San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten has come up with some pretty big “Re-Org” FACE PLANTS in the last 5 years.

  • Creating a “Brain Drain” by chasing away talented, highly tenured senior staff and Teachers through her horrible administrative decisions and toxic work environment has been instrumental in creating a huge knowledge gap and the $124 million budget mismanagement disaster.  A part of that disaster was even MORE “Brain Drain” of highly skilled tenured Teachers through retirement and layoff of rank and file employees that provided safe and healthy school site environments.

Now “Re-Org” Marten, in her infinite incompetence, has decided to “TRIPLE DOWN” with another “Face Plant” and reorganize the Area Superintendent support of ALL School Sites in ALL SDUSD Clusters.

Here is her letter to Area Superintendents on July 26, 2018:

The elimination of vertical support and teaming by individual Area Superintendents negatively impacts EVERY Stakeholder – Student. Teacher, Principal, Staff, Community and Taxpayer – in the SDUSD.

The gross negligence and incompetence of “Re-Org” Marten is clearly exposed in 3 primary “Face Plants” through this hugely disastrous action.


“Learning Communities” are the cornerstone of the SDUSD Cluster educational strategy.  The Clusters are Learning Communities of Elementary, Middle and High Schools in specific geographic areas that contain a unique community composition with unique educational needs for their student population .

A primary tactic to build cohesiveness and continuity from Elementary through Middle to High School in each cluster is Vertical Teaming.

Vertical teaming, as described by the DBQ Project, states:

Vertical Teaming

A vertical team is a group of educators at various grade levels who work together to help more students acquire the academic skills necessary for success.   Too often, teachers at the elementary level don’t know what their colleagues in middle school are teaching and vice versa.  The communication between middle schools and high schools is often sketchy at best.  As a result, teachers operate in isolation, spending either too much time or not enough time on skills or content. The result is that students can feel lost, panicky or bored.

The purpose of vertical teaming is to increase communication across grade levels so teachers, collaboratively, can identify expectations at each grade level and support one another in meeting them. Vertical teaming, implemented with fidelity, decreases the isolation of teachers, evens out expectations, and creates a systematic program that allows more students to practice high level thinking skills required for success in AP or IB programs.

Until this Marten “re-org”, the SDUSD Central Office representative in each cluster for  Learning Communities via Vertical Teaming has been an individual Area Superintendent in collaboration with hundreds of Principals and Teachers as a critical component of Student educational success.

With this Area Superintendent “realignment”, that consistency and connection between Elementary, Middle and High Schools has been destroyed.

For instance, the Madison Cluster now has THREE different Area Superintendents directing the Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

In the Madison Cluster:

  • Mitzi Merino manages Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Sofia Freire manages the High School
  • Monika Hazel manages Muir K-12

This three-way split of the Madison Cluster triples the complexity of serving the Learning Community.

ALL the other Clusters have, at the very least, a two-way split.

Martens’ letter states that the changes are being made “to provide additional support and have greater impact at each instructional level”.

The truth is that it is virtually impossible for two or three different Area Superintendents with two or three different management styles, backgrounds, agendas and skills to maintain uniform vertical team supports that fit the unique Madison and other Clusters Community.

As opposed to “added support”, it just ends up being “added work” for the already overloaded Area Superintendents.

It does have a “greater impact”…a greater NEGATIVE impact!!!

This is just the same scam “Re-Org” Cindy ran on the ELL community when removing the ELST’s when she falsely promised increased support…just 5 times larger!


In “SDUSD Supt. Cindy”Re-Org” Marten Falls Flat On Her F.A.C.E. – District Deeds NEW SDUSD Org Chart Enclosed!” on February 18th, we pointed out that the SDUSD Org Chart was changing by eliminating FACE,

Now, less than 5 months later, the SDUSD Org Chart is changing AGAIN!

This means that there has been three distinctively different org charts inflicted upon SDUSD Stakeholders in less than 5 months

Only a completely inexperienced and incompetent CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization with thousands of employees would even think about making major re-organization changes multiple times within such a short time period.

Unfortunately for all of us over the last five years, SDUSD Supt. Cindy “Re-Org” Marten fits that completely inexperienced and incompetent profile.

This “Re-Org” Marten Face Plant clearly illustrates how overmatched she is in attempting to manage the SDUSD organization. She continues to try to drive the SDUSD Titanic like a motorboat and only disaster is bound to ensue.


One of the main reasons that Families send their kids to their local SDUSD school is because of the connection they have with the local leadership and culture of their neighborhood school.  Parents who first get involved with the local elementary school also look to the Middle Schools and High School in their area to provide consistency and continuity of education for their children.

If a visit to the Middle or High School is inconsistent with their Elementary School experience, the Parent decides to “choice” out of their Cluster to another SDUSD Cluster or to a local Charter School.

With different Area Superintendents at the Elementary/Middle School and at the High School that requirement for consistency and continuity of leadership and culture for Cluster families is being destroyed.

The new Area Superintendent re-alignment has created that inconsistency between Elementary/Middle and High Schools in EVERY cluster since only one Area Superintendent serves ALL high schools.  No matter how hard the Area Superintendents work, they will not be able to completely duplicate the effort, approach, skill and educational philosophy of their Area Superintendent Colleague/Counterpart.

It is humanly impossible.

This inconsistency will result in even MORE families fleeing to Charter Schools.

The “Area Superintendent Learning Communities 2017-18” shown on the document below are no longer “Learning Communities” if you separate the leadership of all the High Schools from the leadership of the Elementary/Middle Schools.

SDUSD Supt. Cindy “Re-Org” Marten has, in one stroke, victimized all School Site Learning Communities and doomed the dedicated Area Superintendent to failure.

Three Face Plants for the price of one.

But what else would we expect from an Elementary School Superintendent?



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