As part of the WHISTLEBLOWER Series, we have a contribution from a strong SDUSD Parent Stakeholder from the La Jolla Cluster (LJ Cluster) who goes under the pen name of “LJC Student Advocate“.

It seems as though,despite the grand announcement of a brand new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ratified by the SDUSD Board of Education, quite a few of the LJ Cluster Stakeholder Community feel quite a bit differently according to contributor LJC Student Advocate.

LJC Student Advocate felt that it is necessary “to stay anonymous based on experience, watching others maligned against for speaking up” and they have multiple children in the LJ Cluster they feel “responsible for protecting from District exploitation”

Here are the observations of LJC Student Advocate:

Curious what you know about the LJ Cluster.  The agreement that was passed was voted on by less than 8% of the parents.  The Cluster claimed it was unanimous.  Approximately 8% of the parents in LJ participated and of this 8%, 98% voted yes.  Total misrepresentation.

The teachers on the LJ Cluster are apparently the Union Reps for each campus.  The MOU appears to be an extension of the Union Contract.  So far the benefit of the LJ Cluster MOU benefits the teachers.  Parents do not see any value/benefit of the LJ Cluster for their children.  One of the LJ Cluster parents is running their personal agenda for their children who have been placed in the Seminar program as a personal favor by the LJES principal (where Barnett’s kids attend). 

Teachers are allowed to enroll their children in the LJ Schools.  A lot of these kids are put in the Seminar program as crony favors.  These kids are disruptive because they can’t keep up which distracts the students who actually tested into Seminar.  The LJ CLuster and School Foundations operate like high school cliques.  Most of us can’t stomach the politics, cronyism and favoritism and avoid involvement. 

I asked one of the LJ Cluster Principals why they thought the school was doing so well and they didn’t pause and said “because of the teachers!”  I suggested that if the teachers were that good, why not take all of them to the lowest performing schools to raise achievement? 

cricket, cricket, cricket…..


LJC Student Advocate

District Deeds wonders-

If this is another outbreak of Marten Fauxllaboration – the fake collaboration with predetermined results described here:

District Deeds covered this LJ Cluster event earlier in a News Flash ( but we did not know the rest of the story from the actual LJ Cluster Stakeholders NOT in the Photo Op like LJC Student Advocate.

Based on feedback from numerous SDUSD Stakeholders and our own personal experience, the scenario described by LJC Student Advocate is extremely familiar.

Given the claims being made regarding the inappropriate GATE placements, a full investigation by an independent party should be initiated to ensure the integrity of equal access to GATE education for ALL SDUSD students…AND the GATE version in La Jolla as described by LJC Student Advocate.

But really…what do YOU you think the chances are that Marten and the Board of Education will initiate such an investigation into one of her classic Fauxllaboration Photo Op Stunts that meet both her own and her sponsors needs?

District Deeds would guess…Two Chances…

Slim and None.