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Another week, another disastrous San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) educational outcome for students and families.

It is clear that the total leadership incompetence, inexperience and corruption of Superintendent Marten, Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera and Trustee Whitehurst Payne continues.

This Sunday Reads highlights an excellent article from the San Diego Union Tribune (SDUT) by Ms. Kristen Taketa that shows the disparity between public and private schools in regard to in-person learning. The lack of any disaster recovery or effective ongoing disaster planning/deployment by Supt. Cindy Marten and her White Woman Mafia cronies has had huge repercussions on the education of ALL SDUSD Students with long range negative educational impacts.  We have highlighted the most SDUSD relevant excerpts from the SDUT article below but strongly urge our readers to click on the title and read the full article for themselves.


Who’s Learning at School and Who Isn’t? Data Show Private-Public School Divide in San Diego County



Private school students in San Diego County are more than twice as likely to be attending school in-person as public school students, according to new data published by the San Diego County Office of Education.

Out of 462,752 public and private school students reporting, about two-thirds are learning online-only while only 6 percent are attending school in-person full-time. The remainder are in hybrid learning in which students learn in-person part-time and online part-time.

The rates of in-person versus online learning during the pandemic become more skewed when looking at the type of school.


About 84 percent of private school students are attending school in-person to some degree, compared to just 32 percent of district public school students and 16 percent of charter students. Charter schools are public schools run independently of school districts.

In San Diego Unified, about 3,000 students — or 3 percent of the district’s total enrollment — are coming to campus for partial in-person services as part of the district’s Phase One reopening plan. District officials previously said up to 12,000 elementary students would qualify for Phase One because they have high needs.

The data seems to confirm the sentiments of school officials that private schools had several advantages over large districts when reopening. They were also first in line to reopen.

However, not all the students who are distance learning are staying home because their school is closed.

Schools that have reopened are offering families the choice to stay in distance learning if they wish. Many families are choosing to keep their kids home, and the percentages vary significantly by school and district.



As of Tuesday, closed schools lost their chance to reopen because the county has fallen to the most-restrictive level of the state’s COVID-19 monitoring system.

In the purple tier, or Tier 1, schools that have not reopened must remain closed for in-person instruction, but they can serve limited numbers of students in-person. Elementary schools can also apply for a county waiver to reopen while the county is in the purple tier.

Schools that have already opened for in-person instruction do not have to close.

It will take at least five weeks, or until mid-December, for the county to exit and stay out of the purple tier long enough to reopen still-closed schools. It could be later, depending on how long it takes the county to improve its COVID-19 rates.

The county data show that 148,435 students are attending school in-person to some degree and 30,666 school staff are working on-site. Meanwhile, since June, there have been 344 COVID-19 cases in the county where a person who tested positive had visited a K-12 school as a potential exposure site.


While private school students had the highest rates of in-person learning among K-12 students, they are a small minority — they make up 5 percent of the students represented in Tuesday’s data.

Several private school leaders have said they were determined to reopen as soon as possible, largely because reopening was what their parents wanted.

Private school leaders have said it was easier for them to reopen because their schools are autonomous and generally smaller than public schools, allowing greater flexibility and speed to work out logistics. Meanwhile, many public school districts have taken longer to coordinate reopening dozens of schools serving tens of thousands of students and staff.

Leaders of large districts have tended to be more cautious and said they have to worry about the potential to spread COVID-19 to a larger community if they reopen. A single private or charter school would likely have less community impact.

What’s more, three of the four school districts that enroll the most students in San Diego County — San Diego Unified, Sweetwater and Chula Vista Elementary — include areas where COVID-19 rates are disproportionately high.

Unlike district schools, private schools and most charter schools do not have employee unions they must negotiate with before reopening. Some unions, which have older members and members with pre-existing medical conditions, are pushing school districts to implement extensive safety precautions before reopening.

Charter schools likely have a lower percentage of students learning in-person because several charter schools are geared toward online learning, home school or independent study.


The excellent article by Ms. Taketa provides a wealth of data proving the total mismanagement of SDUSD leadership to effectively deal with the Covid 19 Pandemic.

With effective, strategic Covid 19 prevention planning and deployment from March 16 (when SDUSD school closed) through August 30th (when the 2020/21 school year began), there was a small window of opportunity between August and November 2020 for the SDUSD to send a large portion of Students in all grades back to school for in-person learning and help the Students meet and develop trust with their assigned Teachers.

