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Happy Summer Vacation to all our readers in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and worldwide!

Today, in our District Deeds Sunday Reads Summer Edition, we have decided to look at some recent ill-advised initiatives of the incompetent and corrupt SDUSD Leadership that will occur in the coming 2022/2023 school year.  To approach those questionable initiatives we are deploying a business consultation strategy of Reverse Engineering.

We will also be applying reverse engineering to the standard format of Sunday Reads and using a quote to lead off our analysis.

We have posted portions of articles for each of the initiatives but we strongly urge our readers to click on the titles and authors (in red) and review the full articles for themselves and their family.

Here is our first ever “lead off” quote of the week, giving us the structure for reverse engineering 3 of the most ill-advised initiatives and actions by the incompetent SDUSD Senior Leadership:

“You can fool all the people part of the time, or you can fool some people all the time, but you cannot fool all people all the time.”  – William. J. Groo

We chose this quote because it is a perfect example of attributing a famous saying to the wrong person for political purposes…a precursor to the current political corruption infecting the supposed “non-partisan” SDUSD Board of Education.

Most of us have heard that the featured quote is from Abraham Lincoln.

Not so. We have been fooled!

According to the Quote Investigator, the quote was attributed to Abraham Lincoln in the following way:

On March 8, 1886 “The Albany Times” of Albany, New York published an interview with Fred. F. Wheeler who was the chairman of a state committee for Prohibitionists. Wheeler employed a version of the adage while criticizing politicians for blocking a referendum, and this citation was the earliest ascription to Lincoln located by QI.:

“They should remember Abraham Lincoln’s famous saying: “You can fool part of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time,” and take their stand boldly and fearlessly on this question and abide the result at the ballot box.”

So 21 years AFTER the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, a politician used the dead president to push ahead a Prohibitionist political agenda.

This may sound familiar to our readers who read our post on February 27, 2022 regarding the fake “Superintendent Selection Town Hall” where the current handpicked crony Superintendent Lamont Jackson used “a dead student to avoid sharing his position on Charter Schools” and push ahead his nomination for Superintendent agenda.

Despite the motive for using dead people for political gain, our quote of the week can be directly applied to the following ill-conceived initiatives being sprung on SDUSD Stakeholders for political and personal gain by SDUSD Senior Leadership for the 2022/2023 school year..

Here we go!

Quote #1: “You can fool all the people part of the time”


  • Lead in water at multiple school sites hidden by Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera since he was elected in 2008.

Here are quotes from an article in Voice of San Diego on April 17, 2017 titled “‘Look, You Can’t Do a Ribbon-Cutting on New Plumbing:

In an eerily prescient statement, former San Diego Unified Trustee Scott Barnett told us in 2015 that when it comes to prioritizing projects funded by school bond money, “it’s about what the parents want and what the politicians want. Look, you can’t do a ribbon-cutting on new plumbing, right? But you can do it on a new stadium.”


In 2008, San Diego Unified told voters local Proposition S money would “repair/replace deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems” at the school.

In 2012, San Diego Unified told voters Proposition Z money would go there to “upgrade old plumbing and sewer systems.”

Last week we quoted our own article from 2017:

FIVE YEARS AGO on July 19, 2017 we posted “Flint Water West? SDUSD Supt. Marten and Board Covered Up “Lead in Water” Investigation for SEVEN MONTHS!!!

Although there have been spotty, ad hoc “Lead in Water” interventions (San Diego Unified Unveils New Hydration Stations), the district has done virtually nothing to completely fix the problem.  The simple fact is:  SDUSD Students and other Stakeholders are drinking “Lead in Water” on many campuses and SDUSD facilities.

All of those bond measures from the SDUSD passed under Tricky Dick Barrera for the last 14 years have been an outright lie.

To Reverse Engineer the SDUSD bond measure lie is a simple 5 step process:

Step 1: Senior leadership identifies a corrupt financial need (i.e. huge raises for key election employee groups, bloated construction contracts for political backers). Identify the amount of money needed.

Step 2: Use the SDUSD Press and Community Relations Propaganda Department to pump up the fear though press releases and access to key SDUSD Staff describing the need for “Safe Schools”.

Step 3:  Create a Bond Measure around “Safe Schools” to solve the self created problem but only allocate a small percentage to the Propaganda Problem (ie: From our post last week: “Doing the math, “$296 million” represents only 9% of the $3.2 BILLION “Proposal Grift” bond money.”)

Step 4: When the Bond passes, use every accounting trick available to re-direct the money to the corrupt financial needs that benefit the corrupt SDUSD Senior Leadership.

Step 5: For all new SDUSD Bond measures: Rinse and Repeat!

Last week we featured an excellent article from inewsource  by Andrea Figueroa Briseño.  The title of the aricle we posted was “School shootings are becoming the norm. San Diego Unified wants to do something about it.

Times of San Diego reprinted the article for their site and used the title: “San Diego Unified Seeks Voter Approval for $3.2 Billion in Bonds for School Safety

Both articles mentioned that only $296 million was going to be spent “for security and safety improvements”.

