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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


Chief Privacy Officers: The Unicorns of K-12 Education

Quote from Article:

Last month, the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) published a report arguing schools and districts should go the way of other industries and hire a Chief Privacy Officer to oversee their organization’s privacy policies and practices.

Page by page, the report explains what a CPO is, why the role is necessary and even provides a two-page sample job description districts can use to begin the hiring process for a CPO.

Chief Privacy Officer Job Description:


But the reality is that Chief Privacy Officers in K-12 education are about as common as unicorns. EdSurge contacted education nonprofits, a technology association and a handful of privacy experts, and none could identify a single school district with a K-12 CPO. In fact, it is still extremely rare for districts to hire even one full-time employee dedicated to privacy—leadership or otherwise—says Attai, who frequently advises K-12 districts on privacy issues.

“It should be a leadership position, but it’s not,” she tells EdSurge. “We’re a really long way off from it ever being there, and we may never be there.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

District Deeds has published multiple posts showing the equipment and security risk ramifications of the severe cutbacks in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Integrated Technology Support Services (ITTS) including “SDUSD Prop S Taxpayer $2.1 Billion Con Job…Students Must Wait 60 Days for Computer Repairs…Official Doc Enclosed!!!” and “1 IT Tech for 2,300 Classrooms – MILLIONS of Prop Z/S IT Investment Dollars at Risk Through Severe Layoffs in San Diego Unified Technology Support!!!“.  Those posts exposed the gross financial mismanagement of pathetic Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten.

Marten has has added many useless and costly Director positions during her tenure as ESS.  Two of those “waste of money” positions include a Director position for the now defunct (after 2 short years) Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department  and, of course, the totally useless Director of the Quality Assurance Department position.

The recommended “Chief Privacy Officer” position to protect ALL SDUSD Stakeholder provacy could have been easily funded with the money saved by eliminating the two useless ESS Marten Director positions above.

Knowing the ITTS cutbacks, we highly doubted that the pathetic ESS Marten had the intelligence or experience to fund a Director position that would actually PROTECT Student and Family privacy.

But we decided to search the SDUSD website for that position to be sure:

Just like we expected…NO SUCH POSITION in the SDUSD.

With the continued ESS Marten gross financial mismanagement again this year and the expected layoff and budget cuts coming up at the SDUSD Board Meeting this Tuesday, March 5, 2019, we know that the protection of Student and Family privacy will be nowhere to be found in the 2019/2020 budget.

Without funding that key Student privacy position, and with the many data breaches recently experienced in the SDUSD, it cold be that the SDUSD is in violation of the U. S. Department of Education Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)!

One way to find out…

The families of ALL 115,000 SDUSD students should use the Complaint Procedure described on the SDUSD Student Records webpage:

NOT funding that key position despite the many data breaches could represent “failures of the school district to comply” with FERPA!!!

Get those FERPA complaints against the SDUSD in the mail today!!!

Thanks pathetic Cindy Marten!

School Culture Made all the Difference: Helping My Son Find Joy in Learning After Being Bullied

Quote from Article:

It was the middle of the school day when I found him in tears, standing in the street outside the confines of his campus. I was devastated. My son had run away from school for the second time in his fourth-grade year because of persistent bullying by his classmates.

Working with my son’s school to find a solution was my top priority. Unfortunately, regular phone calls and meetings with his teacher and the school’s principal did not change my son’s traumatic experiences on campus. The school promised to assign an on-site counselor to him, but did not follow through.  

At one point, I asked his teacher whether she could do anything to intervene when she saw his peers taunting him in the hallways or at recess. She replied, with a shrug, “You know how it goes, kids can just be mean.” This inevitability is a common perception of bullying at schools, and one I even started to believe myself. But it does not have to be the reality.


Going one step further, KIPP Corazón Academy has actually built a positive culture into its academic curriculum through the teaching of values like advocacy, love, reflection, and ganas as well as restorative justice practices. For example, every day for 30 minutes students sit in a circle and talk about how they feel about current events in their lives and communities. They explore subjects like forgiveness, inclusion and empathy, as well as topics that the staff has noticed bubbling up on campus in order to proactively address issues. This is a way for students to discover common ground among their peers. Additionally, there was a school-wide focus on bullying prevention and awareness in October for National Bullying Prevention Month, in which students engaged in a variety of class discussions, watched instructional videos about what to do if you see bullying at school, and participated in unity art projects.


