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San Diego Unified BRAIN DRAIN!

Double Vision 3:  Handicapping Effective Teachers and Principals in Professional Learning Communities

We have already talked about how Teachers and Principals are being undermined in the classroom by a lack of technical support for their i21 classrooms in Double Vision 1 and having to work in filthy environments in Double Vision 2 in 2017.

Double Vision 3 focuses on the toxic human resource and leadership selection process in the SDUSD in 2017.  95% of the SDUSD $2.3 BILLION budget is payroll so errors in judgement by Marten and her crony Trustees are magnified and devastating to the well-being of the district and to the quality of education of our students.  The errors also drive current SDUSD Stakeholders to Charter Schools.

Per our “DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Introduction” the core District Deeds belief regarding the “State of the District”, backed up by facts, is that the horrible budget mismanagement decisions and actions by “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the rest of their Trustee and Inner Circle cronies has actually helped drive families AWAY from the SDUSD schools and into Charter schools despite all the hard work and dedication of SDUSD Teachers, Administrators, Students, Families, Community Members and Taxpayers.

The following is what you WILL NOT hear from keynote speakers and compulsive liars “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera in their “2017 State of the District Propaganda Fest this coming Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Under Vision 3: Effective Teachers and Principals in Professional Learning Communities” there are four areas listed as “Goals”.

The first of the four goals is “Teachers will participate in school-based professional learning communities to encourage best practices and shared problem solving

The first “Goal” really goes hand in hand with the fourth “Goal” – “San Diego Unified will continually attract and retain the best teachers and principals, as well as support staff and senior management” 

The obvious incompetence, inexperience, vindictiveness and dishonesty of Marten has driven away hundreds of highly skilled employees to other school districts.  Employees with decades of experience have jumped at SERP (early retirement) which was caused by the Marten $124 million financial mismanagement disaster…even though SERP actually LOSES money in future SDUSD budgets.   Taking their place are inexperienced Principals and Teachers with minimal administrative and teaching credentials increasing  the workload of those skilled Teachers and Principals left behind.

We have met many of the rookie Principals and Teachers most have admirable qualities and only the best of intentions to help students…but we and all know that the road to h*** is paved with good intentions.  After all, just like Cindy Marten, they took the job knowing they did not have the experience, credentials or well-developed skills to do a good job…it was just “show me the money”!

At a school site when the tenure of a Principal drops from 20 years to zero years, the “learning community” is severely diminished.

Marten has replaced over 130 Principals in the last 4 years…many times with inexperienced rookies with NO Principal experience OVER the recommendations of virtually EVERY site based Principal Selection Committee.

At a school site when the average tenure of a Teacher drops from 10 years to 3 years, the “learning community” is severely diminished.

Hundreds of experienced Teachers took SERP.

To top it all off, the horrible reputation of the unstable, vindictive Marten regime is well-known in the educational community and many candidates, especially the most sought after, avoid Marten and the SDUSD disaster like the plague.

And when weak candidates are hired, the brunt of the hiring mistake falls on… and burns out… the very best current employees and makes them want to leave. 

in the Marten era, Professional Learning Communities have turned into Remedial Learning Communities and has Handicapped experienced SDUSD educators at school sites and in the central office.  This instability and inexperience diminishes the value of the local SDUSD School and drives Families, Teachers and Administrators to Charter Schools.

The second of the four goals is “The most important role of the principal will be as an Instructional Leader for the campus”

“Instructional Leader MOST IMPORTANT”?!?

We can hear celebrations from Principal offices from around the SDUSD!!!

The rookie Principals from around the SDUSD soon learn that under the dysfunctional Cindy Marten regime, Principals are thrown into the breech at their school sites with little or no support and now with a reduced staff in the front office.

By hiring rookies there is no way to fully train years of experience in one day, one week or even one month so the SDUSD has become an “on the job training” school district…and there are many jobs to learn including Human Resource Director, Labor Union Expert, Accountant, Salesperson, Marketing Manager, Counselor, Teacher, Paralegal,

NO rookie Principal can perform like a seasoned veteran in all of those roles and it is management malpractice by Supt. Cindy Marten to put the rookie Principal and the school site stakeholders including Teachers, Students and Staff, in that position to fail.

But that is exactly what she does regularly, and what was done to her by the Board of Education when Marten herself was improperly appointed with zero credentials.

As inexperienced “Marketing Managers” for their school on top of all the other duties assigned as “Instructional Leader”, what chance does a rookie Principal have against a polished multimedia campaign by the local Charter School to enroll students?

Virtually NO CHANCE!

The third of the four goals is “The district will collaborate with the teachers’ association and other stakeholders to improve teacher effectiveness for improved student achievement

District Deeds has been on almost every committee, group and panel in the SDUSD and we have never discovered what “Stakeholders” outside of the teacher’s association have ever been collaborated with by the SDUSD to “improve teacher effectiveness for improved student achievement”

During the Marten tenure as Superintendent many school site groups, district committees and individuals filled with non-SDEA Stakeholders have tried and failed to have the current Board and Superintendent accept NUMEROUS RECOMMENDATIONS to “improve teacher effectiveness for improved student achievement”.  It is the District/SDEA Leadership way or the highway…there is no seat at the table for any Stakeholder “outsiders”.

Based on the way the SDUSD Board of Education votes 5-0 in line with their Teachers Union Senior Management campaign donors, we are sure that the SDUSD not only colloborates but actually cohabitates with the San Diego Educations Association (SDEA).

As we have said many times, the SDEA is doing a great job for their members

Too bad the non-SDEA Stakeholders don’t have “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the other Trustees doing as good of a job for us!

How does a SDUSD Principal, Teacher or School Site fight against a non-union Charter School that actually WELCOMES community involvement  in improving “teacher effectiveness for improved student achievement”?

They can’t.

Coming up next: “Double Vision 4: Parents and Community Members Excluded in Learning



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