Happy Summer Vacation to all our readers in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and worldwide!

Today, in our District Deeds Sunday Reads Summer Edition, we are providing an article from VeryWell Health that provides “Signs of Manipulative Behavior”.  As promised for our “Summer Edition”, we are keeping our analysis to a minimum with the understanding that our readers can review and evaluate the ways they personally have been manipulated by a host of tactics outlined in the featured article.

We have selected the key parts of the article that are directly relevant to the daily emotional manipulation and propaganda tactics of SDUSD Stakeholders by the corrupt SDUSD Senior Leadership but we strongly urge our readers to click on the title (in red) and review the full article for themselves and their family.

Signs of Manipulative Behavior

Emotional Manipulation and Tactics

By: Geralyn Dexter, LMHCPublished on February 24, 2022

Manipulation refers to strategies and behaviors a person uses to gain power or influence over another. These tactics often include attempts to damage another person’s emotional and mental well-being.

Emotional manipulation affects the dynamics of a relationship. A manipulative person often engages in harmful behaviors over time, creating an imbalance of power. The impact can be devastating, leaving a person feeling confused, isolated, or even depressed.

What Is Manipulative Behavior?

Manipulative behavior includes actions a person uses to gain influence or control over someone else. These behaviors may include:

  • Lying
  • Denying
  • Passive-aggressive behavior
  • Gaslighting
  • Silence
  • Criticizing
  • Withholding
  • Blaming
  • Getting a person outside of their comfort zone to give themselves an advantage

People who manipulate others may have difficulty identifying and expressing their wants and needs appropriately and healthily.

Manipulative behavior can also serve other purposes. For instance, control and manipulation can help the manipulator by:

  • Causing doubt and confusion
  • Helping them avoid conflict
  • Concealing their true intentions
  • Allowing them to avoid responsibility for their behavior
  • Not having to change their behavior

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation can feel like a person is playing mind games, because it can cause:

  • A person to question what is happening in their relationship and environment
  • Fear and doubt
  • Degrading trust in self and others

This helps the manipulator gain power over another individual and undermine their ability to think rationally.


Some tactics of emotional manipulation include comparing, lying, exaggerating, withholding important information or valuable items, and silence. Each of these behaviors can be detrimental to mental and emotional safety. Understanding tactics and signs, like the ones listed below, can help people spot them.


Gaslighting is a tactic that causes a person to question their reality. This may involve a manipulator lying, denying things they’ve said, twisting facts, and using a person’s words against them. Over time, this creates uncertainty and doubt, and can cause a person to second-guess their experiences.


A person may use passive-aggressive statements or behaviors, which can lead to feelings of distress when the other person’s behavior doesn’t match their words.An example of passive-aggressive behavior is when a person behaves as if they are upset or disappointed without directly communicating it.

Criticizing or Judging

These manipulation tactics help someone gain power by making others feel inadequate and inferior. A manipulator may make harmful and damaging statements about a person’s appearance, personality, insecurities, circumstances, and more.


Blaming is a way of avoiding responsibility for one’s words and actions. A manipulator may assign fault to the other party to keep the focus off of themselves. This can lead to feelings of guilt and misplaced responsibility.

Location Advantage

To give themselves the upper hand, a manipulator may find ways to get someone out of their comfort zone or environment they are familiar with, which puts the other individual at a disadvantage. It can be disorienting to be in a strange environment and have someone exert control. This can lead to feelings of fear and powerlessness.


It may seem easy to recognize emotional manipulation when it is happening to others, but challenging to see when you are in the midst of it yourself.

The following are some signs of controlling or manipulative behavior:

  • Unclear expression of wants and needs
  • Making excuses, minimizing, or rationalizing
  • Lying, denying, and deception
  • Crying outbursts or fits of rage
  • Using language that is difficult to understand
  • Coercive behaviors
  • Withholding affection or communication
  • Judging, ridiculing, or criticizing
  • Guilt trips and ultimatums
  • Giving someone the “silent treatment”
  • “Just kidding” or joking when saying hurtful things

Feeling like you’re walking on eggshells or being afraid to speak up or address boundaries may be other signs a person is in an unhealthy situation.

Every person is responsible for themselves and how they communicate with and treat others. It’s important to remember that emotional manipulation is never the fault of the person on the receiving end of the behavior.



Manipulation is when a person uses controlling and harmful behaviors to avoid responsibility, conceal their true intentions, or cause doubt and confusion. Manipulation tactics, such as gaslighting, lying, blaming, criticizing, and shaming, can be incredibly damaging to a person’s psychological well-being. These behaviors are common and can occur in different relationships, including platonic, romantic, familial, and professional. Resources and support are available for people who want to change their behavior or are healing from their relationship with a manipulator.