Since attending KIPP Corazón, my son’s grades and physical health have improved. He reads more, and has learned to express himself using his words. Instead of taunts and teasing, he receives hugs and smiles from his supportive group of friends. He wakes me up excited and ready to go to school, rather than being scared to attend. And most importantly, he feels comfortable to be himself. I know it’s because he is going to a school where students’ physical and emotional safety are prioritized, which feels really good as his mom.

My best advice for parents when deciding if a school is the right fit for their child, especially one who has been targeted by bullying, is simple – look for a school where everyone is invested in creating a positive environment that has no tolerance for bullying.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Given the rampant bullying that is occuring at many SDUSD school sites, this article is the roadmap that THOUSANDS of families are following AWAY from the SDUSD and into local Charter Schools.

District Deeds has recently attended multiple SDUSD meetings where the schools sites have been encouraged by pathetic ESS Cindy Marten and Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera to spend money to improve the MARKETING of their schools.

Does that mean Pathetic Cindy and Tricky Dick are now marketing gurus?

Not quite,

Given the horrible Student privacy AND Student safety risks at SDUSD caused by pathetic Cindy and Tricky Dick mismanagement, we think that there is only one term that describes their marketing skills:

ESS Cindy and Tricky Dick

Bait and Switch Snake Oil Salesmen extraordinaire

Black student excellence: Denver school board directs district to better serve black students

Quote from Article:

Every Denver public school soon will be required to develop a plan to boost the success of black and African-American students by embracing their strengths rather than focusing on the challenges they face.

That’s according to a resolution unanimously passed Thursday night by the Denver school board. The resolution, which would also require district employees to take training on implicit bias, was shepherded by Jennifer Bacon, who was elected in 2017 to represent northeast Denver and is one of two black members on the diverse school board. Longer-serving board members said it was overdue.

“With good intentions, we were battling the idea that singling out a group of students was not acceptable,” said Happy Haynes, who has served on the board since 2011. “We were always talking about, ‘all students, all students.’”

In doing so, Haynes said, “we lost sight of so many of our students. So I really celebrate this change in our thinking.”


The focus on black students comes after more than a year of relentless and high-profile advocacy from black parents and activists, and 2½ years after a damning report about how black teachers and students are treated in Denver Public Schools.

Known colloquially as the Bailey Report, it was based on interviews with black educators conducted by former school board member Sharon Bailey, who has studied racial dynamics in Denver. It found that black educators feel isolated and mistreated by the district, and perceive that black students are more harshly disciplined in part because the young white women who make up a sizeable portion of the teacher workforce are afraid of them.

The report led to a task force, which presented the district with 11 recommendations. Among them: offering signing bonuses to help attract more black teachers, making student discipline data count toward school ratings, and requiring each school to create a plan “designed to strengthen relationships between African-Americans and schools.”


“It’s not because there’s a lack of effort, will, or love,” Bacon said in an interview. “I think it’s because we’re not organized properly and we don’t have an internal stake in the ground around expectations, outcomes, and accountability measures. People want to see DPS is doing that.”

Her fellow board members agreed. On Thursday, they took turns thanking her for bringing forth the resolution, which directs the district to do several things:

  • Require all schools, including district-run and charter schools, to review data about student academic performance, discipline, and referrals for special education to understand how each school’s black students are doing “on an individual level”
  • Require all schools to set goals for supporting black students that prioritize giving them “access to grade-level and more rigorous coursework”
  • Require school leaders to articulate how they will monitor progress toward their goals
  • Train all district staff on implicit bias and culturally responsive education
  • Conduct an “equity audit” to understand what the district is doing well and what it is not to figure out how it “can better prioritize the success of our black students”

District Deeds Synopsis:

Another GREAT idea to encourage Black Student excellence in a District with considerably less fianacial resources that the SDUSD

Does ANYONE in the SDUSD think that the the current pathetic ESS Marten or Board of Education Trustees led by Sharon “Public Comment at end of Meeting” Payne and Tricky Dick Barrera and the useless Quality Assurance Department would have the ethics or the decency to actually implement a strategy like this for Black Students and Families in the SDUSD?

If you, for some unknown reason, buy into all the pathetic Marten/Barrera/Payne propaganda, listen to the horrific story of Students and Parents from Bumbling Sharon Payne’s District E area who were forced to wait 3 hours until the end of a recent Board meeting to speak in Public Comment:

The only action that will provide the critical training and reorganization described in the article for Black Students…and ALL SDUSD Students…is to fire “White Woman Mafia” Marten immediately and vote or RECALL ALL of the current trustees out of office.

Now for our Quote of the Week:

“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”—Frederick Douglass

Have a great week!!!



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