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The nomination of San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten for Deputy Secretary of Education nominee continues to unravel nationwide. Zoom meetings, interviews, phone calls, emails, websites and media articles are exposing the ugly Marten performance record and being driven home to both local and national elected officials.

This past week we posted 3 extremely detailed posts by Whistleblower “Inside Unified”:

Part 1 – The REAL SDUSD AP and CAASPP Performance was posted on Sunday, February 28, 2021.

Part 2 – The REAL SDUSD Grades and Grading Policy was posted on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Part 3 – The REAL SDUSD Performance Summary was posted on Thursday, March 4, 2021

We are also providing the following link to send those posts and other Marten disqualification evidence to your Senator via the link below:

Tell Your Senators – #NoMarten at Ed! 

This week in Sunday Reads we will be reviewing an article from the San Diego Union Tribune by Kristen Taketa regarding the potential appointment of unqualified Area Superintendent Lamont “Middle School” Jackson.

Given the previous excellent articles from Ms. Taketa in the past that we have lauded, this article is a 1,634 word “Puff Piece” pandering to the SDUSD…a major disappointment from a local writer that we had grown to respect.  On top of that, Taketa mischaracterized the SCPA principal as being reassigned “to another school”…an outright untruth as we explain in our synopsis!!!

We were only able to highlight only 932 words out of the 1,634 written by Taketa which means that 57% of her article is pure propaganda.  Her article is a disservice to her readers, her newspaper and to the hundreds of thousands of Families and Students educationally damaged by “Middle School” Jackson as an acolyte of Supt. Cindy Martens rampant leadership dysfunction

Despite our harsh criticism of this article, in the sprit of freedom of the press, District Deeds strongly urges our readers to click on the title (in red) and investigate the Taketa propaganda article for themselves.






Who is Lamont Jackson, San Diego’s Likely Interim Superintendent?

Jackson has worked his way up from teaching assistant to area superintendent over more than 30 years with San Diego Unified



Jackson, who has worked for San Diego Unified for more than 30 years, will likely be the head of California’s second-largest school district as interim superintendent. He was picked to replace current Superintendent Cindy Marten if she is confirmed as the deputy education secretary.

Jackson recently promised the school board that under his leadership, the district will stay focused on equity, diversity and inclusion.

“We are not going to be apologetic in the least,” Jackson said during a January press conference.

“When we get it right for our students who have (special education plans), and for our students who have been marginalized for far too long, when we can get it right for our students who are learning … English as their second language … then we can say that we are about equity. But until then, it’s just talk, and we have to stay committed and be unapologetic about that.”

Like Marten, Jackson has said he will only reopen schools when community COVID-19 case rates have fallen enough to make it safe. The district will follow the advice of a panel of experts at UC San Diego.

“We want to do that as soon as possible,” Jackson said about reopening, “but we also know that we’re committed to this community, and we can’t put our families, our students and their lives in danger when it is not safe.”

Several principals said they think Jackson’s character and leadership are strong attributes; they believe he should be hired as Marten’s permanent replacement.


The San Diego Unified School Board has said it will conduct a transparent superintendent search.


Jackson grew up in San Diego, attended district schools and graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and social sciences. He also holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of San Diego.


Jackson was recruited by San Diego Unified to become a teacher through a former program meant to diversify the teaching pool. He started working for the district in 1998 as a teaching assistant and head women’s basketball coach at Clairemont High, where he helped establish a support program for historically disadvantaged students.

He went on to become a middle school teacher, then a principal at three middle schools. He was hired into the district’s central office as a human resources staffing administrator, then chief human resources officer from 2010 to 2013, when Jackson oversaw hundreds of layoffs made to address budget deficits.

For the past eight years Jackson has served as an area superintendent, where he oversees primarily the elementary and middle schools in the Morse, Mira Mesa, Clairemont and University City high school clusters.


As area superintendent, Jackson led the implementation of a new teacher evaluation process that is meant to be less punitive and more constructive for teachers’ improvement. Instead of just having an administrator observe an educator’s teaching and write an evaluation, under the new process, teachers pick an aspect of their work they want to improve and their principal works with them to help them grow in that area, said Cynthia Larkin, principal of Morse High.

Jackson also has helped implement the district’s “calls to action” to improve equity for certain student groups, particularly Black students. Larkin said she has heard Jackson speak vulnerably about his experiences as a Black man in America and about why schools need to focus on lifting up Black students.


About six years ago Jackson was part a controversy involving Marne Foster, a former school board president who was accused of using her position to get special treatment for her sons and who eventually resigned after pleading guilty to accepting illegal gifts as a public official.

