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This was a big week for all San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Stakeholders.

Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera was exposed as the con man that he is by trying to turn a Lincoln High School “Community Forum” to “Voice Your Concerns” on Monday, July 26, 2021 into a Propaganda Fest and was humiliated.

This week we are taking an unusual path in Sunday Reads.

We have chosen TWO articles from the largest newspaper in San Diego, the San Diego Union Tribune (SDUT), from consecutive days, Tuesday, July 27 and Wednesday, July 28.

We have selected only the most relevant portion of each article in this post which turns out to be only the headline, the first sentence of each article and the quote from SDUSD Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera in that article.

Although we are providing the links in red, District Deeds strongly urges our readers to not waste your time looking up the full articles, the SDUSD propaganda regurgitation via the SDUT is a waste of your time.  Just go to the SDUSD website for your SDUSD propaganda and eliminate the middle man.




Outbursts Disrupt Public Forum About Vision for Lincoln High School

JULY 27, 2021 12:23 AM PT

“A community forum where school and public officials were supposed to be answering people’s questions about Lincoln High School ended abruptly on Monday night after a couple in the audience shouted at panelists for several minutes and physically approached them.”

Barrera Quote:

“Barrera declined to comment about the altercation.”

San Diego Unified Starts Superintendent Search with 30 Chances for Community Input

First Sentence:

“The San Diego Unified School District will have a series of 30 town hall meetings starting Thursday to help it search for a new superintendent while shaping a vision for the district.”

Barrera Quotes:

““The goal is not simply to choose the next outstanding leader for our schools, but to truly engage the entire city — every community — about the future of San Diego Unified,” said Board of Education President Richard Barrera.”


:“We are inviting everyone in this community who cares about public education to participate in our series of public input sessions and to share with us their vision for great public schools and the qualities they would like to see in a superintendent to lead us toward that vision,” Barrera said.”


After attending the failed Lincoln “Dog and Pony Show” performance by the SDUSD on Monday, July 26th, we were anticipating how the local news media, especially the SDUT, would cover the disgraceful performance by the SDUSD employees, especially “I Take the 5th” Trustee “Tricky Dick” Barrera…

and Trustee “Fly by the seat of our Pants” Payne

Unfortunately we were not surprised.

They supported in their news reports the SDUSD first strategy:

Lie about the outcome of anything negative and get the press to buy it.

This is a universal strategy that carries over from lying about graduation rates and test scores to conspiring to delegitimize through lies a legal School Site Council Vote on a proven educational intervention program (Cal Soap at Lincoln High School) because it would expose the lies about grad rates and test scores.

The next day, Tuesday, July 27 as expected, based on recent articles (not Editorial Board) performance, the SDUT licked the boots of the SDUSD Trustees and vilified community members trying to hold the Trustees accountable to answer the community questions and tell the truth.

The title was: “Outbursts Disrupt Public Forum About Vision for Lincoln High School

Did the SDUT reporter or editor even read the flyer that we posted on District Deeds and that the sponsoring organizations distributed?:

Where does the flyer mention anything, as the SDUT characterizes, about a  “Public Forum about Vision“?!?

The first eleven words are:

Voice your concerns at the Community Forum on Lincoln High School

That is what the community did at approximately 7:20 pm after enduring the non stop, 1 hour and 20 minutes of SDUSD propaganda without community comments or questions.

According to the SDUT, the community insisting that the SDUSD answer questions (as was the edict listed on the flyer), was the disruption!

Lick SDUSD boots much SDUT?

The truth is, based on the flyer, that the hour and 20 minute propaganda monologue by the SDUSD was actually the outburst that “disrupt(ed)”  the PURPOSE of the “forum”…for the “Community” to “Voice your concerns”.  NOT for the SDUSD to “Voice” their Propaganda!

In contrast was the true story we posted on the same day (Tuesday, July 27) in our  “Eyewitness Report: Lincoln High “Forum” Dog and Pony Show BLOWS UP!“, when members of the Lincoln High School Community rejected the annual propaganda and insisted that Barrera “Answer the Question” from the community, Barrera decided to “Take the 5th” and refused to answer any Community questions.

For this Sunday Reads we grabbed a picture of the stone faced “I Take the 5th” Tricky Dick at the “Community Forum” to memorialize the moment of Tricky Dick disgrace and defeat.  In doing so we noticed that the picture in the Tuesday SDUT only had a picture of the parents “disrupting the meeting, no pic of “I Take the 5th” Tricky Dick!

Apparently the “fair and balanced” SDUT Reporter couldn’t get approval to publish the stone faced, loser pic of their REAL editor, “I Take the 5th” Tricky Dick Barrera!!!

But as Scarlett O’Hara said in “Gone with the Wind”:

After all, tomorrow is another day.

On Wednesday July 28th, the SDUT published the second face of Tricky Dick…a huge picture of a smiling Propaganda Tricky Dick.

The title: “San Diego Unified Starts Superintendent Search with 30 Chances for Community Input”

This obviously proved that the “Forum” was a just dry run template for the useless 30 propaganda meetings to “help select” the new Superintendent that has already been “selected” by Barrera.

Let’s get real…”30 Chances for Community Input”?!?

Does ANYONE, even his most sycophantic political or union followers, think that this Superintendent selection decision is one that Barrera would leave up to “input” from anyone else but himself, let alone a bunch of unwitting community members?

We can predict the success of the “30 Chances”\

About the same chance as a two headed coin coming up tails!

It is either sad or frightening that the SDUT actually published that headline.

Sad if they think it is true.

Frightening if they know it is not.

