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Double Vision 4: Parents and Community Members Excluded in Learning

We have already talked about how Teachers and Principals are being undermined in the classroom by a lack of technical support for their i21 classrooms in Double Vision 1having to work in filthy environments in Double Vision 2 and being victimized by “Brain Drain”, caused by the toxic, incompetent Marten regime hiring and work environment, that has created burnout and employee turnover in Double Vision 3 in 2017.

Double Vision 4 is primarily related to the betrayal of ALL Parents and Community Members by the Marten regime to deploy fake “Community Involvement” propaganda events, committees, surveys and other outreach that requests thousands of hours of volunteer commitment and recommendations and then summarily dismisses all the suggestions just so they can comply with State and Federal funding requirements for “Community Involvement”.   This “Community Involvement” fantasy undermines any and all trust that Families and Community Members have that SDUSD Schools can deliver quality education for their children and force them to look to other options like Charter or Public Schools.

But we CAN fight back..and we will show you how below!

Per our “DOUBLE CROSSED! – The REAL San Diego Unified School District “2017 State Of The District” Series – Introduction” the core District Deeds belief regarding the “State of the District”, backed up by facts, is that the horrible budget mismanagement decisions and actions by “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera and the rest of their Trustee and Inner Circle cronies has actually helped drive families AWAY from the SDUSD schools and into Charter schools despite all the hard work and dedication of SDUSD Teachers, Administrators, Students, Families, Community Members and Taxpayers.

Get ready to read what you WILL NOT hear from keynote speakers and compulsive liars “Bersin in a Skirt” Marten, “Tricky Dick” Barrera in their “2017 State of the District Propaganda Fest this coming Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Under Vision 4: Parents and Community Members Engaged in Learning  on the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) website, there are two areas listed as “Goals”:

  • Parents/guardians will be an integral element of each student’s educational experience.
  • Community volunteers and partnerships will augment the work of teachers in helping each student succeed.

As a Parent, Community Member, Volunteer and Taxpayer, District Deeds has worked side by side with well-meaning Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students, Site/District Staff for over 15 years to try to improve the SDUSD.  Since the incompetent, dishonest  and unethical regime of Supt. Cindy Marten took over a little over 3 years ago we have witnessed the total perversion of both Goals.

Over that period the Marten regime has ignored all recommendations from virtually EVERY community group unless they had already been recommended or approved by her cronies.

From Principal Hiring Committees to the Calendar Committee to the District Advisory Committees like DAC, DELAC, CAC to LCAP/LCFF and many, many others, ALL the volunteer hours and recommendations have been wasted on the autocratic Marten regime who ignored and insulted all of us.

Maybe the worst part is that the five Trustees elected to the Board of Education that allow her to break all the rules and betray the trust of all Stakeholders so they can retain their UNLIMITED power with no oversight.

This HAS to change for the betterment of over 100,000 Students…and we know of only one solution that has a chance of changing this Cindy Marten and Board of Education leadership disaster.

We must all contact the San Diego City Council immediately by email and phone and support the recommendations on the San Diego Grand Jury Report titled we covered in our post titled:  

NEWS FLASH!!!! San Diego County Grand Jury to City Council: Let Voters Decide on San Diego Unified Board of Education Term Limits, Subdistrict Only and Primary Winner Elections!!! (Report Enclosed!)

Here is how the City Council Members votes earlier about overseeing the SDUSD and changin the election rules:

There is a San Diego City Council meeting TOMORROW to determine the legally mandated City Council response so the San Diego Grand Jury.  Here are the three items to include in your email that you want to support:

The 2016/2017 San Diego County Grand Jury recommends that the San Diego City Council:

17-28: Consider placing a measure on a future ballot to allow the voters to decide whether to amend the San Diego City Charter to change the election process for the San Diego Unified School District School Board Elections, allowing only citizens in their sub-districts to elect representation directly from their sub-district.

17-29: Consider placing a measure on a future ballot to allow the voters to decide whether to amend the San Diego City Charter to allow a San Diego Unified School District board candidate who receives a majority of the votes in their sub-district during the primary election be considered elected.

17-30: Consider placing a measure on a future ballot to allow the voters to decide whether to amend the San Diego City Charter to limit the number of terms San Diego Unified School District School Board Trustees can serve.

Here are the individuals that need to receive your email BEFORE 2:00 TOMORROW, MONDAY, 10/16/17:

(D1) Barbara Bry Councilmember barbarabry@sandiego.gov
Jamie Fox Chief of Staff jfox@sandiego.gov
Victoria Joes Director of Policy vcjoes@sandiego.gov

(D2) Lorie Zapf Councilmember loriezapf@sandiego.gov
Kelly Batten Chief of Staff kmbatten@sandiego.gov
Liezl Mangonon, Director of Policy and Outreach lmangonon@sandiego.gov,

(D3) Chris Ward Councilmember christopherward@sandiego.gov
Molly Chase Chief of Staff mbchase@sandiego.gov
Pamela Ison Chief of Policy paison@sandiego.gov

(D4) Myrtle Cole Council President myrtlecole@sandiego.gov
Jimmie Slack Chief of Staff jslack@sandiego.gov
Venus Molina Chief of Policy vmolina@sandiego.gov

(D5) Mark Kersey Council President Pro Tem markkersey@sandiego.gov
Elizabeth Spillane Chief of Staff espillane@sandiego.gov
Nikki Jimenez Director of Communications njimenez@sandiego.gov

(D6) Chris Cate Councilmember chriscate@sandiego.gov
James Hauser Chief of Staff jhauser@sandiego.gov
Ian Clampett Deputy Chief of Staff / Director of Policy

(D7) Scott Sherman Councilmember scottsherman@sandiego.gov
Barrett Tetlow Chief of Staff btetlow@sandiego.gov
Ryley Webb Policy Director rwebb@sandiego.gov

(D8) David Alvarez Councilmember davidalvarez@sandiego.gov
Travis Knowles Chief of Staff knowlest@sandiego.gov
Kevin Smith Chief of Policy KSSmith@sandiego.gov

(D9) Georgette Gómez Councilmember georgettegomez@sandiego.gov
Dominika Bukalova Chief of Staff dbukalova@sandiego.gov
Lara Gates Chief of Policy lgates@sandiego.gov

If you want to show up in person and give testimony, her is the San Diego City Council Meeting agenda: San Diego City Council Agenda – Oct. 16 2017 

We know that it is a big task to take the time to email all these individuals or show up in person, but it is the only way to eventually STOP the abuses of the SDUSD oppressive leadership.

We will be coming out with our 5th installment titled Double Vision 5: Miscommunication: Lack of Support and guidance from District Leadership on Tuesday – be watching for it!



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