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Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, 2018 is election day.

District Deeds has refrained from posting our election picks in the past because we felt that our focus needed to be on investigating and exposing the gross financial and operational mismanagement by the current San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent and Board of Education.

This year we changed our minds.

Actions by totally incompetent SDUSD senior leadership has made the “State of the District” toxic and harmful for Students, Teachers, Families, Principals, Taxpayers, Staff and Communities.

An example of this toxicity and even more despicable,  the political cronies of the SDUSD senior leadership are using scare tactics of LEAD POISONING AT SCHOOL SITES to intimidate SDUSD families into voting for Measure YY.

They are threatening families that their kids will be poisoned if they do not vote for their Measure YY $3.5 billion scam. Not one Board Member, including Beiser or McQuary running for office, has disputed that claim.

It is a lie…the SDUSD will be FORCED to prevent lead poisoning if Measure YY passes or not…if there even IS lead poisoning to begin with.

This sounds like a “caravan” scare tactic…and they are all Democrats!


There is a deep urgency for change sweeping across the United States and that urgency is deeply felt within the SDUSD.

That is why we changed our minds…we all MUST vote for change in the SDUSD for our Students future – the stakes are too high for us to refrain again.

We have restricted our picks to items directly related to SDUSD education.

Here are the picks:

1. California Superintendent of Public Instruction:  VOTE Marshall Tuck

Special interest lackey, SDUSD leadership protector, and Current Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has endorsed Marshal Tuck’s opponent.  That is enough for us to strongly recommend Marshall Tuck.  We need one less supporter in Sacramento for the SDUSD financial and operational misdeeds.

2. Trustee Area B — San Diego Unified School District – VOTE Tom Keliinoi

Candidate Keliinoi is committed to being a strong voice for change and transparency.  Current Trustee Kevin “Dismissal with Prejudice” Beiser, based on his hundreds of 5-0 votes (and self-serving strategic 4-1 votes) in the current Board of Education, is all about maintaining the status quo by not trading any political capital to harm his own political aspirations for City Council or higher.  Beiser is a lot of talk and absolutely no meaningful actions…just ask the Scripps Ranch community about his betrayal of the community over the Scripps Mesa Joint Occupancy 4-story Apartment Project and his showboating by wasting $50,000 in a lawsuit against the College Board – which he caved in and was forced to accept a “Dismissal with Prejudice” (Beiser’s nickname) court ruling instead of holding the current incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten accountable for her operational failures.  Remember—Beiser was also a supporter of disgraced former Trustee Marne Foster for political reasons.  Self serving politician Beiser Must Go!

3. Trustee Area C — San Diego Unified School District: VOTE Marcia Nordstrom

In a recent press interview, current Trustee Mike “Foggy Bottom” McQuary couldn’t remember the name of his opponent in this election.  No wonder he can’t remember any of the budget deficits caused by incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten…or to hold her accountable for them.  McQuary is also a mindless member of the Board of Education rubber stamp vote 5-0 club.

Trustee McQuary – – – the name of your opponent is Marcia Nordstrom…write it down on the back of your hand so you can repeat it in your concession speech tomorrow night.  Bumbling, stumbling, amnesiac McQuary Must Go!

4. San Diego Unified School District – Measure H – Term Limits: VOTE NO

5. San Diego Unified School District – Measure YY Bond Measure: VOTE NO

The Measure H Term Limit and Measure YY Bond Measure were reviewed in-depth in our post last Thursday titled San Diego Unified 2018 Election Measures: Stop the Trustee “Tricky Dick” Barrera Scams – Vote NO on Measures YY & H!!

We thank all of our readers for reviewing our picks and hope this has helped you crystallize your voting choices on election day.

Whether you agree with our picks or not, please be sure to VOTE!!!

The future of our Students depend on it!!!



  • Your family has been injured by the San Diego Unified School District, go to the District Deeds Complaint Forms page to find instructions to fight for your Civil Rights!

Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!

FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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