This is just more detail on the scam we exposed last month on June 20th in “SDUSD Superintendent Selection Process a Scam? YOU be the Judge!!!

The SDUT article from Wednesday is essentially a reprint of a propaganda press release on Tuesday, July 27th by current Propaganda Minister and former SDUT reporter Maureen Magee.

One quick question…Is Magee still on the SDUT payroll?

This produced the 2nd face of Barrera….Propaganda Tricky Dick!

Outside of the obvious acquisition of SDUT “reporting” through publishing and promoting propaganda lies directly from the SDUSD propaganda documents as fair and balanced journalism, there is a second strategy being deployed daily by Tricky Dick Barrera and SDUSD sycophants.

The second strategy is to delegitimize SDUSD Stakeholders who are demanding the truth, transparency and accountability from the SDUSD.  That quest for truth, transparency and accountability apparently doesn’t help reporters keep their jobs or sell newspapers.

They have become just another propaganda arm of the SDUSD Kakistocracy.

Just ask City Councilmember Monica Montgomery-Steppe who has been a target for sending her “Open Letter on Lincoln High School” to Tricky Dick Barrera.

There is still no answer from Barrera, just an inadequate, inaccurate and statistically debunked response by Barrera bootlicker Whitehouse-Payne that has been ridiculously repeated as fact over and over by the SDUT and its inadequate reporters as recently as TODAY!

SDUSD sycophant Stakeholders have called for Councilmember Montgomery-Steppe to “Stay in your lane” even though her District 4 constituents include a huge number of Lincoln Cluster families and employees she represents.

Nobody said these sycophants were connected to reality.  They are only connected to political expediency.

They imply that her actions to speak out are somehow self serving and cowardly.

Ms. Montgomery has a wide variety of pressing issues to address as a member of the City Council that keep her extremely busy, she doesn’t need another one.  She is a member of the Democratic Party who holds a super majority from the SDUSD Board of Education to the San Diego City Council to the State Legislature and Governor.

As a Democratic Party member, it makes sense that the easiest “Steppe” she could take is to ignore all of her constituents and ignore the daily calls, letters and emails from the neediest families regarding SDUSD inequities and offenses, just like Barrera, Payne and the rest of their local, state and federal Democrat sycophants do.

Just like they did when supporting the nomination of our former incompetent, racist and corrupt Superintendent.

Instead she stood up for her constituents and became a target.

This is not a story about the good or bad of the Democratic Party.  We are No Party Preference and proud of it.

It is a story about absolute power corrupting absolutely.

Just like Community Members who speak out have been a target.

Just ask the parents who spoke up at the Monday Meeting.

The parent who had previously been improperly arrested, whose reputation was damaged by false SDUSD testimony and  was characterized by the SDUT reporter of the grievous offense of having “physically approached” the panel after Barrera pontificated on how to be a good parent instead of answering the question.

Who “physically approached” after an hour of nonstop propaganda under false “community voice” pretenses, from the same failed SDUSD leadership that physically injured his son and damaged his own reputation.

All we can conclude is that apparently the SDUT must genuflect before approaching Barrera and Payne and Magee in order to get a “scoop”.

That should give the reporters a good joke in the newsrooms around San Diego along with the nagging realization that the characterization is figuratively true.

Sorry to ruin your buzz!

Just ask some of the District Deeds readers who have provided Open Letters to the SDUSD with their own name.

We have all heard about it from the SDUSD sycophants one way or the other.

But the Propaganda Push by the SDUSD through the SDUT didn’t end on Wednesday.

After receiving massive pushback on social media for highlighting the SDUSD “Vision” propaganda in the Tuesday headline and the Wednesday published SDUSD Propaganda Tricky Dick word press release, the SDUT DOUBLED DOWN TODAY (Sunday) with another disgraceful propaganda article by the same author (available to SDUT subscribers only) again licking the boots of the SDUSD.  There was no quote from Tricky Dick in that article either…apparently he is still “Taking the 5th” and the author is allowing him to do it.

Apparently THAT is the SDUT sucking up standard for “fair and balanced” reporting.

SDUT…get the message…giving “fair and balanced” print space to a powerful, overtly corrupt and dishonest governmental organization and then throwing in some random comments from a diverse community isn’t providing “fair and balanced” journalism.  It is aiding and abetting an all powerful financial and legal dictatorship  to use your newspaper to spread those lies and damage the lives of thousands of children!

One last thing about the Community Forum.

On Monday night, after the hour and 20 minutes of propaganda, after all the loud demands by the community, after the “Take the 5th”/no response by Barrera and after him and the rest of the the SDUSD Panel cowards fled out the back door to the safety of their cars to escape honesty, transparency and accountability, only one member of the Panel remained.

The one panel member who had the least amount of time to speak in the first hour and 20 minutes since all the SDUSD Propaganda set up questions had been tailored to the other panelists corrupt sales pitch.

Brave and undaunted City Councilmember Monica Montgomery-Steppe stayed on the dais until the end and left out the FRONT door with her constituents, just as we would expect a strong public servant to do.

We’re waiting for the SDUT and the rest of the San Diego mainstream news media to do the same and walk in and out the front door with us and force the SDUSD leadership adherence to a universal policy of Honesty, Transparency and Accountability.

ALL SDUSD Stakeholders are depending on you to actually be a REAL Journalist with a capital “J”!

Time for you to join us!

Just Do It!!!

We dedicate the quote of the week to the the many talented San Diego main stream Journalists who know what is the right thing to do…be brave!:

We don’t go into journalism to be popular. It is our job to seek the truth and put constant pressure on our leaders until we get answers.” – Helen Thomas


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