NEWS FLASH!!! – Supt. Cindy Marten “Green Elementary” Deposition (ENCLOSED): “It depends” Whether Sexual Activity Between Kindergarteners is a “Serious Incident”!!!



San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten gave a deposition as a defendant in the Green Elementary lawsuit brought by Former SDUSD Investigator Michael Gurrieri against Supt. Cindy Marten, Legal Counsel Andra Donovan and Carmina Duran,  Executive Director, Quality Assurance.
The Supt. Cindy Marten Deposition transcript portion above was tweeted by San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Writer Chris Reed with the following comment:

“It depends”???!!!!???? SDUSD supe Cindy Marten deposition in ugly Green Elementary scandal has  stunning stuff.

Here is the FULL SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten Deposition: marten-depo-gurrieri

There are many questionable  (and “I can’t remember”) answers by Marten throughout the deposition that District Deeds will soon be analyzing, but this “It depends” statement by Marten absolutely disqualifies her as Superintendent.

What could it possibly “depend on” that would make Student sexual abuse between Kindergarteners NOT a serious incident?!?

District Deeds cannot think of ANY condition that would NOT make extreme sexual contact between Kindergarten student a “serious incident”.

Can you?

Superintendent Marten obviously was willing to sacrifice any shred of integrity she may have,  including acknowledging the seriousness of Student sexual abuse, to try and not lose a lawsuit.

How can ANY SDUSD Stakeholder accept a Superintendent who does not completely recognize and understand one of the most extreme Student sexual abuse incidents as “serious” and is fully committed to acknowledging and preventing it?

Bottom line:

Our children are NOT SAFE with Cindy Marten as Superintendent…she needs to resign.

More to follow…



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11 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!!! – Supt. Cindy Marten “Green Elementary” Deposition (ENCLOSED): “It depends” Whether Sexual Activity Between Kindergarteners is a “Serious Incident”!!!”

  1. Rick Smith said:

    It Depends !!!! What if it was say her child ? One of her “Friends” Little jewels !!!! Wonder what depends then !!! Right. This is disgusting…….Come on School Board she is so vein. It ‘s all about Cindy wont fly anymore. Chaos and disorganization rule the day still in our schools. Wake up parents we need to hire a proven Professional to lead our schools. And protect our children. There is no “It Depends” when it comes to the safety of our Children.


  2. Francisca Salcedo said:

    About two years ago, a first grader was neglected at my daughter’s school, Rodriguez Elementary, and allowed to walk home alone instead of ensuring that he got to his after school progrsm on the school site. He walked across trolley tracks and busy intersections. I saw his distraught mom speaking to Channel 10 News after the incident, which is how I found out. The principal was at an ELAC meeting, in which I was in attendance and informed the office staff to tell the reporter that she was in a meeting. She could have excused herself for a few minutes, but it was clear that she had orders from the district not to speak with the media. There have been other cases of children, including preschoolers with disabilities, being forgotten on school buses and allowed to walk out of campus during school hours. I feel that this is because funds are being spent on so many administrative and legal departments that there is very little left to hire enough well paid paraprofessionals to adequately supervise all students.


  3. When does it stop? Marten’s incompetence is a reflection of the BOE who allows her flawed judgement to continue. Children are at risk daily and no one at the Pink Palace cares enough to make the necessary change – a new Superintendent!


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