Last week in Sunday Reads we scrutinized the “Empty Suit” leadership of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD).

The big open question for ALL SDUSD Stakeholders is how the current corrupt and dysfunctional district leadership will actually fill the Superintendent “Empty Suit”.  This week we will make the distinction of “actually” as opposed to the current propaganda version posted on the SDUSD website.

But let’s establish one irrefutable fact before we analyze the propaganda Superintendent selection process:

The new SDUSD Superintendent has already been chosen by Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera.

This is a fact, everything else is propaganda.

In Sunday Reads today we will expose the step by step process that Barrera and corrupt SDUSD Trustees have devised to assure that their predetermined candidate appears to be a district wide “consensus” pick for SDUSD Superintendent.

It is much simpler than it appears in the following 23 step SDUSD Superintendent Selection Process Propaganda Version:

In other words, a scam from top to bottom.

We will dissect the SDUSD Superintendent Selection Process Propaganda Version and show how it will be used to “identify” the pre selected Barrera choice for Superintendent.

Here we go!

The ACTUAL 2021 SDUSD Superintendent recruitment is not a newly devised corrupt process.

It is a selection process that was used by Trustee Richard Barrera when he recruited incompetent Cindy Marten for Superintendent back in 2010.

Here is an excerpt on page 130 from a 2014 Ph.D Dissertation describing the Marten recruitment by Barrera PRIOR to the Bill Kowba appointment as Superintendent in 2010:

Barrera and Marten had unethically schemed for 4 years prior to her “surprise” appointment.

The same process was refined by Marten during her tenure to select new sycophant SDUSD Principals to replace over 75% of existing ethical and experienced Principals who were fired, forced to resign, or willingly left for better non-SDUSD school/district positions.

District Deeds described the core tenets of the corrupt selection process in a 2 part series back in 2014 titled “Welcome to the San Diego Unified School District Principal Selection Side Show” Part 1 – “Phantom Engagement” and Part 2 “Let’s Pretend”:

The best way to analyze the corruption of Barrera selection scam process is to identify connections he has with the appointees for the “Special Advisory Committee”.

As we said in Sunday Reads the a few weeks ago on May 2, 2021

The corruption in the SDUSD School Board runs deep and Stakeholder mistrust after the closed appointment of Marten is palpable.  The stacking of Board appointed political cronies on the so-called “Selection Committee” has engendered even more widespread mistrust.

Here is the list of members of the “Special Advisory Committee” aka Selection Committee:

The vast majority of the 48 committee appointees are either political/business cronies of Barrera, a political/business crony of one of his toady Trustee subordinates or depend on SDUSD Board of Education approval for non-profit/for-profit access to the huge school site Stakeholder base.

We want to emphasize, those volunteers and their organization are NOT corrupt…they do lots of great work in supporting their constituents.  They are not corrupt for just honestly accepting the position or even for voting for a Candidate or characteristics that Barrera prefers.

It is Barrera who is at fault for wasting their time on a useless committee and putting them in this compromising position when he has authority to accept or deny their access to the SDUSD.  Unfortunately the well meaning, non-crony, non self-serving appointees have been placed in the same position and are vastly outnumbered by the cronies.

To recap, there will be at least 48 members of a committee deploying a minimum 23 scheduled steps encompassing dozens of meetings (let’s say 50 mtgs.) to identify the perfect Phantom Superintendent Candidate.

We will do the simple math…

48 members x 23 steps x 50 mtgs = 55,200 possible alternatives

We challenge our mathematician readers to calculate the odds of that convoluted Superintendent decision process to be HONESTLY successful.

But that is just the tip of the SDUSD/Barrera propaganda iceberg.  ALL the members will be Barrera appointed ringleaders in the useless outreach to thousands “for the public to actively participate in the selection process”…AKA Phantom Engagement!

As we posted in 2014 Part 1 – “Phantom Engagement”:

SEE: The illusion of the “Site/Community Define Principal Qualities”.  The SDUSD “Officials” will invite YOU to a staged “Community Meeting”, listen to you intently, ask you questions and even write every trait you mention down on a white board or a computer display so it ACTUALLY FEELS like School Site Stakeholder engagement..JUST LIKE YOU ARE ACTUALLY THERE AND REALLY CONTRIBUTING!

DON’T WORRY-NONE OF THIS IS REAL!  Just sit back and enjoy the show!

This will be the last time you will EXPERIENCE the “phantom engagement” feeling in the process so make the most of it.  No matter how many hours you volunteer, how much money you spend on school events or how many meetings on behalf of the school you support/attend, you are not allowed to be part of the Principal Interview Committee.  You are EXCLUDED from any further input except for your 1 minute in front of the Superintendent and Board of Education and complaining to anyone who will pretend to listen.

The Town Halls are just a scam.

Should any non-crony SDUSD Stakeholders believe that Trustee Richard Barrera is going to allow a Superintendent to actually be hired based on honesty, transparency and accountability?

The simple answer is NO.

So with both the Committee and the useless Town Halls being a scam, all that is left is the selection…a selection behind closed doors just like it was for Marten.  And why would the result of that selection be any different than who Barrera has already improperly and unethically recruited  and identified in advance, just like he did with the manipulatable, incompetent and corrupt Marten?

The answer is what we said in the beginning:

The new SDUSD Superintendent has already been chosen by Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera.

This is a fact, everything else is propaganda.

Happy Fathers Day to all parents and guardians who have embraced the role of Father for the children in their lives.  You are creating memories every day that those children will remember forever.

We dedicate the quote of the week to the corrupt SDUSD Superintendent Transition process:

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” –  Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr


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