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Working Parents are Key to COVID-19 Recovery

Link to Appendix Data: Working Parents Appendix – 7.6.20

Quotes from Article:

The school year may be over, but the pandemic is not. After forcing closures of schools and child care programs—along with much of the economy—COVID-19 cases are rising in a majority of states. This trend does not bode well for the reopening of those programs and schools, which typically welcome students back within the next eight weeks.

Some states are allowing schools to reopen for summer programming, while others have announced there will be at least some in-person instruction in the fall. Child care programs, too, are beginning to reopen. But this crisis has taken its toll. Day care centers are struggling to stay afloat after months of little to no revenue. Many may never reopen, aggravating an already strained child care system. And schools that move toward reopening may not have enough teachers, as some choose not to return to the classroom.

For working parents, the uncertainty surrounding child care and in-person instruction for school-aged children is unprecedented, with a cascading set of consequences on family life, education, and earnings. Moreover, in the event that child care and schools do fully reopen, some parents may not be confident in the safety of those environments and opt to keep their children home.


In 2018, more than 41 million U.S. workers ages 18 to 64 were caring for at least one child under the age of 18. Of these, nearly 34 million have at least one child under the age of 14, and are more likely to rely on school and child care than parents of high school-aged children.


Thirty percent of parents with young children have a caregiver at home—a family adult who is either out of the labor force or working less than half time. The other 70%—or 23.5 million working parents—do not have any potential caregivers, and their return to work will likely be dependent on the reopening of child care programs and schools.


As the data above shows, millions of working adults rely on school and child care systems to facilitate their participation in the workforce. A full economic recovery simply cannot happen if children do not physically return to schools and child care programs. On the other hand, a full economic recovery is also not possible if COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket—and there is conflicting information on the potential of schools to spread the virus. This is the needle that education, local, and state leaders must thread.

The decisions around reopening and how best to do it will also be very decentralized, depending on local circumstances at the school district or state level. These decisions will not be easy or risk-free, and the trade-offs involved are numerous and complex. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have outlined reopening strategies—including physical distancing, keeping students in cohorts, and using face coverings—but also acknowledge that schools, in collaboration with local officials, are responsible for determining the feasibility and implementation of the recommendations.

The risks cannot be eliminated entirely, and must be weighed against other competing concerns. The AAP emphasizes that schools should do whatever they can to reopen in the fall, considering the harm to children who are unable to physically attend classes, especially children with special needs and those without access to digital resources. In an uncertain environment, the reopening process will have to be creative and iterative. As stated by Austin Beutner, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, it will be a “delicate dance, with a thousand steps, each connected to the other.”

To facilitate this “delicate dance,” schools and child care programs will need additional support from the federal government. The CARES Act directed more than $30 billion to states to address immediate problems in state education budgets. It also infused the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) with $3.5 billion to keep child care providers afloat. But still, more aid is needed—in May, a number of education groups asked Congress for an additional $250 billion to improve remote learning, expand nutrition assistance programs, and stabilize school budgets. The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are considering additional COVID-19 relief packages which include further support for schools and child care, but appear unlikely to fund these systems at the levels needed. With Congress in recess until mid-July, progress on any additional support is on hold.


In-person school instruction and child care programs, along with strong public health measures to respond quickly to any outbreaks, are the keys to reviving our economy. Congress should not hesitate to provide the level of support needed to safely reopen those systems. But it cannot stop there; future COVID-19 relief should expand support for working parents and their families in regions where health risks make full-time, in-person classes and day care too hazardous. Without that, it’s likely we’ll pick up right where we left at the end of the school year: students learning from home, periodic outbreaks, and sporadic closures. Meanwhile, more and more desperate parents will have to choose between caring for and teaching their children or financially supporting them.

District Deeds Synopsis:

This study by Brookings is a great analysis using key parent/students profile data.

For the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Stakeholders, here is the key phrase from the article:

future COVID-19 relief should expand support for working parents and their families in regions where health risks make full-time, in-person classes and day care too hazardous.

From the date we posted District Deeds Sunday Reads – March 8, 2020: Special Coronavirus Edition, and in every post since then, we have exposed the horrible excuse for SDUSD K-12 education and total lack of disaster planning

We have also exposed the cause of the education disaster…the corrupt and incompetent SDUSD senior Leadership of Elementary School Superintendent “Supine” Cindy Marten and Tricky Dick Barrera and their cronies.

The way that COVID-19 is spreading in San Diego right now, it is not a huge leap to assume that the SDUSD will have to avoid “full-time, in-person classes”, and most likely ALL in-person classes, and have to deploy 100% Distance Learning for at least until January, 2021…ANOTHER EDUCATION DISASTER with NO RECOVERY PLAN!

Based on the propaganda, lies and miserable educational performance of the SDUSD from March to June 2020, our Students’ education was a disaster in 2019/20 and is in BIG trouble for the 2020/21 school year.