From the initial closing in March 2020 there was a great deal of resistance by the SDEA to allow their Teachers to go back to in person teaching until they, as Ms. Taketa mentioned, actually “implement(ed) extensive safety precautions before reopening.”

District Deeds completely agreed with the SDEA that those “extensive safety precautions” MUST be deployed before re-opening the SDUSD.  This request was completely reasonable and was actually implemented in other school districts in both San Diego County and nationwide throughout the past seven months.

For example, the Duval County School District in Jacksonville, Florida with over 129,000 Students was able to offer both in person and remote learning (HomeRoom) to all their students:

“In Duval County Public Schools, 27,533 students are currently enrolled in Duval HomeRoom, down from the roughly 40,200 students participating at the start of the school year. The district said that 80,370 students are enrolled in brick-and-mortar school as of Nov. 10.”

In the dysfunctional SDUSD, the incompetent Marten has been unable to open schools…and now has missed the window of opportunity to do so.

As of Tuesday, closed schools lost their chance to reopen because the county has fallen to the most-restrictive level of the state’s COVID-19 monitoring system.

In the purple tier, or Tier 1, schools that have not reopened must remain closed for in-person instruction, but they can serve limited numbers of students in-person. Elementary schools can also apply for a county waiver to reopen while the county is in the purple tier.

Our predictions from July 12th and November 1st are coming true.

Purple Tier Marten

According to Healthline, “Current COVID-19 Surge Likely to Get Worse Before It Gets Better, Experts Say“.

SDUSD Supt. Marten Covid 19 disaster mismanagement has resulted in a total lack of on-site Covid 19 prevention on SDUSD campuses effectively closing the reopening window.  With  Marten mismanagement to plan and deploy on-site safety measures, the SDUSD Educational Winter scandal has begun!

But this is no surprise…we predicted it!

Here are quotes from our November 1st article:


As we wrote and predicted back on July 12, 2020 in District Deeds Sunday Reads titled SDUSD Chooses Parents as Pawns” Propaganda Scam Over Real 100% Remote Learning Disaster Recovery Planning we already knew that the incompetent SDUSD leadership of Supt. Cindy Marten and Tricky Dick would NOT be able to come up with a reopening plan:

“The way that COVID-19 is spreading in San Diego right now, it is not a huge leap to assume that the SDUSD will have to avoid “full-time, in-person classes”, and most likely ALL in-person classes, and have to deploy 100% Distance Learning for at least until January, 2021…ANOTHER EDUCATION DISASTER with NO RECOVERY PLAN!”




The result of that position by Barrera is the ongoing SDUSD educational disaster for thousands of the neediest students who don’t have the financial resources to flee from the SDUSD to private schools, learning pods, tutors and home base schooling.

A parent in favor of reopening is quoted as saying:

“It feels like the district keeps kicking the can down the line without answering these questions,”

Using that ZERO TOLERANCE standard, District Deeds predicts we will all be kicking the reopening can “down the line” until the 2021/22 school year!



Here are the irrefutable facts since March 16, 2020:

– Large and small Private Schools were able to open safely.

– Large and small Public Schools were able to open safely

– Large and small Public School Districts were able to open safely

– The dysfunctional SDUSD under incompetent Supt. Cindy Marten has not been able to reopen…period.

With the “Purple Tier”, the reopening window has now been slammed shut for the foreseeable future!

And to top it all off, on Tuesday the worst Superintendent in SDUSD history will give the annual “State of the District Propaganda” address with her BFF, Mayor Elect Todd Gloria.

We strongly recommend that they should scrap their propaganda speeches and instead, as a never-ending vow of mutual love and fealty during SDUSD scandals, the two bosom buddies should again hold hands and take ACTION to ILLUSTRATE the REAL “State of the District” during this reopening scandal!

We suggest a new version of their infamous “Water Bucket Challenge” during the Marne Foster/Cindy Marten Scandal:

This time dyed with PURPLE TIER water!

Since there is no skill, planning or ethics required to sit and hold hands, we are sure Marten can actually complete this task!

Now our Quote of the Week for BFF’s Marten and Gloria:

Never meant to cause you any sorrow
Never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you in the purple rain

Purple rain
Purple rain

– Prince





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