District Deeds Sunday Reads – Sunday, April 10, 2022: In Favor of Parent/Guardian School Choice? Time is Running Out – Voice Your Position on the U.S. Federal Register Today!!!


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Today in Sunday Reads we are addressing 13 pages regarding Charter Schools proposed by the Biden administration that directly impacts ALL the San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders (SDUSD), especially those whose children attend the many underperforming, mismanaged Elementary, Middle and High NON-Charter Schools under direct control of the Board of Education.

The featured Editorial from the Washington Post (who endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012; Hillary Clinton in 2016; and Joe Biden for 2020) strongly opposes the rules for a variety of excellent reasons and, in our synopsis, we provide our readers with more verification that this horrible 13 page list of rules should be soundly defeated in Congress.  We also have provided our readers the Federal link to post your opposition to the rules and thereby your support of PARENT/GUARDIAN rights to send their kids to the BEST school possible, Public. Charter, Private or Home, without Local Education Agency financially self serving restrictions.

We have featured the complete Washington Post Editorial today in Sunday Reads with our synopsis and analysis and we strongly urge our readers to click on the title (in red) to read the full editorial for themselves.

Opinion: The Biden administration’s sneak attack on charter schools

April 2, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT

Advocates for public charter schools breathed easier last month when Congress approved $440 million for a program that helps pay for charter school start-up expenses. Unfortunately, their relief was short-lived. The Biden administration the next day proposed new rules for the program that discourage charter schools from applying for grants, a move that seems designed to squelch charter growth.

On March 11, a day after the funding passed, the Education Department issued 13 pages of proposed rules governing the 28-year-old federal Charter Schools Program, which funnels funds through state agencies to help charters with start-up expenses such as staff and technology. “Not a charter school fan” was Mr. Biden’s comment about these independent public schools during his 2020 presidential campaign, and the proposed requirements clearly reflect that antipathy.

The Biden administration claims that the proposed rules would ensure fiscal oversight and encourage collaboration between traditional public schools and charter schools. But the overwhelming view within the diverse charter school community is that the proposed rules would add onerous requirements that would be difficult, if not impossible, to meet and would scare off would-be applicants. Those most hurt would be single-site schools and schools led by rural, Black and Latino educators.

Consider, for example, the requirement that would-be applicants provide proof of community demand for charters, which hinged on whether there is over-enrollment in existing traditional public schools. Enrollment is down in many big-city school districts, which would mean likely rejection for any nonprofit seeking to open up a charter. “Traditional schools may be under-enrolled, but parents are looking for more than just a seat for their child. They want high quality seats,” said Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Hence the long waiting lists for charter school spots in cities with empty classrooms in traditional schools. Also problematic is the requirement that charters get a commitment of collaboration from a traditional public school. That’s like getting Walmart to promise to partner with the five-and-dime down the street.

The Biden administration surprised the charter school community by what charter advocates called a sneak attack. There was no consultation — as is generally the case with stakeholders when regulations are being drafted — and the public comment period before the rules become final ends April 14. The norm is generally at least two months.

The proposed changes, according to a spokesperson for the Education Department, are intended to better align the Charter Schools Program with the Biden-Harris administration’s priorities. “Not a charter fan,” Mr. Biden said, and so bureaucratic rulemaking is being used to sabotage a valuable program that has helped charters give parents school choice.

District Deeds Synopsis:

“Not a charter school fan” – President Joe Biden

“It comes from good authority” that the same Marten who plagiarized her ubiquitous motto (WORK HARD. BE KIND. DREAM BIG. NO EXCUSES) from KIPP Charter Schools while working overtime to undermine all SDUSD Charter schools during her tenure as SDUSD Superintedent was behind this ill-advised 13 page list of rules.

But after reading that Biden quote we realized that it could have come from a number of high level individuals currently leading the SDUSD.  Can any of our readers honestly disagree with an association of that quote to:

  • Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera “Not a charter school fan”?

