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Here are some interesting articles District Deeds received and discovered during the past week…



This Elementary Teacher Didn’t Find Art Books That Connected With Her Students, So She Wrote Her Own – WRLN-Miami/South Florida

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WLRN: Why do you make these books?

“When I taught children of European ancestry in the Florida Keys — my background in European art was perfect. But when I moved to Lake Worth, Florida and taught at South Grade Elementary, 80 percent of my students are English language learners. For the most part they’re from Central America and the Caribbean, or perhaps they’re first generation American. And my background in European art did not reflect their cultures. At my school there was colleague of mine who told me that when she arrived from Nicaragua, that she felt ashamed of who she was and where she came from. And I thought, “I can’t have that happen to my students.” So I thought, “What can I do?” And I said, “Well, I’m an art teacher. I’m going to teach my students about the art of their cultures.””

District Deeds Synopsis:

An inspiring story about a teacher who used her skills and intuition to help her teach english language arts to english language learners.  Hopefully all the teachers in the San Diego Unified have similar skills since all the English Language Support Teachers (ELST’s) have been given Pink Slips because of the financial mismanagement of Supt. Marten and the Board of Education.

Why the wall on the Mexican border won’t happen  Brookings FIXGOV

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“If the idea of building a wall makes little political sense, the president’s proposal to turn his campaign pledge into reality is even further off base.

For starters, Mexico will not pay for the wall. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever. And everyone, except Donald Trump, seems to know this.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

At the meeting this past Tuesday, April 25th, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board of Education passed a resolution supporting California SB30 that, according to KPBS, “would prohibit California from doing business with contractors who help build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.”

According to the Brooking FIXGOV article, “there is little chance that a wall will be able to be built in the near future if ever.”

Why, in the middle of important discussions with SDUSD Stakeholders about the fiscal crisis and meltdown, would the Board of Education throw out a resolution that pulled everyone’s attention from the important business at hand? The protest against the resolution was serious enough to have multiple speakers at the meeting loudly voice their concerns about the resolution.

The answer may be that this is a standard tactic by this Board when under duress for their unsavory actions.

Does anyone recall the Marne Foster Proclamation the night this same Board (less Whitehurst-Payne) approved an investigation into her misdeeds that we covered on District Deeds?

Could the fake Betsy DeVos “Invitation” con job, the anti-Islamaphobia “effort”, the Sex Education “controversy” and  now this “Border Wall” issue just be the “go to” strategy of propaganda CIO Andrew “body wash up on shore” Sharp, Supt. Marten and the Board to distract SOME SDUSD Stakeholders away from the budget management scandal Marten and the Board created?

You be the judge!

“Mom fearful of ‘over 100’ vultures roosting by school”WTVR Channel 6 News Richmond, Virginia

Quote from Article:  

“PETERSBUG, Va. — Residents who live near Robert E. Lee Elementary said the vultures have become such a problem, that they avoid the school when they can.

The vultures, residents said, have been an on and off again issues for two years – but recently the issues became really bad.”

District Deeds Synopsis:

Since the San Diego Zoo is in close proximity to both Roosevelt Middle School and San Diego High, maybe propaganda CIO Sharp can get the Zookeepers to loan him some of the San Diego Zoo and Animal Park vultures to stage around both schools as an additional distraction away from the 1,783 layoffs.

We are sure that some of the local television, radio and print media that “gobble up”  the Sharp and SDUSD pre-packaged “happy news” will be enthusiastic about covering the “photo op” event for them!

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