support for extensive outreach, websites, and social media marketing.

Others are lucky to send out an email each month for the meetings.

The SDUSD under  “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten allows cronyism to rule.

Some Clusters have a communication pipeline directly to Marten or a powerful Board of Edcuation Trustee.

Other Clusters NEVER have Marten or a Trustee even attend their Cluster Meetings, let alone provide any “crony level” access to the Superintendent, Trustees or Senior Staff.

On top of it all, Atypical Schools like SCPA, Muir, Language Academy and others are “orphans” and are just randomly thrown into a “typical” school cluster with very few opportunities to fully participate in Cluster initiatives.

Like we said at the beginning, Inconsistent, Disorganized and Inequitable…a mirrored profile of both the current Cluster strategy and the “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten regime…and a primary reason why families are RUNNING to local Charter Schools.

Be watching tomorrow, Saturday, 10/14/17 for our next entry into the series titled: Double Vision 3:  Handicapping Effective Teachers and Principals in Professional Learning Communities



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