Tough to disagree based on evidence we provided in our Sunday Reads from December 20, 2020 titled  “Attempting to Capsize Choice is Creating the San Diego Unified School District Drought!

In that post we said:

For historical perspective, School Choice within the SDUSD, prior to the illegal appointment of inexperienced, incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten almost seven years ago, was pretty robust.  Parents could choose a variety of SDUSD schools outside of their “local school” area and that choice was subsidized by an over $40 million busing program that allow economically disadvantaged families to get their kids to the best SDUSD school possible.

In the past seven years there has been an overt effort to FORCE parents to send their kids to their local SDUSD school no matter how horrible that SDUSD school was.  Busing has had a drastic reduction in both budget and routes.  Choice options for certain SDUSD schools has been drastically reduced.  But the anti-school choice effort by the incompetent Marten and her corrupt Board of Education cronies did not stop by reduction of busing and choice SDUSD school openings.

Now the desperate district who has been lying about SDUSD enrollment for months,  has embarked on trying to destroy HIGH PERFORMING Charter schools.

Case in point is the recent shenanigans’ in undermining the staffing at high performing Gompers Preparatory Academy in the District E community.

According to a 2 part series about Gompers on the IVN website by reporter Marsha Sutton, “‘Everything is in Jeopardy” at Gompers Charter because the SDUSD insists on breaking its commitment and removing 4 key leaders of the school in the midst of the Pandemic.

The District E community is justifiably outraged…

  • To remaining Trustees John Lee Evans, Kevin Beiser, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne – “Not a charter school fan” ?

Again, virtually impossible to disagree based on evidence we provided in “San Diego Unified Trustee Psychologist Evans: You Can’t Handle the Arroyo Paseo Charter High School Truth!” where we wrote:

During the APCHS hearing, Students and Staff pleaded through heart-rending testimony with Trustees John Lee Evans, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, Mike McQuary, Sharon Whitehurst-Payne and Supt. Cindy Marten to save the school that has served as an educational life raft and last chance to many students bullied and rejected at SDUSD public schools like Serra and Hoover.

After the Staff and Students testified, Educational Rights Advocate and District Deeds Guest Writer Sally Smith called out the Trustees for allowing Supt. Marten to create a toxic SDUSD environment that makes charter schools like APCHS necessary for victimized students.

Apparently. the TRUTH of Mrs. Smith’s statement hit too close to home for the thin skinned “professional” John Lee Evans:

The end result that Mrs. Smith predicted came true…Trustees John Lee Evans, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, with the recommendation of Supt. Cindy Marten, voted 5 – 0 to revoke the Charter, sink the life raft for all future students being bullied and abused at SDUSD public schools and close the only high school located in City Heights.

That shows how far, as Evans says, “speaking from your heart, speaking respectfully” gets Students, Parents or any Stakeholder in the 1 minute to speak granted by the Board to save your educational future.

With the current Board and Superintendent, it gets your charter, and your stakeholder rights, revoked!

  • How about to NEW “Zero Direct Parent Questions” SDUSD Superintendent Lamar Jackson…“Not a charter school fan”?

Impossible to deny based on his staged “forum” performance we exposed in Sunday Reads on February 27, 2022 in “San Diego Unified Superintendent Search Committee Forum – My God San Diego Unified, What Have You Done?” :

Just look at Cindy Marten/Marne Foster synchophant Lamont Jackson.

From crying on stage to randomly expressing unrequited love to all multiple times, proudly stating he is “unapologetic” multiple times and then finally proving he is actually “unapologetic” over his misdeeds with Marten and Foster by using a dead student to avoid sharing his position on Charter Schools, Temp Superintendent Jackson out did himself during the debate and earned himself a new nickname…Dr. Lamont “Lovey Dovey” Jackson!”

Using a dead Charter School Student to avoid accountability and as a talking point prop to get the Superintedent position…disgusting!

Is there any doubt that the current SDUSD senior leadership would bend over backwards to fully enforce the “13 pages of proposed rules governing the 28-year-old federal Charter Schools Program” to the detriment of all Students and Parent/Guardian School Choice?

