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Andrew or Seamus?

When we published our previous blog post titled San Diego Unified CIO “Body Wash Up On Shore” Comment More Real Than You Think! we tied the tactics and strategies of Supt. Cindy Marten to her new hand-picked CIO Andrew Sharp.

We talked about how the “Body Wash Up On Shore” was just a version of the actual tactic of “Career Wash Up On Shore” by Supt. Cindy Marten evidenced by her gutting of experienced Principals, Vice-Principals and Senior Administrators.

Also in that blog post we mentioned the article published in the Voice of San Diego (VOSD) titled District PIO Drops a Joke on Us We Aren’t Taking by Editor in Chief Scott Lewis and Sara Libby regarding a meeting with VOSD Reporter Mario Koran that was described as follows:

He (Sharp) joked that if McGlone were not careful, we should not be surprised to find her body wash up on shore. Later, as the meeting was ending, he joked again that he looked forward to working with Koran but not McGlone. Because McGlone would be dead.” VOSD

Although we referred to other sections of the VOSD story, we didn’t include the following:

But joking about the dead body of one of our reporters was not acceptable and it is not part of the spectrum of feedback we can tolerate. Making the joke twice seemed bizarre and eerie. VOSD

Over this past weekend, based on the VOSD story. we decided to see if there had been any other “Bizarre” actions by the SDUSD CIO in the past.  We searched a number of combinations but when we searched “Andrew Sharp Bizarre“, we got a hit…and it WASN’T the VOSD article.

Three items down the list was a story published on the Chicago News Bench blog from April 22, 2007 titled “BIZARRE ENCOUNTER WITH ANDREW SHARP“!

The first 3 sentences below the Chicago News Bench Headline are as follows:

Andrew Sharp has provided clients nationwide with general consulting and strategy to annihilate the opposition.” http://www.andrewsharp.net/

“Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” ~ Mao Tse-Tung, Chinese Communist dictator (1893 – 1976)
“Politics is war without bloodshed.” ~ Andrew Sharp, top Democrat political consultant

District Deeds was not able to reach the writer of this article to verify any of the information posted so please take it with a grain (or a shaker full) of salt, but the site has had over 1 MILLION hits so apparently some folks in the Chicago area are interested in the authors point of view.

Given all those disclaimers, one quote from the article rang strangely familiar to the eerie Mario Koran encounter with CIO Sharp…they are numbers 5 and 6 on the authors “bizarre” list:

5) Did “Bob” and Sharp hope to send a subtle, indirect message to me to back off of my coverage of the Moore camp by letting me know that they know where I hang out?
6) If they are doing this to me, who else might they be skulking after? Chicago News Bench

District Deeds has only one recommendation to the VOSD writing staff, especially Mario Koran and Ashley McGlone:

Take a quick look around the bar if anybody named



sends you over a free drink!


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