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Early last Friday morning, June 30, 2017, San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten and Trustee Kevin Beiser produced a well choreographed “dog and pony show” press conference to spin propaganda to the local San Diego news media regarding the latest Cindy Marten Administration mismanagement disaster.

Some of the media, like organizationally affiliated SDSU’s KPBS, gobbled up the propaganda and spewed it back out to its readers as a problem caused by 2 feet of table…WOW!

SDUSD Avenger, a SDUSD insider sent us the following letter about the Scripps Ranch AP Testing Debacle:

Dear District Deeds-

The swiftness with which SDUSD leadership has “addressed” this AP testing scandal at Scripps Ranch High School seems all too convenient, for me.

According to the “press release,” district leadership learned that ETS was going to invalidate the scores on Wednesday, June 28. Miraculously, by Friday, June 30, the district was able to put together a press release and a list of frequently asked questions, load those documents on the website, AND organize a press conference, complete with Ms. Marten, herself, and Board Trustee Kevin Beiser!

Please note, that this is the same district that takes almost an entire year to respond to a basic public records request!

Also, the claim that there is “no evidence of cheating” is absolutely misleading–if not outright lying. Cindy and Co. have known about this testing scandal at Scripps Ranch High School for weeks!

And 800+ test scores were not invalidated because of 6-foot tables and partitions.

On June 7, Ann Menna, principal of SRHS, reported an incident of CHEATING to the College Board and the Educational Testing Service. Thus, it’s been since that time that Cindy and her cronies have known there was problem with the AP tests at the high school. After ETS investigated the incident, they decided to invalidate the test scores. Sure, they improperly used tables and partitions at Scripps Ranch High, BUT that was only discovered AFTER the cheating investigation had already started. Clearly, spin-masters Andrew Sharp and Maureen Magee have been hard at work the last few weeks.

Of course, we will never know the TRUTH because Cindy and Co. ALWAYS try to obfuscate and cover-up. Instead of simply saying that an investigating of cheating led to the scores being invalidated, the superintendent and her trusty Trustee are pushing the story that ETS was damn-near arbitrary and capricious in their decision to invalidate the scores.

Think about it for one moment . . . each test cost $93. ETS has just invalidated 847 tests . . . THAT’S $78,771 WORTH OF TESTS!! I hardly think that ETS arbitrarily made a decision to potentially lose that amount of money!

Yet again, Superintendent Marten has decided to mislead the parents and taxpayers of San Diego regarding her own incompetence. Yet again, the Board Trustees are complicit in the cover-up and standing solidly behind their bumbling and inexperienced leader. And yet again, the STUDENTS of San Diego Unified School District are made to suffer under this inept and deceitful leadership.

When will it stop?

How many more students will be irreparably damaged by the woefully ineffective leadership of Cindy Marten, Staci Monreal, Cheryl Hibbeln and the Area Superintendents?


SDUSD Avenger

Information in the letter from SDUSD Avenger spurred District Deeds to start an ongoing investigation to analyze the Scripps Ranch AP Testing Debacle.

First of all, a primary observation and question.

In the 626 words of the well crafted SDUSD Propaganda Document, there is not one word provided that is directly from any of the College Board/ETS documents, any responses to the College Board from SDUSD employees or any SDUSD policy or procedure that had not been followed.


The answer is relatively simple.

The reason that none of that information was released in the “Propaganda Conference” last Friday is the same reason Supt. Cindy Marten was willing to violate 5 Board Governance  Policies to delete SDUSD emails after 6 months.

Marten always tries to bury evidence with propaganda to cover up her misdeeds.

As usual with Marten, many key questions were not addressed with the “Propaganda Conference” Statement:

  • Why did Marten and Beiser wait over 3 weeks to notify the Scripps Ranch community there was a problem with AP testing so they could prepare for the repercussions?
  • Where is the “official” notification document from the College Board?
  • Where are the documents from the Principal  or others that caused the College Board to investigate?
  • Why won’t Cindy Marten say what actually was the initial “test irregularity”?  Could it be that it actually WAS a case of cheating?
  • Why did Marten and Beiser scapegoat site AP Proctor who just administers the tests rather than Cheryl Hibbeln and the Office of Secondary Schools in the District Central Office responsible for AP Testing Training and Updates?

These questions and many more will be addressed with another District Deeds article in the coming days using collaborative research with our contributors and supporters.

Stay Tuned!!! 


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