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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


To What Extent Are Districts, Schools Liable for Students’ Safety?

Here’s how the courts have weighed in and what their decisions mean for school accountability.

Quote from Article:

While a school’s primary goal is to educate students, another priority is providing a safe environment. It’s a responsibility enforced in federal, state and local laws, but ultimately, students can — and do — get hurt. And when they do, many blame the school or district.


Hundreds of lawsuits point the finger at schools or districts when students get injuried.


To what degree are these entities liable for students’ safety?


School shootings

M.S.D. of Martinsville v. Rebecca Jackson

What happened: In March 2011, two students at West Martinsville Middle School in Indiana were injured in a shooting: One, who was shot twice in the stomach, was targeted by the shooter — a former student known to threaten and harass his peers — according to court documents.


Sexual misconduct

Mitchell v. Cedar Rapids Community School District

What happened: A 9th-grade special education student in Iowa was “rarely, if ever, without direct adult supervision because of her diminished capacity,” according to official documents. Teachers thought she was in a relationship with a 12th-grade special education student and were concerned they might become sexually active, the documents say.

One day, the 9th-grader got her mother’s permission to go to a friend’s house after school, but she skipped last period. The 12th-grader raped her that afternoon.



Kowalski v. Berkeley County Schools

What happened: In December 2005, a West Virginia high school student created a MySpace page mainly to ridicule another student, according to legal documents. About two dozen peers joined the page, and some accessed it from school computers.

When the victim and her parents filed a harassment complaint with the school, the site’s creator was suspended for five days for the so-called “hate website,” which violated school bullying, harassment and intimidation policies. She sued, claiming her First Amendment rights were violated, because her site was private and was created outside of school.



Wyke v. Polk County School Board

What happened: The mother of Shawn Wyke, a 13-year-old who died by suicide, sued her son’s district in Polk County, Florida, alleging administrators knew he tried to commit suicide twice at school before his death. When the dean of students found out about Wyke’s first attempt, he called the student into his office and read Bible verses, according to court documents. He thought they made Wyke feel better and that he did all he could that day.


Physical injury

Brewington v. Philadelphia School District

What happened: During gym class in May 2012, a 9-year-old student tripped and fell, propelling himself into the unpadded concrete wall, according to court documents. He cut his head and fell unconscious, and he was later diagnosed with a concussion. He missed school for a month or two as a result, and the incident caused headaches and memory problems.

District Deeds Synopsis:

When we saw this article it reminded us of what has been happening to our Students in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) under the incompetent, pathetic Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten.

Virtually every item, except school shootings, have occurred at multiple SDUSD elementary, middle and high schools.

Sexual Misconduct…Check!

Bullying and Harassment…Check!


Physical Injury…Check!

We have posted a number of these incidents on our page titled “The San Diego Unified School District Student Abuse Report

Unfortunately for SDUSD families, not only are students abused…but the SDUSD tries to cover it up through the ridiculous “Quality Assurance” (QA) and multimillion dollar Legal Department they report to.

Most SDUSD Stakeholder don’t know that QA actually reports to the SDUSD Legal Department.  QA funnels all confidential parent complaints to Legal which then is able to strategize in advance to undercut serious abuse complaints.

In fact at the last Board of Education Meeting, a parent exposed the corrupt ESS Marten administration.

Here is the video:


According to the public comment by the Parent, ESS Marten, QA and the Legal Department took the family to court based on bald-faced lies about the injured Students; Father.

TAKEN TO COURT for demanding justice for their son!!!

Hopefully the testimony by this parent and the examples in the article and on our Abuse page will empower Families to LEGALLY fight back for their Students.

Maybe if the SDUSD is sued by hundreds of Stakeholders they will fire the primary cause of the SDUSD educational disaster: Pathetic ESS Cindy Marten.

New Ways to Identify Struggling Students

A South Carolina district looks at more data to keep kids on track

Quote from Article:

Adults in a school generally know the names of the most at-risk students. Those having the hardest time academically or emotionally stand out.

In Richland School District 2 in suburban Columbia, South Carolina, Erin Armstrong says if students are ranked according to risk, the top 10 to 15 names will be familiar. Those students are the ones who appear in the office all the time. They’re getting in trouble.

Armstrong, the lead teacher for virtual education in the district, has taken a leading role in developing a new system for making sure all students get the attention they need.

