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Marten Crest

This series of posts are going to look into the ongoing Failed Superintendency of Cindy Marten.  This series of posts is particularly relevant because it will be running as a juxtaposition against the SDUSD Board of Education giving Cindy Marten her first performance review this coming Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 at the Board Meeting.

In a way, this is an autopsy on a live body…the regime/monarchy of the Marten SDUSD…its roots, its creation and its continuing failure…and some of the reasons this blogger has uncovered for its downward spiral since its conception.

This series is not to vilify any individual including Marten and Board members Beiser, Evans, Barerra, Barnett and Foster.

This series IS being created to expose as many of the poor decisions, tactics and strategies as possible that has created this debacle of a SDUSD administration/regime/monarchy under Marten.

An autopsy on a live body is extremely painful.  Some of the topics and actions discussed have had varying degrees of support by Stakeholders.  Unfortunately the SDUSD leadership many times uses selected Stakeholder support to further their anti-student goals (career advancement, income, political power).  For example, almost every time you hear the District Leadership talk about a “win-win” solution there are many, many Stakeholders that are on the negative receiving end and it is “lose-lose” for their student and their families.

This series is not meant to hurt ANY of the SDUSD Stakeholders – Parents, Teachers, Parent Groups, Students, Cluster Associations, Administrators, Area Superintendents, Communities or any others that are below the decision making level of the Superintendent and Board.  We, and I include myself as one of those SDUSD Stakeholders, are just victims of the manipulation and deceit used against us to further personal, political and financial goals that are anti Student, anti Teacher, anti Parent and anti SDUSD Stakeholder in general.  This series is to pull us together and understand that, with this District Leadership, when we are getting, one of the other less fortunate stakeholders is probably losing.

It is time for us ALL to stand up for each other and say NO!

No more bullying the groups that do not have as loud of a voice because of income or language.

No more using our kids and students education as a way to further the careers of a few at the top.

No More Manipulations.

No More Lies.

Hopefully this series will help educate and warn the reader of the ways the SDUSD senior leadership acts to create their own self-serving agenda.

Read closely and look for signs at your site or department and prepare your response because your student or your school or your department might be next .

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