Happy Summer Vacation to all our readers in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and worldwide!

We have something new for you today.  Typically our Sunday Reads has offered a brief comment introducing the featured articles, the posting of the article(s) and then our analysis at the end.  We have changed that up a bit.

Last summer on August 8, 2021, we provided “District Deeds Sunday Reads – Sunday, August 8, 2021: Parent and Student Rights – Resources to Hold the Corrupt San Diego Unified School District Accountable!!!” that featured a graphic from Great!Schools.org that provides for Parents what they call “15 of your unalienable rights in the U.S. public school system”.

Today in our District Deeds Sunday Reads Summer Edition we are adding an “Interactive Analysis” feature.  We are dissecting that fine article from Great!Schools.org and “scoring” the SDUSD deployment of those 15 unalienable rights of Parents with a simplified District Deeds version of the “Standards Based Grading Scale”:

Buckle up…this is “Kinda” LONG…but worth it!

We strongly urge our readers to click on the article title and author (in red) and review the full article for themselves and their family.

15 Rights Parents Have in Public Schools

From making sure your child is safe to defending her freedom of speech, here is what you are allowed, without exception.

Under the guise of “suggested” the school site is telling parents what they must buy to get a “Free Education” and be successful in the classroom.  Obviously “suggested” school supplies are not free.  SOMEONE, NOT the SDUSD, has to buy them to receive a FULL “FREE” education.  Wangenheim is not the only school site doing this.

Here is a screen shot from Salk Elementary that actually quotes the law but then provides a “Wish List” of supplies for parents of students in grades TK-5 to buy:

Citing the law and while making an overt attempt to break it!!!

Corruption in plain site!

WOW…what guts!!!

But that is just the tip of the iceburg.

Here is an estimate of teacher spending for from ADOPTACLASSROOM.ORG:

Here is a quote from a Teacher on that website:

A California teacher (not necessarily a SDUSD Teacher) having to buy “pencils, markers, colored pencils and notebooks”?!?

Instead of the SDUSD supplying the Students with a free education by law, Teachers and Parents, with only the best of intentions for their Students, are spending millions of dollars on supplies for Students every year that SHOULD BE supplied by the local school district under the law.  By the way…our review of the 2020-2022 SDEA Collective Bargaining Agreement FINAL DRAFT makes NO MENTION of the mandated purchase of school supplies by teachers.

It appears that some Teachers do voluntarily buy supplies and some justifiably don’t…just creating another one of the ongoing basic inequities from classroom to classroom and school to school that penalizes innocent Students for being poor. 

Why does the SDEA Teachers Union NOT demand this in the contract? 

We have no idea…it has been an issue for over 25 years we have been involved with the SDUSD.  We leave it up to our readers to decide if it is a Quid Pro Quo for massive Teacher raises at the expense of required student supplies.

Our position on this “Right” is that if any Student is neglected for being Special Needs or having Disabilities, we cannot gice the SDUSD a poassing grade.  In 2015 an article titled “SPECIAL FEATURE – GUEST WRITER JUDY NEUFELD-FERNANDEZ: San Diego Unified Quality Assurance Office: Known Among Parents as Retaliatory and Complicit in Abuse of Children” exposed the SDUSD.

According to SDUSD Stakeholder sources, the situation has not dramatically improved, especially with the Covid pandemic.

14. The right to get rid of bad teachers

Clicking on the “Investigate here” link above, here is the ranking for California:

In the SDUSD, where every single Board of Education member grovels to the San Diego Education Association teachers’s union to get elected and stay in office.  It is easier for parents to get rid of GOOD teachers than “Bad Teachers”…but only if they are an affluent parent north of the 8 Freeway.

15. Rights for student athletes to participate

Sports is a moneymaker for the SDUSD so typically the SDUSD does not interfere.

It makes money with Gate receipts

It makes huge money through retention of student athletes and Title 1 money

As usual, if it is about getting more money for doing virtually nothing except existing, the SDUSD is ALL “Kinda So”.

That wraps up our Standards Based grading for “15 of your unalienable rights” as a Parent.

Here is the Standards Based Scoring Grid again:

SDUSD Stakeholders provide the SDUSD with $1.4 BILLION to have complete mastery of every item related to our 15 Unalienable Parent Rights and for the beneffit of ALL our Students.

Final grades:

Advanced/Meets Expectations – “Kinda So” – 7

Unalienable Right “Kinda So” Numbers 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15

Partial Mastery – “Kinda No” – 5

Unalienable Right “Kinda No” Numbers: 3, 4, 5, 7, 13

Little or No Master – “Kinda Never” – 3

Unalienable Right “Kinda Never” Numbers: 1, 6, 14

7 Passing Grades ÷ 15 Total Grades = 47% Final Grade

Final Letter Grade for SDUSD fully supporting the 15 Parent Unalienable Rights:


Just as we have come to expect under the corrupt SDUSD regime.

Now for our “quote of the week dedicated to ALL Parents and Guardians having to fight the SDUSD every single school day for the Unalienable Educational Rights of their kids:

“The right of conscience and private judgment is unalienable, and it is truly the interest of all mankind to unite themselves into one body for the liberty, free exercise, and unmolested enjoyment of this right.” – Ezra Stiles


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