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Looks like Spokesmodel Marten has struck again…this time at the expense of every aspiring,  college hopeful, senior student from the Class of 2014 who wanted to become a teacher and return to teach in the San Diego Unified School District.

One of my San Diego Unified Stakeholder contacts provided me with interesting information from a District source.  The District source, when asked who won the $5,000 Scholarship (that earned SO MANY Photo Ops that Spokesmodel Superintendent Cindy Marten was SO HAPPY to take in March, 2013 right after she was overpaid for the Superintendent job she didn’t deserve in March, 2013), said the following in the past week:

“Nothing was in place…the Scholarship was not awarded…Cindy jumped the gun.”



The San Diego Unified School District Tweeted the “Promise” from her Live announcement on KUSI Channel 51:

Marten $5000 Lie

And the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department put it on the District website, claimed “Marten has provided personal funding” and named it the “Teach San Diego: Superintendent’s Scholarship”.

Here it is:

Teach San Diego Scholarship

Superintendent Cindy Marten and the San Diego Education Fund are pleased to announce the creation of Teach San Diego: Superintendent’s Scholarship.

Superintendent Cindy Marten has provided personal funding to launch this special college scholarship for San Diego Unified students who want to become teachers. These student scholars will give back to their community by committing to teach in the San Diego Unified School District after they receive their teaching credential from a local college or university.
The application for the scholarship will be available soon. Evidence of a passion for serving youth in the community, particularly by becoming a credentialed teacher, as well as a personal letter to Superintendent Marten describing your desire to teach and a teacher who inspired you will be part of the application submission.
As a teacher herself Superintendent Marten understands the value committed, caring teachers bring to ensuring a quality school in every neighborhood. In support of Vision 20/20, and as a demonstration of her strong personal convictions, Superintendent Marten is establishing this scholarship to identify and support district students who want to become teachers. We look forward to receiving applications in the coming weeks.

Here is the link: http://www.sandi.net/TeachSanDiego

The “Promise” was on KPBS – March 12, 2013:

“The Central Elementary principal tapped to follow Bill Kowba as San Diego Unified Superintendent is slated to get a salary of $255,000 in the first year of her contract, five thousand dollars more than Kowba earns. She pledged to use $5,000 for a scholarship to be awarded to a student who is planning a career in education.”


The “Promise” was on Channel 10 San Diego:

“According to the district, Marten’s starting salary will be $255,000. She said she will pledge $5,000 of her salary toward a scholarship that will be given to a student planning a career in education.”


The “Promise” was publicized by her personal Press Secretary, Maureen Magee, at the San Diego Union Tribune – March 12, 2013:

“She plans to use $5,000 of her salary for a scholarship that goes to a student who is planning a career in education, according to a statement from the San Diego Unified School District.”

Link: http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2013/mar/12/sd-unified-chief-to-get-255k-salary/

The “Promise” was even in the “Poway Patch”!

“Ex-Poway Unified Teacher Pledges Part of $255K Pay to Student Scholarship”

“Superintendent-to-be Cindy Marten says $5,000 will go to a student planning a career in education.”

Link: http://patch.com/california/poway/sd-schools-chief-pledges-part-of-her-255k-salary-to-sdeeee6a6dd#.VCS6iGddXzE

From Marten’s perspective, it may have been ANOTHER broken promise/half truth, but it wasn’t ALL bad…nobody called her on it.

And Marten got AT LEAST $5,000 of FREE PUBLICITY for her stunt.

Where IS all the local “investigative journalists” now that were so happy to cover her “Scholarship Publicity Stunt”?


Remember…Marten is the person that had her 1.2 billion “Students First” spending plan unanimously approved the San Diego Unified Board of Trustees…but if we can’t trust her for $5,000, how can we trust her with 1.2 billion? 

And somewhere in San Diego there is a highly motivated former SDUSD student NOT attending college because of it..

So I guess that IS “Students First”...

First to serve her lunch at a restaurant

First to wash her car at a Car Wash

First to take her dry cleaning order

On second though….from Marten’s perspective…it REALLY wasn’t bad at all in the end…great personal services from a motivated 18 year old with the $5,000 still in her own pocket to boot…for tips!

And how ironic…Marten found it in the SDUSD budget to pay $5,000 for the shipping of the infamous MRAP acquisition AND $5,000 to return it but it was just not possible to keep her own promise to 2014 SDUSD Graduates for THEIR $5,000 Scholarship to become a Teacher.  

So much for your “strong personal convictions”.

Remember Cindy…”No Excuses”…