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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


How Virtual Advisers Help Low-Income Students Apply To College

Quote from Article:

For top students who come from low-income families, the challenge is particularly difficult.

Research shows that 1 in 4 juggle all of that — the writing, the studying, the researching and applying — completely on their own. One approach to make this whole process easier? Pair students up with someone who can help, a mentor or adviser, virtually.

That’s the idea behind CollegePoint, an initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Here’s how it works: When a high school student with a GPA of 3.5 or higher takes a standardized test — the PSAT, SAT or ACT — and they do well (scoring in the 90th percentile), and their families make less than $80,000 a year, they get an e-mail from the program offering them a free virtual adviser.

Each year, about 75,000 students meet the above criteria. Partnering with four non-profits who are doing similar work in the college advising space — Matriculate, College Advising Corps, College Possible, and ScholarMatch — CollegePoint was able to work with 15,000 students planning to attend college this fall. The organization plans to more than double that next year.

It doesn’t matter where you live: High school students have access to an adviser whenever they need — via text, Facebook messenger, email, Skype, Google Docs or the tried-and-true telephone call.

District Deeds Synopsis:

What a great idea!

We searched for CollegePoint on the SDUSD website but turned up no results…

We hope that San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Students who qualify actually receive an email from this organization with the offer of a virtual college placement advisor.  If not, wouldn’t it be great to have a SDUSD virtual college placement advisor hotline where ALL SDUSD Students could be helped.

District Deeds suggests that Supt. Marten and the Board of Education take all the funds from the useless “(Lack of) Quality Assurance Department”  and direct the budget into  multilingual virtual college placement advisors!

What do YOU think?

High School Reimagined (And We Truly Mean Reimagined)

Quote from Article:

What standards should students meet to graduate from high school? In the midst of graduation rate scandals and the ever-increasing population of high school graduates requiring remediation in college, it is no wonder that this question is a hot topic. Ensuing discussions typically revolve around things like the appropriate rigor of diploma requirements, high school graduation exams as proof of student achievement, and accountability changes that could be made to prevent schools from gaming the system. Are there tweaks that could be made to the existing systemthat could address some of the issues we are seeing today with high school graduation rates? Sure. But that only matters if we are convinced that our current system is worth saving, and as evidenced below, we aren’t sure that we have much (any?) data that says that is true (except the record-high national four-year cohort graduation rate, obviously).

So what is the purpose of high school in America? We think most agree that it is to train our students up to be responsible and productive citizens. But how exactly do we measure that? Research over the years has shown the numerous benefits of high school completion, how it improves the likelihood of higher wages and decreases the likelihood of being arrested for a crime, for example. This type of research led to a focus on graduation as the ultimate measurement. It’s as though we believed that something magical happened by simply pushing all students to get across the graduation stage in four years.

In turn, while the national graduation rate has soared to record highs from 2005 to 2015, the value of a high school diploma, as measured by median annual earnings, has taken a significant dip over that same time period. The value of the diploma has decreased, even as more students have crossed the stage. Would we say that 84.1 percent of our students, all those who graduated in 2016, are leaving high school prepared for successful lives? Ask ten people and we bet you won’t get a single “yes.” Therein lies the problem we are faced with today.


First, it’s important to change how we measure success. If we want high schools to ultimately turn out responsible and productive citizens and we agree that not every graduate in America today fits that criteria, then let’s not use graduation rate as our ultimate measure of success. Let’s instead measure the outcomes we wish to see after high school; things like employment rates, median annual wages, job satisfaction, and postsecondary educational program enrollment and completion rates.

District Deeds Synopsis:

This is a fantastic analysis on the current state of High School education with some straight forward and logical ways to actually produce results.  Right now all we have in the SDUSD is an artificially bloated and manipulated graduation rate.

Unfortunately we will have to wait until the current incompetent senior leadership regime is either fired or retire before we can hope for any of the innovations included in the report.  They are definitely far beyond the capacities of current Elementary School Superintendent Marten.

What a shame for all of our students!

Data-Driven Teaching: A Must-Have in the Age of Tech

Quote from Article:

Last year we published our first-ever EdTrends Report for Educators, with the goal to provide a useful resource for the teaching community worldwide. We were  overwhelmed with the positive response we received, and now, we’re proud to present the 2018 Kahoot! EdTrends Report for Educators, which highlights trends in EdTech, top technologies and tools used in classrooms, as well as challenges and opportunities for educators. This report is based on results from a survey of more than 1,500 K-12 teachers across the United States, data from the Kahoot! platform and the expert insights of a teacher we interviewed.

The focus of this new report is on the evolution of the data-driven teacher who is working hard to impart 21st Century skills to her/his students through the mindful
use of data and technology in the classroom. From our report we found that U.S.
teachers, despite a lack of funding and training, are finding a way to incorporate
technology into their classrooms – and are more open to using data-driven
instruction and intervention to improve student performance. Read on to learn
more about these trends and challenges in today’s K-12 classrooms and schools.

District Deeds Synopsis:

We loved the outcomes of this survey.  It reinforces our first hand experience of many of the current SDUSD Teachers.  We wish ALL our Teachers and Students had fully functioning 21st Century classrooms

But, unfortunately we have a problem in the SDUSD…

“the data-driven teacher who is working hard to impart 21st Century skills to her/his students through the mindful use of data and technology in the classroom.

In the SDUSD it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for our dedicated Teachers to “impart 21st Century skills” when much of the computer equipment from the Prop S and Z i21 Classrooms are not even functioning due to cutbacks in IT support as we described in “SDUSD Prop S Taxpayer $2.1 Billion Con Job…Students Must Wait 60 Days for Computer Repairs…Official Doc Enclosed!!!

Now we hear that there is going to be a NEW $3.4 BILLION Con Job Bond Measure this November brought to San Diego Voters by SDUSD Trustees Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, Kevin “Dismissal with Prejudice” Beiser, John “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Evans, Michael “Foggy Bottom” McQuary and Sharon “Flying By The Seat of Our Pants” Payne.

They MUST be joking!

Why would ANY voter trust this financially incompetent Board of Education and Superintendent with any more bond money to waste?

Now for our Quote of the Week:

“Worse than a corrupt government is an incompetent one, not least because having the second characteristic does not exclude the first one.”  ― Victor Bello Accioly

Have a great week!!!



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