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Dateline: LA JOLLA, California (7/26/2014)

It has just been revealed where Superintendent Cindy Marten has been spending the last 13 months since she took office.  SCPA and Field Elementary had sent out search parties, although she has appeared in dozens of photo opportunities, since they had only seen her on their campus in person for 20 minutes (at SCPA) collectively over the last 13 months.

It has been discovered according to the La Jolla Cluster Association Website (http://www.lajollacluster.com/#!agreement/c1ylq) that “Superintendent Marten has been meeting with ____, ____, ______ and ________ over the past many months. The last few meetings also included Kari Searles from the district’s legal department.” to frame a special Memorandum of Understanding with what is evidently her most valued area in the SDUSD.  Much credit should be given to the hardworking La Jolla community for finally finding a way to get Marten to show up on behalf of their schools.  We look forward to the many Marten Photo Ops to come with this influential group.

Luckily that did not prevent Marten from exercising her powers in abstentia without any stakeholder collaboration or firsthand experience to remove the high quality Principals at SCPA, Lincoln and Field locations despite extensive protests by the knowledgeable and committed stakeholders including Teachers, Parents, Students, Administration and Community.  It makes us wonder WHO had the power to drive those misguided decisions…it must have been someone who could tell Marten what to do…we are investigating.

Obviously meeting multiple times with 5 La Jolla schools in that cluster with much more influential stakeholders was much more important to her “Vision” than these other less important schools that have much less political clout/connections and many more financially needy families and students.

Congratulations Ms. Marten…you have finally shown us your so called “20-20 Vision” scheme and apparently it is through Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B sunglasses!