Five years ago, if teachers or administrators wanted to identify the struggling students they might be missing, they would have had to spend hours combing through spreadsheets, piecing together risk profiles. Now, a software program does that automatically, tracking dozens of factors related to student performance, attendance and behavior, and updating risk levels for every student monthly. Importantly, all the adults in the building have access to this information and they can add their own notes about students so that new insights are shared. Every time someone intervenes with a student and tries something to get or keep that child on track, it’s logged.


“Things were happening in silos,” Armstrong said. “Nobody was talking to anybody.”

The new system breaks down the silos and creates opportunities for conversation that never existed before. It also makes sure any patterns in the data are brought to light. If something like bus discipline seems to correlate strongly with academic performance, bus discipline will be a factor that gets closer attention. That wasn’t the case five years ago, when educators were in the dark about all but the most obvious correlations between behavior and outcomes.

So far, the district uses it in all 20 of its elementary schools, where getting and keeping students on grade level is imperative so that students don’t get held back in third grade.

District Deeds Synopsis:


A school district in South Carolina using Virtual Education to ACTUALLY HELP STUDENTS!!!!

What a concept!

The incompetent ESS Marten and Trustee “Tricky Dick” Barrera actually do use data from Virtual Education to identify struggling Students.  But instead of using that data to help Students improve, they use it to identify which underperforming Students to SHIP OUT TO CREDIT RECOVERY CHARTER SCHOOLS to improve the SDUSD Graduation Rate!

The result:  Many SDUSD Students are sent into college and careers woefully undereducated and unprepared because Marten and Barrera have betrayed them,

They BOTH need to be fired immediately.

Are Educators Using SEL to Empower or to Manipulate?

Quote from Article:

Our 30 years of experience researching, teaching, and implementing social-emotional learning (SEL) has established that the purpose of SEL is to produce mental health and well-being outcomes for children. However, the current level of thinking about SEL in education is primarily focused on producing academic outcomes.

An example of this level of thinking is The Aspen Institute-sponsored National Commission on Social Emotional & Academic Development report, From a Nation at Risk to a Nation at Hope, published in January.

While we agree that the time has come to fully integrate SEL into our schools, the report calls for using SEL as a tool to make students achieve more academically. We see that as a form of child manipulation. The report falls short of what is needed to address mental health and well-being needs.


Notice that the report is actually putting “academic excellence” and “broader student outcomes” literally on par with each other. In this context, the emphasis shifts away from emotions and emotional awareness—the inner life of children—toward using SEL to produce academic achievement and other external goals.


This unfortunately conveys to children that their most important task is to meet external outcomes such as passing tests, meeting new ESSA assessments, and pleasing future employers.

This has serious consequences:

  • The emphasis remains on producing academic outcomes as the ultimate goal, above and beyond developing well-being outcomes.
  • The focus is on extrinsic agendas, rather than helping children develop intrinsic psycho-dynamics, personal mindset, self-understanding, and a sense of purpose.
  • Children understand that educators are using SEL methods and best practices to manipulate them into learning academic content. In parenting, this is called showing “conditional love” rather than “unconditional love.”


Research shows that when the self becomes the lens through which students learn, students can balance cognitive with non-cognitive factors to become happy and whole people who are equipped to create a positive life and make contributions toward a better society.

It is time that we ground the purpose of SEL in the psychology of well-being to produce emotionally, physically, and psychologically healthy children. Before implementing SEL best practices, teachers and administrators should ask themselves, “What is the purpose of SEL?”

Quote from Article:

SEL is an acronym thrown around all the time by the corrupt ESS Marten regime and Tricky Dick Barrera.

But we all know that the true test of anyone is not their words, but their actions.

How we at District Deeds determines whether SEL is being used by Marten, Barrera and their senior leadership cronies to empower or to manipulate Students is how they treat the Students that present the biggest challenges and have the biggest need to be empowered.

How have they treated Special Education Students?

Here is an example: A Tribute to Nathaniel

How about English Language Learners?

Here is an example:  WHISTLEBLOWER – “Concerned ELL Teacher”: “Martenized” ELST Model NOT Equitable or Equal!!!

How about Students of color?

Here is an example: Brave Lincoln High School Students Tell the TRUTH: San Diego Unified Supt. Cindy Marten “Lied. Lied, Lied”!!! (VIDEOS)

Empowerment or Manipulation or TOTALLY INCOMPETENT leadership at all senior levels?

Actions speak louder than words and the pathetic ESS Marten and Tricky Dick Barrera actions clearly show that all their talk about Social Emotional Learning is like the brave Lincoln High Students screamed.


Now for our Quote of the Week:

“Education is not a tool for development – individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.” – Nita Ambani

Have a great week!!!



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