Last week we said:

“Doing the math, “$296 million” represents only 9% of the $3.2 BILLION “Proposal Grift” bond money.  It is clear why the corrupt SDUSD Board of Education and Propaganda department be leading off the discussion by encouraging the local press to push the “security and safety improvements” instead of 91% of the money going to Barrera’s labor and construction cronies and to coverup the potential poisoning of SDUSD Students?”

To cover it up, here is the “Vision” of the Family Engagement Propaganda Department:

“San Diego Unified is committed to EACH AND EVERY FAMILY and the success of EACH AND EVERY CHILD!”

What level of commttment?

Obviously a committment somewhere below “successfully” poisoning Students with leaded water for the last 14 years under Barrera.

This type of propaganda deployment to the media for “Safe Schools” along with phony vision statements like those from the Family Engagement Propaganda Department to cover it all up is just the lipstick on the SDUSD Pig.

A perfect example of fooling “all the people part of the time“…especially in election years where the politician in power can tout phantom improvements while doing absolutely nothing.

Quote #2: “you can fool some people all the time”


  • Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Here is a quote from a San Diego Union Tribune article titled  “San Diego Unified board approves ethnic studies funding” regarding CRT:

Critical race theory, developed in the 1970s, posits that racism is not just perpetuated by individual biases; it has been embedded into the legal system, with effects that continue today.

Some of the protesters equated the district’s plans for diversity and ethnic studies and other efforts to support diverse groups of students as components of critical race theory. Some said it’s a radical plan of political indoctrination.

  • Sexual Health Curriculum (SHC)

Here is a quote from a San Diego CBS 8 article titled “Sex Education Controversy: Some San Diego parents holding children out of school” regarding the new SHC:

“Officials have defended the lesson plan saying that it’s backed by the CDC and is age appropriate. Parents have called it “graphic and inappropriate” and say it is “too much, too soon” for sixth graders.

The course is for sixth graders covers a variety of topics including:

  • Gender identity and gender roles
  • Anatomy and body parts
  • STDs
  • HIV 101
  • Birth control
  • Consent
  • Stages of sex response
  • Stages of pregnancy

The curriculum also includes a Sexually Transmitted Infections game and male reproductive system crossword puzzle.”

For CRT and SHC, some of the people want both, some of the people want one and some of the people want neither.

On these divisive issues, each of the “Some of the people” groups  (“both“, “one” and “neither“) are now “being fooled all of the time“!

These concerned advocates “being fooled” on both sides are not bad in any way.  This is NOT about taking a position on either side of CRT or SHC.

Forcing Stakeholders to pick a side and then have them fight against each other to defend it is exactly the result the corrupt SDUSD Senior Leadership and Family Engagement Propaganda Department wants to happen:

Cause confusion and conflict between Stakeholders to cover up the large scale SDUSD educational incompetence.

The simple reverse engineering Propaganda formula:

  • Divide and Conquer Stakeholders through a conmtroversial subject
  • Cover up educational misdeeds in the confusion.
  • Rinse and Repeat

ALL OF THE PEOPLE want Students to be able to be educated in the CORE subjects listed below from the California Department of Education website:

The SDUSD has failed miserably to CONSISTENTLY AND EQUITABLY teach even the BASICS of these core curriculum subjects, especially during Covid 19, as we have listed for our readers multiple times over the last 2 years, and longer:

  • ZERO SDUSD 2020/21 Reopening Plan Transparency and Community Collaboration
  • ZERO Operational Budget Transparency used to hide TOTAL Operational Budget Mismanagement.
  • ZERO Transparency of SDUSD performance BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • ZERO Accountability for SDUSD LACK of performance since BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Phase 1 Educational Supports denied to tens of thousands of the most disadvantaged Students
  • OPTIONAL Boot Camp Professional Development for Teachers – FAIL.
  • Individualized “disadvantaged Student” supports with NO Equity Rules, Standards or Tracking.
  • Every Cluster, School, Principal, Teacher and Student for themselves “custom” school site  “strategy” by incompetent Supt. Marten creating gross inequities  from classroom to classroom.
  • Only 3 hours per day vs 5 hours per day of live teaching.
  • Only 3 periods per day vs 5 periods per day of live teaching.
  • No Teacher Evaluations.
  • No Smarter Balanced tests in Math and English language arts.
  • No California Science Test
  • No Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • Minimal California (ELPAC) for English learners
  • Minimal California School Dashboard

How can any HONEST SDUSD Stakeholder be in favor of the SDUSD teaching our kids CRT or SCH when we can’t even depend on the SDUSD to teach the CORE subjects universally the same?

We know the famous quote says you “can’t fool all the people all of the time”.

But the true answer to that question IS known by ALL HONEST stakeholders ALL of the time:

You can’t trust the corrupt SDUSD Leadership clowns to effectively teach YOUR kids CRT and SCH of any kind before they have proven they can effectively, equitably and universally teach Math, English, and Science to ALL Students in ALL SDUSD Schools first.

Even though you “can’t have a press conference” on it, CRT, SCH and misspent Bond tax dollars from an erratic and inconsistent organization like the SDUSD will do much more damage than good to ALL Students no matter what your personal position on those subjects.

An informed electorate should say NO on all three.

Those are universal facts…and we’re not fooling you!


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