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California Needs System to Track Students as They Move from School to the Workforce, Report Says

Quote from Article:

Despite commanding roughly 40 percent of state spending, California’s system of public education, from kindergarten to college, cannot answer whether students are successfully moving from school to the workforce.

report released Monday by Education Insights Center, a research group at CSU Sacramento, says that California should be able to answer the following questions about its students:

  • Which high schools excel at graduating students prepared for college?
  • Are high schools that receive additional state money to assist low-income students increasing the number of students heading to college?
  • Do students who don’t immediately head to college after graduating from high school eventually enter a community college, California State University or University of California?
  • How do these and other outcomes vary by race, region, the incomes of families and other factors?

What’s missing, according to the new report, is a data system in California connecting information about students as they move through K-12 and college into the workforce.

And as the state Legislature and the governor allocate more spending on programs designed to improve student outcomes, having good data is essential to monitoring the progress of those programs, the report said. The authors of the report wrote, “It is imperative for the state to be able to understand the success of its various reforms and initiatives.”

Here is the Report: Data Quality Campaign – States Can and Must Include Postsecondary Enrollment Data on Report Cards

District Deeds Synopsis:

District Deeds COMPLETELY supports this idea.  How great would it be to have the proof to actually hold school districts accountable for their “college and career ready” claims.

The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) attempts to hoodwink all Stakeholders every year by pointing to the phony, artificially calculated Graduation Rates as the proof of their competence.  This proposed data system would truly expose Supt. Cindy Marten and her senior leadership cronies as the incompetent hacks that they really are.

48 other states already provides the data to taxpayers…California MUST do it too!!!


16 Amazing Black Men and Their Father’s Day Advice for Young Students

Quote from Article:

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all the wonderful fathers in the world. However, for Black people, Father’s Day has too often turned into a day to discuss all the dysfunction with Black men—especially a lack of Black fathers.

President Obama, Bill Cosby and other Black leaders often preach and lecture about the “brokenness” of Black male fathers and role models. (The irony of Bill Cosby morally shaming people is not lost on me.)

This Father’s Day, I want to send a message of encouragement to Black students, especially our Black boys in schools. I want to show them—and all of us—the people we might not see every day—the many successful Black men who aren’t only athletes, actors or rappers.

These 16 brothers—some fathers, husbands, community leaders and all amazing Black men that I love and respect—shared inspiring advice they would give to young Black students.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring read with a great deal of fantastic advice for ALL of us.

One of our favorites is from Keith Lewis, Nonprofit and Community Leader from our hometown, Muskegon, Michigan:

 “My words of advice to students of color are to openly pursue inserting themselves into places and spaces where they may feel like an outsider or an ‘other.’ However, continue to be their authentic selves; express and speak truth to power and do not compromise their values and integrity. Be intentional and intentful on learning from all, recognizing there is wisdom and lessons to be learned from those with Ph.D.s and those with no degrees.”

Would A Free Market School System Leave Educational Deserts?

Quote from Article:

This week’s hearing by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce tipped its hand with its title– “The Power of Charter Schools: Promoting Opportunity for America’s Students.” It featured a parade of charter school advocates, with one exception. Somehow, Jonathon Phillip Clark made it into the room.

Clark is a father of seven, assistant director of a Detroit nonprofit that provides mentoring and tutoring and a board member of 482Forward, a group that advocates for high-quality education for all Detroit children. Clark’s testimony highlights many of the  problems of charter schools in Michigan and elsewhere—broken promises, unstable leadership, unelected governing bodies hundreds of miles away from the people they serve. He underlined the practical problems as well, like driving back and forth across the city to get children to and from their separate schools.

What Clark describes is a kind of education desert, a predictable result of a free-market approach to schools.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A very timely article given the continued erosion of SDUSD enrollment primarily due to the growth of new Charter Schools.

The most interesting part of the article refers to Charter Schools providing “broken promises” and “unstable leadership”.

broken promises” and “unstable leadership”.?!?

Those items actually describe the SDUSD leadership incompetence which is EXACTLY the reason for families FLEEING to better run Charter Schools.

If there wasn’t already a Public Education “desert” in many neighborhoods, especially those with the neediest students, the many Charter School oasis’ would not have been needed.

As we have been saying since our October 18, 2016 article titled “2016 SDUSD “State of the District” Propaganda Series-Part 2:  Incompetent Supt. Cindy Marten’s “First 5” Disasters of the 2016/2017 School Year!!!“:

“The SDUSD is losing HUNDREDS of students to Charter Schools each year.  With this “Choice” blunder by Marten, the California Charter School Association may nominate her for “Charter School Innovator of the Year”!”

Now, in honor of Father’s Day, here is our Quote of the Week:

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” – George Herbert

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