If you need even more proof regarding the onerous effects to Parent/Guardian School Choice of the 13 pages of rules, we highly recommend you review A Bureaucratic Plan to Disempower Parents written this month by Will Marshall and Tressa Pankovits of the Progressive Policy Institute.  Here is a critical exerpt from that document:

Unless the White House intervenes to block or fix them, the rules would make it harder for parents to choose high-quality public schools for their children. They would also undermine the progressive school reforms championed by the previous two Democratic presidents. 

The target of this bureaucratic sabotage is one of President Bill Clinton’s signature policy innovations, the Federal Charter School Program (CSP). Created in 1994, the CSP provides federal funding to state education agencies (SE) and nonprofit education organizations to encourage the development and continuous refinement of new models for public schools. CSP start-up grants have been a critical catalyst of America’s public school choice movement, which has made high-quality public schools available to millions of low-income and minority families whose children are too often consigned to low-performing schools.

The next Democratic president, Barack Obama, continued and built creatively upon Clinton’s modernizing reforms. His $4 billion “Race to the Top” initiative spurred a competition among states to devise plans for adopting higher standards, improving teacher quality, collecting performance data to help schools and parents measure their students’ progress, and turning around failing schools.

During his 2020 campaign, however, President Biden stepped back from his predecessors’ commitment to providing national encouragement to state and local efforts to reinvent K-12 education. He called for eliminating federal funding for charter schools that contract with for-profit external management organizations (EMO). Only 9.1% of the nation’s roughly 7,500 charter schools are run by for-profit companies; the remaining 90% are stand-alone self-operating schools or are run by non-profit groups.

ED’s proposed rules would indeed make it difficult – if not impossible – for schools administered entirely or “substantially” by for-profit companies to get federal start-up grants under CSP. But they go further, imposing onerous and unreasonable requirements on all non-profit charter school models as well. So unprecedented are the proposed changes that if they had been enacted earlier, some public charter schools ED named “blue ribbon schools” — the nation’s best — would have been excluded from its grant competition. Minneapolis’ Friendship Academy of the Arts, which is 98% minority,5 is an example of a public charter school that would fail to meet the expectation of the new diversity language in ED’s proposed regulation.

Another analysis in the Washington Post by the Editors of Bloomberg titled  “Biden’s New Charter-School Rules Are a Mistake” make another strong assertion opposing the rules”

It’s a flagrantly wrongheaded policy. But it happens to reflect the views of powerful teachers’ unions, who falsely argue that charters drain money from underfunded (and unionized) public schools. In fact, the evidence suggests that charters help to improve existing public schools. The presence of high-quality competition both lifts academic achievement in nearby schools and drives increases in overall per-pupil public spending. Contrary to the claims of their opponents, moreover, charter schools overwhelmingly benefit Black, Latino and low-income students.

But you, as part of the informed electorate, have one chance to fight the 13 pages of dystopian rules that disempowers Parent/Guardian School Choice.

Make your position known via the United States Government Federal Register.  There are already over 10,000 comments!  We are sure there are many from those “organized” education employees who receive a direct financial benefit from those destructive 13 pages.

Here is a picture of the Federal Register page:

Here is the link:  FORMAL COMMENT – Federal Register – Quality Charter School Program  

Forward the link to ALL your family members, friends and associates to make a formal comment!

HURRY!!!  You only have until this Wednesday, April 13, 2022 to comment!!!

By law the U. S. Department of Education MUST respond to each and every comment. 

We will be posting reminders on this blog and in social media over the next 3 days.  If possible, please share your submissions with us in District Deeds “comments” at the bottom of this page so others can see your response to the horrible U.S. Education Department charter school restrictions.

Become a part of the informed electorate!

Now for our quote of the week dedicated to the many SDUSD stakeholders that are willing to speak truth to power and protect the education choices of EVERY Student in the Federal Register:

“To say nothing is saying something. You must denounce things you are against or one might believe that you support things you really do not.” ― Germany Kent 


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