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Yesterday the San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) community outreach forum scam came to fruition.  It was, as expected, an orchestrated dog and pony show with virually ZERO live questions from live audience attending inperson or online.  Todays Sunday Reads is actually going to be a “Sunday Feeds” with the video feed of an excellent news report from San Diego CBS Channel 8 regarding the community forum scam.

We have featured the complete video from San Diego CBS Channel 8 today in Sunday Reads with our synopsis and analysis and we strongly urge our readers to click on the title (in red) to watch the full video for themselves.  Here is a video archive link for the CBS 8 story in case the video is removed: CBS 8 – SDUSD Supt. Selection Community Forum and HERE (Wayback Machine)


“Cookie-cutter softball questions. We are not happy” | Parents and educators feel unheard at SDUSD Superintendent forum



District Deeds Synopsis:

Yesterday the Superintendent Search Community Forum occured and we painfully watched the unethical dog and pony show via the SDUSD YouTube feed.  We are sparing you the misery of watching this orchestrated scam by not providing the link.  Instead we will provide you the pertinent facts and save you an hour and fifty three minutes of useless propaganda.

  • The “community forum” for the 200,000 SDUSD Stakeholders lasted a whopping 113 minutes, including introductions, opening and closing statments and bloviating by the SDUSD mouthpiece moderator, the same moderator from the infamous Lincoln Cluster “community forum”.   We estimate the net time of both candidates actually answering questions amounted to less than 45 minutes.
  • There was a grand total of 13 questions asked of the candidate props, with 10 questions pre-created and the last 3 generated supposedly by the sparse audience.  There was no identification of who created or submitted the 13 questions from the bloviating Moderator.  For all we know, Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera wrote them after a few jello shots with buddy Lamont Jackson in his hot tub (so sorry for the visual).
  • The SDUSD continued its policy of denying any transparency, honesty or accountability by having ZERO live questions from the in person/online audience.

But not only did the corrupt SDUSD senior leadership and propaganda department NOT want any REAL public discourse regarding the questions during this scam, they did not want any uncontrolled stakeholder discussion (ooooh..scary) before, during or after this scam as the evidence from the YouTube page shows:


After watching the performance of these two sub par SDUSD Superintendent Candidates jockeying for a big payday, it is evident why the SDUSD is avoiding any and all public comments.

Just look at Cindy Marten/Marne Foster synchophant Lamont Jackson.

From crying on stage to randomly expressing unrequited love to all multiple times, proudly stating he is “unapologetic” multiple times and then finally  proving he is actually “unapologetic” over his misdeeds with Marten and Foster by using a dead student to avoid sharing his position on Charter Schools, Temp Superintendent Jackson out did himself during the debate and earned himself a new nickname…

Dr. Lamont “Lovey Dovey” Jackson!

Lovey Dovey Jackson also followed closely in the footsteps of his corrupt mentor by bragging he had “served meals with our cafeteria employees.”  Does that remind you of anyone?

On the other hand, it was initially difficult to analyze the viability of the 2nd Superintendent Candidate, Dr. Susan Enfield.  She seemed well spoken until she dropped the Marten “authenticity” eduspeak catchphrase and then rolled out her slogan of “Knowing every student by name strength and need”.

Apparently she is mirroring the eduspeak and “Work Hard. Be Kind. Dream Big. No Excuses” slogan strategy from the successfully corrupt, totally incompetent former Supt. Cindy Marten playbook.

The disqualification of both candidates led us to also question the legitimacy of the forum itself.  In addition to the SDUSD appointed Moderator Mouthpiece, there were other multiple similarities to the illegitimate Lincoln Cluster “community forum”.

Here is the SDUSD Calendar description:

Only “Provide input on your thoughts”?  But wait, what actually IS the definition of a forum?

Here is the definition of “forum” under item 3,  from Webster online:

Here is the definition of “discussion”, again from Webster online:

So a forum includes “discussion” and a discussion can be an open “debate”.

There was no discussion.

There was no debate.

Given that criteria, there was no legitimate SDUSD Superintendent Search Community Forum and the SDUSD mouthpiece moderator quote of “34 public info session…34” was just more propaganda and also totally illegitimate.

It was just another SDUSD scam and another SDUSD lie to ALL SDUSD Stakeholders and an outright betrayal of over 97,000 Students

And so, at the end of the day yesterday,  the “forum” ends up being reduced to two unqualified talking heads publicly auditioning for Tricky Dick Barrera and $300,000+ jackpot.

Same as it ever was.

My god San Diego Unified, what have you done?

Now for our quote of the week dedicated to all the much more qualified Superintendent candidates that did not pass the Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera corruption test.  The bright side is that you will never feverishly awake mumbling these words:

“You may ask yourself, “What is that beautiful house?”
You may ask yourself, “Where does that highway go to?”
You may ask yourself, “Am I right, am I wrong?”
You may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”

– Talking Heads  


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