District Deeds Synopsis and Analysis:

Recent incidents triggered our investigation and definition of SDUSD manipulative behavior.

The main incident was a tip from SDUSD employees that meetings, presentations and social media posts by Superintendent  Lamar Jackson and his new senior staff since their appointment have been regularly punctuated with fake alligator tears and pronouncements of love for everybody while actually delivering lies regarding horrible educational strategies and outcomes for Staff and Students.

We actually mentioned this Jackson phenomena in our February 27, 2022 post titled “San Diego Unified Superintendent Search Committee Forum – My God San Diego Unified, What Have You Done?“:

From crying on stage to randomly expressing unrequited love to all multiple times, proudly stating he is “unapologetic” multiple times and then finally  proving he is actually “unapologetic” over his misdeeds with Marten and Foster by using a dead student to avoid sharing his position on Charter Schools, Temp Superintendent Jackson out did himself during the debate and earned himself a new nickname…

Dr. Lamont “Lovey Dovey” Jackson!

The first five items in the “Signs” of emotional manipulation fit the SDUSD Senior Leadership to a “T”:

  • Unclear expression of wants and needs

SDUSD Community Schools Initiative = Playing Darts Blindfolded!!!

  • Making excuses, minimizing, or rationalizing

NAACP San Diego Branch Press Release: Exceptions and Excuses DO NOT EQUAL High School Diplomas (Except in San Diego Unified)

  • Lying, denying, and deception

Open Letter to the SDUSD District E Community: Roosevelt Blackmon – “Where are our Title 1 Funds Trustee Whitehurst Payne?

  • Crying outbursts or fits of rage

San Diego Unified Superintendent Search Committee Forum – My God San Diego Unified, What Have You Done?

  • Using language that is difficult to understand

4 Easy Steps to Student/Community Betrayal – The SDUSD Way!

All of this corrupt SDUSD Senior Staff activity is motivated by the following purposes (with the three primary motivations highlighed by District Deeds):

Manipulative behavior can also serve other purposes. For instance, control and manipulation can help the manipulator by:

  • Causing doubt and confusion
  • Helping them avoid conflict
  • Concealing their true intentions
  • Allowing them to avoid responsibility for their behavior
  • Not having to change their behavior

Two other key categories highlighted in the the article allow the corrupt SDUSD leadership to successfully spread its lies and propaganda:

  1.  Gaslighting

The SDUSD continuously spouts lies in the face of facts.  For example:

The 2022 San Diego Unified Projected Graduation Rate – Modern Miracle or Massive Fraud?

2.  Location Advantage

The SDUSD attempts to have ALL meetings on SDUSD property.  This strategy is especially effective against Parents and Community Members that can be intimidated and forced to be be overly “respectful” to corrrupt SDUSD leadership.  That is the reason why MOST Cluster and ALL District Committee Meeting (SSC, SGT,  DAC, DELAC. ICOC, Audit and Finance, CAC etc.) are held at a school site or a district property.  All security is managed by the SDUSD who can throw Stakeholders out of the meeting if they don’t like what they have to say.

Here is what happens when meeeting is at a NEUTRAL site and the SDUSD CAN”T controll what Stakeholders have the RIGHT to say:

Lincoln High “Forum” Dog and Pony Show BLOWS UP! Humiliated Coward Trustee Richard Barrera Runs/Hides from Community Questions!

But rarely the corrupt SDUSD leadership has to run and hide EVEN IN THE EDUCATION CENTER where Board of Education meetings are held:

Brave Lincoln High School Students Tell the TRUTH: San Diego Unified Supt. Cindy Marten “Lied. Lied, Lied”!!! (VIDEOS)

This clip illustrates a simple example of the emotional commitment that ALL SDUSD Parents, Guardians, Students, Teachers and Community members have regarding the FULL education of ALL Students.  This group of SDUSD Stakeholders are placing their most precious asset, their children, in the care of the SDUSD and being repaid with lies, propaganda, dishonesty, zero accountability and teary-eyed emotional manipulation by overtly corrupt senior SDUSD leadership…

The SDUSD Crying Game.

Now for our quote of the week, dedicated to ALL SDUSD Stakeholders who have made the mistake of trusting the SDUSD Senior Leadership scorpions…be careful who you trust!

“And as they both sink beneath the waves, the frog cries out, “Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion, for now we both will drown?” Scorpion replies, “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.” – Neil Jordan


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