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Lincoln Cluster Chair and District Deeds Open Letter Writer Roosevelt Blackmon has proven current Deputy Secretary of Education Nominee/San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten and other SDUSD Senior Leadership staff complicit in misuse of Title 1 funds meant to expand the highly successful Cal-SOAP Math Tutoring and Curriculum for Lincoln High Students.

Mr. Blackmon has posted multiple Open Letters to the District E Community on District Deeds describing the crime.  Back on July 29, 2020 in an Open Letter to District E titled  “SDUSD Gets Criminal Amnesia!!!“, Mr. Blackmon wrote the following:

We ask 10 questions to the SDUSD from the Lincoln Cluster Community:

  1. Can you accurately and honestly refute the Lincoln Cluster Chair allegations of misappropriation of $400k of Title 1 funds from Lincoln High School Children ?
  2. If you cannot refute the $400k misappropriation…
  • Where is our money Sharon Whitehurst-Payne District E Trustee?
  • Where is our money Cindy Marten, SDUSD Superintendent?
  • Where is our money Andrew Sharp, Chief Public Information Officer?
  • Where is our money Debbie Foster, Executive Director, Financial Planning and Development?
  • Where is our money Acacia Thede, Chief Human Resources Officer?
  • Where is our money Sofia Friere Chief, Leadership and Learning and  High Schools Area Superintendent?
  • Where is our money Bruce Bivins, Area 1 Superintendent?
  • Where is our money Jose E. Sotoramos, Former Lincoln High School Principal?
  • Where is our money Stephanie Brown. Current Lincoln High School Principal?

The final, and most important question for ALL the SDUSD Senior Leadership individuals listed above is the following:

After returning the $400k you stole from the Lincoln Students…what is your plan to repay them for the full year of missed educational opportunity?

SDUSD: Get back to us ASAP with ALL your REAL answers….no more lies or cover ups allowed!!!

The $400,000 mentioned by Mr. Blackmon was the total amount misapplied and improperly paid for hiring positions not approved by the SSC.

For over 2 years and multiple interactions with every Senior Leadership individual, up to and including Cindy Marten and Trustee Sharon Whitehurst Payne, Mr.  Blackmon has demanded educational justice for Lincoln Students.  Apparently Mr. Blackmon decided not to wait for corrupt Supt. Marten to stop lying and Trustee Payne to “follow up” and “answer the 10 questions”.  He instead decided to pursue evidence to prove it.

Our own ongoing conversations with Mr. Blackmon has verified that he has uncovered SDUSD Email and other official SDUSD document evidence of the misuse of $220,000 of Title 1 funds.

Today an article by the Voice of San Diego titled “Emails Back Up Misspending Allegation” at Lincoln High has provided the full journey of Mr. Blackmon in fighting for the children.

A big correction is that the SSC is NOT a PTA organization.  For our readers information, according to the California Department of Education, here is the mandate of the School Site Council (SSC):

A school that operates a categorical program funded through the consolidated application (ConApp) shall establish a schoolsite council (SSC) if such program requires a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) (California Education Code [EC] Section 65000[b]).

The SSC shall develop the content of the SPSA (EC Section 64001[g][1]). The SPSA shall be reviewed annually and updated, including proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through the ConApp and the local control and accountability plan (LCAP), if any, by the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).

Lincoln High School operates a categorical program and the Lincoln SSC approved the Cal SOAP Math program as part of their role to “develop the content of the SPSA  (EC Section 64001[g][1])”.

Based on that law, facts provided over the last 2 years, and the email portion in the Voice of San Diego article,  Supt. Cindy Marten and her Senior leadership improperly conspired to prevent the implementation of this SSC Cal SOAP mandate.

Three simple documents seal the evidence:

  1. SSC Minutes proving that the program was approved by the Lincoln School Site Council (SSC).
  2. Email from SDUSD Chief of Staff that copies Cindy Marten describing what “created the problem” verifying SSC vote, the requirement to implement Cal Soap Program  that assigned school year and Marten’s complete knowledge of all items.
  3. Full Cal SOAP Program NOT implemented in assigned school year.

In District Deeds opinion, the “Smoking Gun” evidence is the email, written by Chief of Staff Sofia Friere and copied to Cindy Marten, showing the illegal act that was uncovered in a public records request by Mr. Blackmon we reviewed.

Cindy Marten Knew…and did NOTHING About It!!

The BIG remaining question is:

Why did they go through ALL THIS for a $220,000 expenditure?

There is more of this story to come.

Three facts seal the guilt of Cindy Marten:

  1. With the SSC approval documents(SSC minutes), Marten knew the money was legally supposed to go to the Cal SOAP Program which proves her knowledge that the legal requirement for official SSC approval was fulfilled.


2. Marten knew that the mistake had been made (email proof) long before school started and did nothing to correct the violation which proves her intent.


3. With a $1.4 billon budget, Marten willfully decided to spend the approved Title 1 money on another initiative which proves her intentional violation of the law.


District Deeds demands justice for Mr. Blackmon and the District E Community!

The SDUSD Board of Education MUST remove Cindy Marten from the Superintendent position immediately.

President Biden MUST remove Cindy Marten from the Deputy Secretary Nomination immediately.

The SDUSD must severely discipline any of Marten’s Senior Leadership employee accomplices immediately.

Sign the “Fire Cindy Marten” petition below!!!






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FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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