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Be on the lookout!  A Fauxllaboration Pandemic has hit the SDUSD.  Acceleration of the malady can be traced to June, 2013.

The following definition of Marten Fauxllaboration is a takeoff of the Urban Dictionary version here:  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fauxllaboration

The Marten Fauxllaboration definition:

Marten Fauxllaboration: When Marten invites collaboration, hand picks a Stakeholder subset of individuals that will either agree with her or be easily persuaded, forces her own ideas in subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways, then declares unanimous agreement with all SDUSD Stakeholders for her predetermined result.  Many of these Fauxllaboration Stunts end up with a Spokesmodel Marten Photo Op with as many of the media that will cover it.

A perfect example of Marten Fauxllaboration is described in the District Deeds posting about Principal Selection: https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/category/sdusd-principal-selection-side-show-series/

Marten Fauxllaboration is a contagious condition.

The Board of Education is a carrier of Fauxllaboration.  Part of the Board Member symptoms are the following:

  • The need to brag about inconsequential Site visits at Board Meetings.
  • The words “We understand your concern – we will have staff investigate.” usually followed by months of trying to figure out WHO the staff is (rumored to be cousin of Bigfoot, mentioned by many, seen by no one) and years of inaction.
  • Photo Ops by Board Members with selected groups/individuals during Board Meetings, Site Visits and other Campaign stops.

Many in the SDUSD hierarchy are exposed and some are forced, similar to Munchausen syndrome, through fear of losing their job, to actually exhibit the symptoms of Fauxllaboration.

However those who can suspend reality and embrace an unrelenting commitment to Fauxllaboration may vault themselves into undeserved promotions…just like it did Supermodel Marten!

Please report outbreaks of Fauxllaboration in the SDUSD to District Deeds.  We will put out an alert when one is uncovered.