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Back on December 27, 2020 we published a post titled “U.S. Secretary of Education Nominee Miguel Cardona – Take our Superintendent…PLEASE!

We never expected that he and President Biden would actually do it!

Most San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Stakeholders are aware, and shocked, that unqualified, incompetent SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten has been nominated by the President Joe Biden administration for United States Deputy Secretary of Education.

Most United States of America Stakeholders are NOT aware of the SDUSD educational disaster created by the unqualified, incompetent SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten over the last 8 years.  In that time District Deeds has published over 600 posts describing the SDUSD educational dysfunction caused by the horrible “leadership” of Marten.

District Deeds and a huge number of SDUSD Parents, Students, Teachers, Principals, and Staff were especially shocked that the new President Biden administration would make such an egregious error in judgement.

With reopening schools within the first 100 days (a little over 3 months) being advertised as a critical milestone for President Biden nationwide, the incompetent Marten has not even been able to open the SDUSD for over 300 days (over 10 months) for a 100,000 student school district.

To think that Marten could open schools equitably nationwide in 3 months (when she couldn’t do it in 10) and also have any idea how to guide schools to optimal performance nationwide is not only ridiculous but also dangerous for the millions of students, especially students of color.

With the impressive initial actions, especially honesty, transparency, accountability and commitment to racial justice by President Biden in his first few days in office, we can only surmise that the multimillion dollar SDUSD propaganda department and well connected political cronies like Alan Bersin (who hired her as a Principal in the SDUSD) and Board of Education Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick Barrera” (who violated the Brown Act in hiring her as Superintendent) fed the Biden administration a raft of fairy tails, lies and propaganda about the unqualified Marten.

Although we regret and fear that exposing the grossly incompetent and inexperienced Marten may force her to return to the SDUSD disaster she caused, District Deeds feels a patriotic obligation as part of the informed electorate to warn the Biden administration of her massive shortcomings.

In truth, Marten is no more than a minimally skilled Elementary School Principal.  And now, because of their actions, the educational welfare of Students nationwide is at risk.

Therefore we have devised a strategy to give the nation a clear insight into the pending Marten nationwide disaster.

We have created a page titled “The United States Deputy Secretary of Education Nominee Cindy Marten EDU-Rap Sheet with past articles exposing the full list of Martens’ SDUSD educational malpractice. The updates will be posted on that page and on our Facebook and Twitter pages every day until the decision on the Marten nomination is complete.

The first Marten EDU-Rap sheet post is a 6 part series titled Anatomy of a Failed Superintendent giving everyone a primer on how Marten improperly got her Superintendent job in the first place. 

Please “Friend” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Twitter to see updates every day until the Congress has made it’s decision.  Even if you are a District Deeds blog follower, you will need to access access the page daily since updates to pages do not notify followers.  The “EDU-Rap Sheet” page is listed right above the  “District Deeds ~ Investigating the San Diego Unified School District” title on every page.

We have been exposing Marten and warning SDUSD Stakeholders for 7 years.  We hope that this effort over the next month will help warn Congress, the Biden administration and education Stakeholders nationwide.

As we said 7 years ago in “The Birth of District Deeds“…Let’s get this party started!