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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


R.I.’s $250M School-Bond Vote is High-Stakes Decision For Voters

Quote from Article:

Gov. Gina Raimondo has asked voters and state leaders to “embark on a once-in-a-generation investment” to bring schools into the 21st century. Even Raimondo’s two opponents, Cranston’s Republican mayor, Allan Fung, and independent Joseph Trillo, agree that Rhode Island needs to make a substantial investment in school facilities, although they take issue with some of the details of the bond proposal.

study of the state’s 306 public schools found they need $2.2-billion worth of renovations to bring them up to modern education standards. Providence alone needs $372.4 million worth of repairs.

State Treasurer Seth Magaziner, who has led the school bond campaign, says the longer Rhode Island waits, the more those repairs will cost. If the state continues its current level of funding for school repairs, the total cost will jump from $2.2 billion to $2.9 billion in 10 years, the study said.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A couple things caught our eye when reading this article.

The first item was that “study of the state’s 306 public schools found they need $2.2-billion worth of renovations to bring them up to modern education standards.”

$2.2 billion bond for 306 public schools across the whole state of Rhode Island.

The Measure YY bond scam being pushed by Trustee “Tricky Dick” Barrera and pathetically incompetent Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten would cost San Diego Taxpayers $3.5 billion for 226 locations within the San Diego city limits…1.3 BILLION MORE for EIGHTY FEWER LOCATIONS…WOW…what a RIPOFF for San Diego Taxpayers!

But wait, there’s more to this RIPOFF…

The Governor of Rhode Island asked voters and state leaders to approve a $2.2 billion bond to “embark on a once-in-a-generation investment” to bring schools into the 21st century.”

The 3.5 BILLION requested by scammers Barrera and Marten is not a “once-in-a-generation” like the State of Rhode Island bond or even a “twice-in-a-generation” investment.

The SDUSD Measure YY at 3.5 billion added to Props S ($2.1 billion in 2008) and Z ($2.8 billion in 2012) make up the “Thrice in a Decade” Trifecta RIPOFF – a “thrice-in-a-decade” gross financial mismanagement DISASTER!

Don’t let grifters Tricky Dick and Pathetically Incompetent Cindy waste any more of your hard earned tax dollars.

We strongly recommend that our Readers, as part of an Informed Electorate – vote NO on Measure YY.

Are Bonds Best Way to Support Schools?

Quote from Article:

It is important to see the math used to calculate the estimated tax rate for their proposed bonds. But the details are often glossed over during the campaign season; after all, bond consultants do not get much money if they fail to convince taxpayers to approve these instruments.

Over the life of a typical bond, interest will equal principal. Bond terms can range from 25 to 40 years in length.

Per the measure itself, this $249 million bond will require approximately $550 million in tax dollars to cover the principal and interest to pay back. With $300 million going to interest over the span of 40 years, that’s an average of $7.5 million a year frittered away on interest.

Would that money be better used in the district’s yearly operating budget? Better planning would allow more resources to be placed on the front lines to benefit our students


Bonds are not a magical cure for depleted budgets. If your current household budget is in the red, taking out a loan (regardless of the interest rate and terms) is going to place further pressure on your already-overtaxed budget.


Our citizens are being asked to invest in education. One person’s “investment” is another person’s high-interest credit card.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Reading this article made us remember the terms thrown around by the Tricky Dick Barrera cronies in the “Voters Edge Guide” in our  post this past Thursday, November 1st.

Terms like


Really Trick Dick?!?  

Really Tricky Dick Cronies?

Did you think voters would forget your infamous record we described in “BOOBY PRIZE II !!! San Diego Unified School District Makes History – Sweeps Booby Prizes by “Winning” SD County Taxpayers Association “2017 Regional Golden Fleece” for Fleecing District Taxpayers!!!”

We are talking about the same San Diego Unified School District that received the Society of Professional Journalists, San Diego Chapter, the “2017 WALL AWARD” for lack of “openness and transparency”.

And also “won” the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) “Regional Golden Fleece Award” booby prize.

No number of political crony “quotes” can cover up the actual facts of gross financial mismanagement and total lack of transparency throughout that financial mismanagement by Tricky Dick and Pathetic Cindy.

But we should NOT be surprised…it is the M.O. of Grifters.

Is it any wonder that Tricky Dick and Pathetically Incompetent Cindy are going to the San Diego Taxpayers AGAIN, for the 3rd time in 10 years, for billions of dollars more?

Not really…that’s what GRIFTERS do…they keep on going back to fleece their victims until their victims finally say NO.

It is time to say NO to Grifters Tricky Dick and Cindy.

It is time to say NO to Measure YY…and to reject the phony Measure H that keeps them in office for another 12 years…No on Measure H!

Tell Voters What School Bonds Will Cost Them? Scary Idea, Legislators Find

Quote from Article:

School officials and many state legislators want to keep voters in the dark about the most fundamental information related to billions of dollars of school bonds: Their cost to taxpayers.

In local elections, school districts seeking voter approval for construction bonds pack ballot language with wordy feel-good descriptions of what the money will buy. But they leave out the tough part about how much property taxes will increase to pay off the debt.

This year, Assemblyman Matthew Harper, R-Costa Mesa, offered a common-sense solution: AB 776, requiring that ballot wording for school bond measures include the taxpayer cost.

Seems basic, right? Well, by the time the bill made it out of the Assembly elections committee, it had been watered down. The legislation now only requires that the ballot language tell voters they can go to the election guides they receive in the mail to find out how much property taxes would increase.


Why was there so much opposition to the original bill and continued battling over even the innocuous current version? Because school trustees and administrators fear any reminder to voters of the cost will dampen support.  

They depend on voter confusion. They know some people don’t understand that bonds are not free money, that they’re loans that must be repaid.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Does this sound familiar to our readers…that “school trustees and administrators” “depend on voter confusion”?

And does it surprise any of our Readers that this “confusion” is supported by our state representatives?

It is a classic case of grifters selling the “sizzle” and not the “steak”…or the bill for that steak that will make that steak cost two or three times as much over the payback period!

Tricky Dick Barrera was elected in 2008.

In 2008 Tricky Dick did not solve these “repair and safety” problems with $2.1 billion of 2008 Prop S money.

Tricky Dick was re-elected in 2012.

In 2012 Tricky Dick did not solve these “repair and safety” problems with $2.6 billion of 2012 Prop Z money.

Super Grifter Tricky Dick now wants $3.5 billion MORE to solve these “repair and safety” problems…for the THIRD TIME.

Let’s clear up this “voter confusion”.

District Deeds thinks the best way to solve these “repair and safety” problems is to get rid of the individuals who have already spent almost $5 billion dollars failing to do so.

We MUST Vote NO on Measure H and insist that a ballot measure be created in 2020 to create a “2- four year” term limit for SDUSD Trustees and vote by subdistrict on the ballot.

We MUST also cut the grifters off from their grift.

We must wean Tricky Dick and Pathetic Cindy away from their periodic billion dollar bond “fix”.

We must save San Diego Taxpayers and their children who are currently SDUSD Students from paying the bill from Measure YY 10 or 20 or 30 years from now.

We must Vote NO on Measures YY and H

Now for our Quote of the Week:

“Elections are about choices, and part of what you do is draw that contrast.” – Elizabeth Esty


Have a great week!!!



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