According to a 2015 Voice of San Diego article, a principal accused Jackson of intervening on behalf of Foster and her son, even reassigning that principal, Mitzi Lizarraga, to another school after she had clashed with Foster multiple times. In the article Lizarraga accused Jackson of being complicit with Foster’s alleged overreach.

“Unfortunately that is not true,” Jackson said Friday in an email. “Any decisions that were made were made in the best interest of students. Beyond that I cannot comment on individual personnel matters.”


Jackson will lead the district through the rest of 2021, district officials said.


Sifting through the facts and lies in this Union Tribune was pretty simple.  The essence of the message being sent to ALL SDUSD Stakeholders can be capsulized by the quote of Lamont “Middle School” Jackson”

We are not going to be apologetic in the least,” Jackson said… 

We can all tie that Jackson quote to what we quoted his master, Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, as saying in a Sunday Reads from February 7. 2021 titled “Trustee Puppeteer “Tricky Dick” Barrera Pulls Sycophant Strings – Again Deploys the San Diego Unified Superintendent Selection Scam!!!

We’re not looking for a savior; we’re not unclear about what we want.” – Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera

Believe it or not, both Jackson and Barrera are actually telling the truth!

Jackson is “unapologetic”, just like his mentor Cindy Marten, to NEVER APOLOGIZE for any of the damage he as done, under her, to Students of color and to the most disadvantaged, at risk Students in the SDUSD and to carry on her legacy of lies, propaganda, lack of transparency and double talk edu-speak.

Jackson’s two “big accomplishments” noted in the article are:

  • a new teacher evaluation process that is meant to be less punitive and more constructive for teachers’ improvement.”, 

As if the Teachers actually need MORE help than they already currently receive from he corrupt SDUSD Board of Education that is OWNED by their SDEA Teachers Union.

  • Jackson also has helped implement the district’s “calls to action” to improve equity for certain student groups, particularly Black students.

Ms. Taketa….Jackson helped “improve equity” for “Black students”?!?


The reports provided by “Inside Unified”  for Freshman year performance show how Jackson has failed miserably as a Marten sycophant to prepare his assigned Morse and Clairemont Cluster Elementary/Middle Schools for a High School curriculum.

Here is Morse High School Grades after Jacksons’ Elementary and Middle School “improved equity” efforts:

40% D’s and F’s!

Here is Clairemont High School Grades after Jacksons’ Elementary and Middle School “improved equity” efforts:

30% and 40% D’s and F’s!

Jackson will DEFINITELY be a Marten clone when it comes to NONEXISTENT EQUITY!

By enthusiastically assisting in worsening Marten’s equity record he is the perfect match for Tricky Dick saying “We’re not looking for a savior; we’re not unclear about what we want.”

Barrera wants a Marten Clone…a dishonest, corrupt, unqualified sycophant that has a proven record of failure.  He may be even getting a slight upgrade from Marten since his experience is in strictly Middle Schools, not Elementary Schools like Marten.

Jackson’s corrupt foray into High Schools included being the area superintendent for the Morse Cluster, helping Marten improperly enforce the will of former Trustee Marne Foster to intervene (violating Board of Education rules) in removing Mitzi Lizarraga from SCPA and inserting a white principal in her place.

A Jackson quote from the article explaining his unethical and improper actions were:

“Any decisions that were made were made in the best interest of students.” – Lamont Jackson referring to the removal of Mitzi Lizarraga at SCPA

Let’s see…was that a lie?  You be the judge.

Improperly assisting a corrupt Trustee and Superintendent to remove a nationally renowned Black Principal (who moved on to LACHSA, a BIGGER nationally renowned Arts High School) and then replace her with a White English teacher that just earned their Administrative Credential less than a year before that Middle School Lamont Jackson termed was made in the best interest of students.”

This looks like an outright, and obvious, lie.

That core personality trait of Lamont “Middle School” Jackson to go to a nationally recognized newspaper and shamelessly lie to thousands of SDUSD Stakeholders, millions nationwide and to a Reporter like Ms. Taketa when the overwhelming facts show the contrary is the exact same trait that Tricky Dick Barrera saw in Cindy Marten in 2013…the ability to lie convincingly with a smile or a tear.

Hopefully the U.S. Senate and Biden administration rejects the Marten nomination for that reason.

The SDUSD Stakeholders MUST reject Jackson for Interim (or Permanent) Superintendent for that same reason.


The quote of the week is dedicated to the San Diego Union Tribune who was hoodwinked by the multimillion dollar SDUSD Propaganda Machine:

“How do you know if a demon is lying? His lips are moving.” – Richelle Mead




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