From March 8th, 2020 though the end of the school year, there was virtually ZERO opportunity provided by “Supine Cindy” for REAL Parent or Community member input on how they need to have their SDUSD Students educated thought the COVID-19 Pandemic…or as we have named the SDUSD education disaster…the Sandimic.

As pointed out by Tamara Hurley, a very active SDUSD Parent volunteer, in her Voice of San Diego article: 

San Diego Unified School District has long provided little more than lip service to meaningful parent engagement.

Ms. Hurley also helped expose the “Parents as Partners” propaganda “Task Force” that she kindly gave the SDUSD credit for having “22 members of this task force, only two are parents.” making it actually a “Parents as Pawns” Task Force.

Here is the lineup:

District Deeds only recognizes ONE of the 22 members as a parent since the only other  Parent candidate could be the PTA President whose Supine Cindy sanctioned organization rakes in THOUSANDS of membership dues from captive audience SDUSD families in many high poverty schools.

In recent posts on District Deeds, both NAACP San Diego Branch President Francine Maxwell and Lincoln Cluster Chair / Gompers Preparatory Charter SSC Chair Roosevelt Blackmon,  expressed the same charges of horrible community and parent collaboration by the Marten regime as Ms. Hurley.

This Task Force propaganda device has spawned the following unholy trio of deceptive strategies that enable them to check the “Community Involvement” box for more money from the State and Federal Governments:

  • An unscientific, non-data validated Parent Survey that was not provided to and/or accessed by tens of thousands of SDUSD Families with no survey results posted.

Here is what it was SUPPOSED to do:

Like ALL of the SDUSD surveys, the bumbling, corrupt Marten Senior Staff follow ZERO validation criteria and therefore the survey results TRACK NOTHING and MEAN NOTHING!

With no valid data it is IMPOSSIBLE to “Use Information to Plan Forward”.

According to “Validating a Questionnaire” the following criteria needs to be followed for the data gathered to be valid:

Summary of Steps to Validate a Questionnaire.

  1. Establish Face Validity
  2. Pilot test
  3. Clean Dataset
  4. Principal Components Analysis
  5. Cronbach’s Alpha
  6. Revise (if needed)

There is no way that the scam Survey provided by corrupt Supine Cindy and approved by Trustee Tricky Dick is close to any measure of validity or equitable distribution for Parents and Community Members.

  • A DRAFT Outline for Reopening of Schools approved by the corrupt SDUSD Board of Education led by Tricky Dick Barrera with ZERO documented input from Parent/Community Members in any of the Clusters, especially those south of the 8 Freeway.  When searching the document for the word “Parent” the only two hits are two references to the “Parents as Partners” aka Parents as Pawns scam.  When searching for “Community” there are ZERO hits.  This approved “plan” ihas obviously been vetted by the SDEA Teachers Union, the Marten White Woman Mafia and the Board of Education.

This Outline is TOTALLY devoid of any Parent or Community input.  AFTER the Plan Outline was created and approved, Parents and Community Members this coming week will have the dubious “opportunity” to provide their suggestions  via a “Think Tank” scam.

  • The “Think Tank” scam was “approved” and the invalidated survey/invitation was distributed to a selected, hand picked group of Parents.  The Think Tank Survey included 9 questions with the selected parents recipients provided six options.  IF the parent application was accepted by the Marten White Woman Mafia, the “lucky” Parent applicants get to attend up to 3 ZOOM meetings on a selected 5 non-vetted topics with ONE HUNDRED FELLOW PARTICIPANTS per session!  That means that each of the 100 Parent Participants will get to speak for less than a minute!

Here is the list of Think Tank Scam subjects:

Typical of the brain dead Marten White Women Mafia, the topics for each Think Tank is totally insulting to ALL Parents and Community Members.

Insulting to the 300 multi-language Participants with translators that will be expected to waste their time talking about “Volunteers” or “Parents as Partners” or “Well Being” in an hour.

Insulting to the 200 multi-language Participants with translators that will be expected to share their ideas for “Supporting English Learners” or “Students with Disabilities” in an hour and fifteen minutes.

As Ms. Hurley said…

There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge and created hardship for all stakeholders in the district. Now more than ever it’s important for San Diego Unified to recognize that meaningful parent engagement is more than a box to check off, #BetterSD eblasts or encouraging words during Facebook Live with the superintendent: it’s working with  parents, not just talking at them.

Insulting to the tens of thousands of Parents and Community Members who will get NO CHANCE to collaborate for their kids education and be REAL “Parents as Partners” and instead be relegated to being just another group of “Parents as Pawns” computer photo op props feeding the Propaganda Department of unscrupulous SDUSD Superintendent Supine Cindy Marten, her White Woman Mafia and Tricky Dick Barrera with his corrupt Board of Education Trustees.

And…Get ready SDUSD Parents and Community Members…

No Marten 2

Now for our Quote of the Week…

“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”
― George R.R. Martin




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